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  1. K2Pete

    My (not) Group Build Apollo build

    What the ... is it February 2019 al-l-l ready-y-y-y? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ But the planning mock-up you're doing on this Bill, is remarkable! So far ... so good! Kidding aside, the Astronaut looks great! The sculpting you did on this eensy-weensy figure as darn nice! Pete
  2. Thanx Ricardo! Bill, I've got an email into a New York company who seem to have a nice shade of Copper / Orange available. But they seem to have 1,000 sheet, 3" x 3" as a minimum order ... ! Still assembling these various fixtures. I wanted to drill a hole thru the FSS ( Flight Support System ) to hinge the cradle. I really I would like this not to be in a fixed position. I'm still trying to figure out a way to attach the HST to this FSS and ran across an image of the bottom of the HST which shows an attachment fixture. This may have solved my problem! The ORUC ( Orbital Replacement Unit Carrier ) is almost done, the BIG pieces anyways. The many Handholds still need to be done. And I just wanted to see how the HST might look in the Payload Bay Now I need to detail the Orbiter and the Payload Bay Pete
  3. Aussie-Pete ... the Beanie Cap fit issues were all my fault. I just hacked at it and didn't plan the cuts well at all. But with some patching up, it'll all work out! Thanx Bill! Here's a couple pix of the actual loaded Payload Bay to give you a better idea as to what I'm trying to do. And these subassemblies are coming along ... just ... fine. There's still the myriad of details to do but the big chunks are getting done This one's gonna be a little tricky as it will be supporting the HST model ... or at least it'll have to LOOK like it's supporting the HST. Now to find some Gold / Copper coloured foil ... Thanx for taking a peek gents! Pete
  4. I was stalled on this due mainly to not having good references for the equipment in the Payload Bay. I then remembered the AXM Paper Model website and ... my goodness, he has done a lot of research himself and I printed out his 1/144 patterns, enlarged them to 1/72 and started building. I glued 'em down to a sheet of .020" and .010" styrene and started cutting ... ... and folding and assembling ... ... assembling the lattice on the 'Mule' ... ... peeled off the patterns ... ... these are all just the major subassemblies ... there are so many details yet to go! Niart17's 3D part is at the top Right. ... and just to see if they fit in to the Payload Bay. ... so far ... so good! The Hubble Space Telescope is completed and will be installed onto its support fixture much later on in the build. Pete
  5. This learning experience took a lot of time and effort to resolve ... but the results! My gosh! These details look GREAT! ( I kept thinking that Michael Key did a superb job, after seeing all the wax disappear! ) That first image of this tiny IT after it's ultrasound bath is incredible! All those details that are now visible and clear ... wow! So, is this the solution to the FUD material Manfred? Will you need to use professional equipment again, or is WSF more suitable? Pete
  6. K2Pete

    TORCAN Model Show

    Thanx for the link Ret ... I've not heard of Sunward before. Here's just 2 pix of us at the show. Ret, me and Ricardo And there was a NASA Theme award and Ricardo won it with his highly detailed Apollo 16 LM, Orion. Congratulations Ricardo!! ๐Ÿ‘ I didn't see cracker jazz there ...... hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows! Pete
  7. K2Pete

    Modelling Garage Sale

    I agree with the other posts. I'm in Niagara and I would prefer knowing what kits you have. Plus, DONG's correct. London's show is in September, Guelph's is in November and TorCan was just last weekend. To sell 'em at a show, where the modelling community is concentrated, would be a better strategy ... and we're all prepped for buying more stuff. Pete
  8. K2Pete

    TORCAN Model Show

    Last Saturday I attended and participated in this Model Contest just outside of Toronto. I finally met Ret and Ricardo from this forum and really enjoyed meeting, and having a good chat, with them! Thanx Gents! Here's a YouTube video with some still images, it's about 12:30 minutes long and our Real Space models start at about 8 minutes. The video was not made by me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gXkaqIJDog&feature=player_embedded This is the 1st time I attended this show, I think it's the 3rd year for it ... and I'll return next year too! Pete
  9. It'll be so-o-o nice to see you building again! And my vote goes to the New Ware SSME nozzle. Pete
  10. This is such OUT-STAND-ING modelling ... the old fashioned way, not 3D enhanced ... and ... I ... just ... shake ... my ... head in amazement. How you work so small fascinates me. And to me, the handbuilt aspect is the fun of this hobby! I do hope you post elsewhere ... as well as submit pix to magazines ........ thanx for posting here! ๐Ÿ‘ Pete
  11. K2Pete

    CorsairMan is going to Nats!

    I went to the 2009 NATS in Columbus and ... WOW! But I echo what the other posters have said. It was terrific to meet the guys I just knew online and I've kept up the camaraderie. Plus I won three 3rd places!! There were over 2500 models on the tables and it ... was ... overwhelming! Ask the modellers how they did something ... I did and was not ever disappointed with their attitude. They answered all my questions pleasantly and I've kept all those tips in mind. Attend some seminars and by all means attend the banquet ... the food, well ... nothing special, but the 3 hour presentations were a hoot! You'll never forget the experience! Pete (near Niagara Falls)
  12. K2Pete

    Bought a Printer!

    Good on ya Bill! ... now ... you'll need to develop a price list or disclaimer be-e-ecause ... we're all gonna be asking you to print a Kadiddle for our Reemistran ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm looking forward to seeing your progress with this cutting edge printer ... ! Pete
  13. I'm astounded at the variety of techniques you've used to get this wax off ... from Caustic solutions, Ultrasound (home and professional), toothbrushing after oven cleaner to high pressure air blasts. And there is still residue? What kind of wax is this? Is it not really wax but some other type of support material? If it is 'just wax' can it not be melted in water? None of this makes sense to me ... if the 'wax' is this impervious to Oven cleaner and Ultrasound, maybe paint won't damage it ... and if it does, would paint thinner successfully remove the 'wax'? I'm baffled by all this Manfred ... but it's good to see you still have your sense of humour! Pete
  14. K2Pete

    Gemini IV 1/72

    You did all those little details .... in 1/72??? WOW! You did a nice job on this Ricardo! I see that TorCan on May 25th, is having a NASA Theme award ... I hope to be there and we should all bring a lot of Real Space models and make the judges work!! Pete
  15. K2Pete

    Apollo Models

    I was just re-reading some of your posts, admiring your LRV actually, and ran across one where you asked for NASA meatballs and US flags ... did you get a solution for those? If not, I may be able to help with those. Pete