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  1. Many Thanx Gents! niart17, johnlove_mk_11, Saturn5Tony ( are you gonna join our Group Build S5Tony ? ) ApolloMan, I shan't be making copies ... while this is good enough for me, it's not good enough to sell. Plus, I've never done any resin copywork. Starting to build the Docking Probe ... ... and re-doing the Docking Collar ... ... and after attaching the BIG panel on the SM, I was left with this gap. So, I'll fill it and then spend a few hours sanding it, puttying it, and sanding some more. It's gotta be nice and smoo-o-oth ... maybe I should buy a couple more tubes of putty ... New Ware's Resin and PE updates came in the mail, so I'll get busy on the LM now as well. Thanx for taking a peek! Pete
  2. All the EVA pix were taken either by Rusty, as in this case, or Dave ... or Jim. Cameras weren't mounted on the vehicles. And you're correct, this was taken while standing on the 'porch'. Schweikart didn't venture very far from this, in that, he didn't grab the EVA rail and go to the CM ... he stayed pretty close to the LM's hatch. So pix of the joint between the LM and CM ... non-existent.
  3. The EVA was a bit of a bust because Rusty was sick the day before and they were all still cautious ... Dave didn't get out of the CM except to turn around and retrieve some test items form the SM. There's not much in the way of images from Apollo 9. Here's the Apollo Archive site ... http://www.apolloarchive.com/apollo_gallery.html Click on Apollo 9 in the Apollo Image Gallery in the Left upper corner and enjoy the search ... But this exercise has been quite fun. I may have assumed the Docking Collar retracted into the CM and ... now I know! Pete
  4. Mick, you're right. ( you've got a good eye re: John Ortmann's CGI ... ) I found this illustration showing the Docking Collar flush to the LM. The Docking Collar sits flush to the LM and the Probe retracts into it. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Probe-and-drogue-operations.png Mick you showed, earlier in this thread, an image of Apollo 13's LM with the Docking Collar attached to it. It's severed when the LM is jettisoned, along with the probe and drogue. The last paragraph in this brief explanation supports the Apollo 13 LM's image too. https://www.quora.com/How-did-Apollo-astronauts-move-from-the-command-module-into-the-lunar-module-with-the-locking-device-in-place So Bill, the Docking Collar is fixed, it doesn't retract, to the CM and sits flush to the LM. Now, I'd like to find out just how the latches work to hold the LM. I sure hope this helps! Pete
  5. After spending a couple weeks on this, the SIM Bay components are done and installed. But only dry fit into the SM. I'll glue the old hinged SM panel ( my thumb is on it ) down and then, after sanding and putty-ing, get onto the surface details. Pete
  6. While looking for some info for my CM's docking probe, I ran across this CGI from John Ortmann ... the 2 vehicles are flush and I tend to agree with this image. Reading in Virtual Apollo on page 48, " ... A crewman then activates the probe retraction device, a nitrogen pressure system located in the probe head, which automatically pulls the LM and CM together." The beauty of your situation is that nobody can say for sure, at least none of us recreational Real Space modellers, what is correct. And John Ortmann always did his homework and outstanding research, so I would go with this. But that's just me-e-e. Pete
  7. I'm still watching ... This is such a unique solution, putting the test piece on a spit, and then using flour ... I'm curious to see the results too! And seeing all that clear wrap all over, after applying the flour, was it really that messy? Pete
  8. K2Pete

    Apollo Dioramas

    So far ... so good. The 'water' looks pretty good already! And are those tiny figures flat in profile? They actually look like they're fully formed figures ... Pete
  9. Thanx Lads! The SIM Bay has really been fun and time consuming ... but that's what this Hobby is all about for me! I looked up the Real Space Models site thinking they had a 1/48 SIM Bay, but no. Glen's is 1/32. And these elements are tiny ... this is the foot restraint ... and getting there ... ... the components are dry fit in there. I've 'foiled' a couple of the film canisters and painted the frame Aluminum, but didn't like it. It was too dark so I painted on a coat of Light Grey and the Aluminum coat bled through. So, I applied some Easy -Off and put the frame in a Zip-lok bag to strip the paint and ... it didn't. It's always worked in the past to strip enamel paint, so I'm at a loss to understand ... but, ... this SIM Bay is just about done and ready to install ... then I can get to sanding the Service Module. Later Pete
  10. I'm pretty sure, like you , that the two vehicles are indeed flush. Once they dock, the CM's docking probe withdraws into the CM pulling the LM flush to the CM. So, the sequence is ... Capture, Retracting and Hard Dock. This video is from Apollo 15 and go to 6:04 Pete
  11. K2Pete

    “Everything is Go” advice needed

    The link to RIchO's build is IN-CRED-IBLE!! ... just ... incredible! Many thanx Manfred!
  12. I realized that I'd have to complete the SIM Bay components before I can close the Service Module's panel ... so I got started ... Using these ... ... I got these. The Panoramic camera on the left, the Mapping camera on the right I also cracked open my LM boxing and started on it too All I did was make the LRV Bay. This'll be Apollo 16 and I'll use Vincent's 3D LRV that I built last summer. As soon as New Ware's Update set comes in, I'll get to working on the LM too. Pete
  13. Yup ... it's there now ... reduced in size from the 'original', but there! Thanx John!
  14. K2Pete

    Apollo Dioramas

    Nice to see you here Mick! So the CM will be with the SeaKing, is the LM gonna be a separate diorama? And you've got till the end of August to get all these done ... I'm gonna enjoy watching 'em all come together! Pete
  15. Thanx Bill ... I'll give it a good try! Randy, this is where I get all my enjoyment out of this hobby ... the problem solving, the carving of plastic and the build process. The ideas that come to me on how to replicate "X" or "Y" is the fun part. The finishing, the painting, is the struggle, but these initial stages ... I LOVE it! Pete