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  1. I've built almost 10 LM's and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to replicate the foil. If you just stuck the foil on tight to the model's surface, it's not gonna look right. I've seen some models that just don't have that "25 layers of Kapton" look to it, including, darn it, mine ... ) And instead of Gold paint, I've used Copper, Model Master Enamels, it's a heckuva lot closer than Gold. But bear in mind, there ARE 2 or 3 different shades of colour on the foil. And 1/72 is still doable, but you're getting into the teensy-weensy range ... the model in the lower Left is 1/72, Airfix though. And I haven't painted the foil on mine, I've used Candy Bar wrappers that I've collected over the years ( and NO, I couldn't even eat 'em, being Diabetic ... shucks ). The Copper paint is for touch ups and it colour matches perfectly. Any more questions, just fire away! Pete
  2. K2Pete

    Apollo Models

    Regarding the visors on missions, I've watched the Spacecraft Films DVD's and you're right about the Astronauts being 'scolded' about putting their visors up. I think it was Schmitt who after being told, said it was scratched ... and Irwin too, IIRC. For the Charlie Duke luncheon, I'm undecided if I'm gonna bring a model. I have one 1/72 LM which depicts AS 16 with the semi-deployed Rover, but he may speak less about his lunar mission and more about finding his religion ... plus I'm just getting over a cold, I hope I'm getting over it anyway, and want to make sure I'm 100% before I'm in his 84 year old presence. Fingers crossed.
  3. This close up really shows off that black base technique ... and it looks really good! And you've demonstrated another weathering technique to try! This build was a terrific effort Kurt H. ... and an excellent result! Thanx a lot! Pete
  4. K2Pete

    Apollo Models

    Looking good Mick! The Paint looks good ... did you add any other details to the suits or is that all in the kit? Seeing as these guys are on the lunar surface, with gold visors down, are the heads necessary? I know, I know, if this was mine I'd want them in there because I know they're in there ... Charlie Duke is coming to a luncheon in Niagara Falls in 4 days and I hope to get a photo with him ... seeing as it's about 15 minutes away ... Man, I feel like a little kid with Xmas just 4 days away ... Pete
  5. I'm so-o-o glad you posted a brief history of the SOFI ... I'm also most envious of someone who has worked on the Space Shuttle. I may just have to buy his book. And I'm not on Facebook so once again Manfred, thanx for posting this story here!
  6. A quiz ... I LOVE quizzes ... I have a few guesses ... it looks like ... 1. A Rice Cake 2. My Oatmeal Breakfast 3. A piece of your Plaster Ceiling ... or a long shot here ... 4. could it be a piece of foam from a Space Shuttle's External Tank? Am I close at least?
  7. Yessirree ... superb footage indeed! I have to completely agree with you ... thanx for posting this video!
  8. When we were all kids and built airplane models, we did what we were supposed to do with them ... we played with 'em until things fell off ... that's what happened to the stabs! This is looking mighty fine! Take some more pix of the 'Streak, because in 30 years the stabs, or even a wing, will have mysteriously disappeared as well ... somehow! Pete
  9. K2Pete

    1/48 von Richthofen's Fokker Dr.1

    You interior looks GREAT! The wood grain painting ... mm-mm-mmm-m-m! And the seat belts are so-o-o nice ... I would have assumed they just used a length of rope! Pete
  10. K2Pete

    GEMINI 9A - 1/24

    I haven't stopped this build but ... I've ordered 3 different sets of Mini Drill Bits and they were all dull, all useless. I had ordered my last set, a few years ago, from Lee Valley Tools, but they no longer carry 'em. They did however refer me to Zona Tools and with shipping and exchange ( USD to CDN ) these little bits will cost me close to $70.00 ... um ... uh ... well, I know you get what you pay for, but gee whiz ... Just wanted to let you know I'm still here, but I'll have to figure out something ... I'd like to get this build off my table and ready for a local show in early November. i'm gonna give my local knife sharpener a call, they may have some really fine grinder belts that'll put an edge to these bits ... doubtful, but ... what the hey! Pete
  11. K2Pete

    Bought a Printer!

    WOW! This is gonna look GREAT! There was a guy on the Nasa Spaceflight forum that was building a 1/72 Crawler from scratch ... he seems to have stopped his build. But, is this modelling? The skill set, certainly is in the 3D software and how you all are creating the images. It gets printed and then, it gets glued together. Is the fun just in seeing the final assembled pieces sitting on a shelf, or in the build itself? This isn't the thread to debate this, but I am curious to hear your opinions ... I must say, however, that I AM most impressed with the 1/48 Crawler though ... Thanx for the pix Manfred! Pete
  12. Nicely Done! And thanx for putting it on a white background ... it makes it a lot easier to see. I took a look at the video of this technique ( thanx for the link! ... ) and it looks pretty labour intensive ... good on ya for giving it a go! But, does it show through the top coat? Can you show us a nice close-up of the underlying subtle texture? Pete
  13. K2Pete

    Apollo Models

    Nice to see you back here Mick! I found the MET operator's manual on ALSJ, but there are no dimensions, but a few detailed illustrations and you should be able to get the scale of the whole assembly pretty close. https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a14/a14METManual.pdf Was this what you were looking for-r-r ... ? Pete
  14. Those track shoes look ... Impressive ... most Impressive! crackerjazz, your 3D work is terrific and Manfred your patience with Shapeways is enviable! Your experience with them, displayed here, shows us all the unpredictability of the product. I guess they're learning the limitations and capabilities of their printers too. Looks like a WIN / WIN situation! Pete
  15. This marbling technique ... I'm not familiar with it ... seeing some Q-tips strewn around, can I assume it has to do with removing a coat of paint? If yes, can you give me a little more info or a link to the technique? I can't see any mottling in the 'final' coat of paint ... is there some variation in the paint? Your build looks like it's coming along just fine ... Thanx Pete