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Last night I was able to attend a very special event at the Kansas Cosmosphere. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Gemini X mission, astronaut Michael Collins made his first trip to the museum. The Cosmosphere has really cracked down on recent events about no autographs and no pictures...which is a whole other story.

They did have an event photograph and will have the pictures available on their website to download starting tomorrow, so that's at least something.

Everyone filed through a line to meet Michael, who was flanked by both his daughters. All three were very nice and polite, genuinely happy to be there. The reception line was next to his capsule, which was awesome to see. This weekend was the first time he'd seen it since the mission, and the first time for his daughters.

Supper was nothing amazing to write home about, but after was a Q&A session moderated by the president. We all heard some amazing stories from him and his daughters.

All in all it was well worth the 6 hour drive each way to meet one of the most reclusive astronauts!

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My wife and I were also there. I thought the event was fantastic and loved meet Michael Collins and his daughters. It was one of the best question and answer sessions I have been to. As a contributor to the museum I have been to many events there. This one was one of my favorites.

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Fantastic! I've been a member there for 6 years now but have been visiting it for at least 20 years. I first remember going there in Boy Scouts in 1995 when the lobby was being built around the Blackbird.

I've had great experiences with Jim and Shannon getting access to collections for research and Chris Orwall before.

No matter where I might be living, the Cosmosphere will always have be a special place for me

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Thanx for this post!

As a RealSpace modeller and continuously reading and researching various missions, Gemini X seems so recent. After all the videos and such, to realize that it's been 50 years ... my gawsh :wacko:

And I have to admit, when I saw your title, the first thought was ... oh dear ... he's passed on.Thank goodness it was a wonderful occasion instead!!

These test pilots, these astronauts were amazing. The risks, their capabilities ... just outta this world ... ( pun intended :whistle: )

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