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  1. Gee whiz Randy, thank for the 1 cent comparison ... this little kit is smaller than I imagined! Your repairs to the Adapter Section looks per-r-rfect! Nicely Done! Tell me, when you paint really fine details, do you use a fine brush or toothpick or what? For instance the bundling straps on the nose and the RED ring around the nose. ... And I went to a review of this kit and saw that the decals, the UNITED STATES, were not centred, so I'm glad to read you're redoing them. Looks like you're close to completed! Pete
  2. Randy, for scale, there's a guy on these pages that uses a 6" coin and tells us it's a lot smaller ... you should put something near this kit ... just to show us how small this thing is ... ;- D ... or maybe just in the palm of your hand ... nah, you might have tiny, or oversized, hands ... nevermind! ;- D)) And nice work on those shingle replacements ... they look better than my results in 1/24!! Your Horizon Scanners and the Strap cover ( I always thought is was an Umbilical connection ) looks Terrific! And the reworked Astronaut looks good too! Glad to read it wasn't that v
  3. This is such a little guy ... and it's great to see you filling up those grooves on the aft sections. Yup, it's tedious, but it's gonna look a whole lot better! The Gemini spacecraft is still my fave! ... so I'll be watchin'! Pete
  4. Thanx CJ! Here's a screen shot from a Grumman movie circa 1989, with the Designer, Tom Kelly, and both LEM models ... which was prolly my inspiration!
  5. I thought I had taken pix of the masking and the first result ... which I kind of expected. The Tamiya tape, which had been on for over 2 years, with just regular Masking Tape over it as a guide for cutting ... This build-up on the edges was not acceptable so I sanded down these raised edges ... carefully. After sanding down those edges, Black lines showed up which was where the Primer and Paint had lifted off when I removed the Tamiya tape ... but I touched those edges up and re-masked the windows
  6. Well ... it's been over 2 years of having this unfinished project staring at me ... so, I finally had the attitude adjustment I needed to git 'er dunn. For these 2 years I wondered how on earth I was going to get the windows done. I though decals would be the obvious answer but ... I wondered how much the decals would distort when putting them on ... and that was my roadblock. Masking off and Spraying the windows on, would be too time consuming. Now, what you see here is Tamiya tape which has been on the model for over 2 years, and another mental roadblock was 'what if there'
  7. Glad to see you back on this Randy! It's looking Great! Did you say, in an earlier thread, that you used a Laser printer for your decals? If not, and you use an Inkjet, what Decal paper/film do you use? Keep it up young fella! Pete
  8. For the past few posts of yours Manfred, the thought that crosses my mind is "the majority of us modellers have ONE definition of 'Attention to Detail', and Manfred has quite a different, much more precise, definition" Your 'Stick-to-it-ive-ness', your ability to focus on a given task, even in a heat wave, is just remarkable! Thanx for your very explanatory photos and for finally showing us ... your assistant! ;^ D)) Pete
  9. Hot Dang CJ, this looks OUTSTANDING! And the addition of the glue bottle really brings home the tiny scale of this piece of hardware. All those fine details make it look like it's larger than it is. Two questions, how long did the BIG piece, the square with all the pockmarks in it, take to print? and 2, how much would Karl sell this for? I mean, just taking into consideration the time and material you've used, not counting the amount of research you've done, Karl would have to put an enormous price on this, or sell hundreds of 'em ... So, now, all those little prisms go i
  10. This is looking ... pretty, pretty Goo-o-o-od! ;^ D I know Karl has a trove of reference material ( and I've used some of it for my 1/12 Cernan figure ) but I'm blown away by all this detail you're portraying Joe ... unless of course, you've making it all up! ;^ D))) So, are you 3 going to offer this as a kit? or assembled for a 1/32 LM and ... what else are you guys planning to offer through this venture of yours? The detail on this is stunning ... but unless it'll be kitted for a 1:1 scale kit, I hope all this attention to detail isn't wasted. And a lot of the sub
  11. The amount of research you do, Manfred, is amazing! And I'm glad you found the NASA Image and Video Library and provided a link for us. I just went there, plugged in Apollo 10, and while not a LOT of photos, there were some I hadn't seen before. I'll do a little more exploring of the site. And all these little details you're adding to the canister ... I shake my head in disbelief! I get the sense that the Engineers, Designers, Draftsmen, didn't put as much effort into these elements as you are! If we hadn't seen the build process, I'm sure none of us woul
  12. Posting these images here is a terrific idea CJ! I'm NOT on FaceBook, so I'm not aware of any groups there, but I did check to see if you all had a website and there it is ... on Shapeways. Very Interesting! And I'll assume your association with Karl is a freelance one? Or are you Full-Time, part owner, major shareholder? Your images are lovely! Your 3D skills are Outstanding! But if you have to work to a deadline ... hm-m-m-m ... ! :^ D Plus these images are good promotion for Space Cadet Models too! Good on ya! Thanx CJ Pete
  13. I'm disappointed to read that NASA's wonderful archive won't be accessible ... I too relied on that archive when researching my Apollo and Shuttle builds. But Manfred, I know you'll overcome this small hiccup and your research skills will turn up another resource! I echo Slartibartfast's comment, "Still as entertaining as ever!" ... keep up the wonderful work Spaceman! Pete
  14. Here's a few more Beauty pix ... The Buran has an Antenna or Sensor in the Belly ... I'm glad I got this off the "Shelf of Doom" and it looks pretty good. Now to complete 2 others on ... The Shelf! ;^ D Thanx for following along Gents! Pete
  15. Mr Forests ( ;- D ), when I used HotDog's decals for my 1/144 Shuttle, they were a dream to apply ... worry not ... it'll still be fun! Thanks Manfred! Although the PB doors Thermal tiles won't be seen, I wanna show the nice decals that were provided, and applied, for the doors After attaching the PB doors, a nice gap showed up ... I tried simply gluing it together with Tamiya Extra Thin glue and a couple clamps ... and it did the job nicely! Now I could attach the PE for
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