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  1. Looks pretty good ... and how did it do in the contest? Did the kit supply all those lovely details or did you have to add bits here and there? I read the description near the base and see you replaced some copper, ... anything else? I would have LOVED to see a build thread on this! Must have been a fun (?) time! Pete
  2. Mighty Fine garden you have there Mr Landis! Mighty Fine! Pete
  3. 30 x 20 mm? WOW ... that's tiny! just over 1 inch? A very interesting technique ... thanx for the details!
  4. So you cut it onto the surface of a mirror? ... You did a gorgeous job on it Aussie-Pete! Is the Black portions a decal or Laser cut vinyl or the sub-surface of the mirror?? How wide is it? 8 x 10? 4 x 5? Nicely done! Canadian Pete
  5. For your Decals, I used Real Space Models Decals for years ... now this sheet looks like it's for the ENTIRE Shuttle Stack, so you may want to contact Glenn directly and see if he has Decals for just the Orbiter. http://www.realspacemodels.com/decals-1 But I would contact him anyway just to say "Hi" and to see if he has Decals in stock. The Styrene Sheet you chose for the doors looks really good! And it looks like you've installed 'em groove-side down!
  6. One poster nailed it ... don't build for us ... for ARC ... or any other modelling forum. You need to build for the guy you built for, 35 years ago ... just one guy! My longest build was a year and a half long and I was building my intricate model for me, but wanted to share it here on ARC, on another forum. But when I lost interest, I found I was building it because ... sheesh ... I didn't want to disappoint the other guys, whom I've never met, except 1. However, that urge did get me over the finish line and I'm still EXTREMELY proud of that model, 11 years or so
  7. A hearty and heartfelt ... CONGRATULATIONS FOZZY! Words can NOT convey my empathy for you ... in a GOOD way! Your most HIGH standards were met right to the end of this lo-o-o-ong build. It's simply gorgeous! ... and it has been a HUGE pleasure to watch your build, your thought process ( you express yourself very very well! ) and your painstaking ability to build detail. The viewers of this miniature will be wowed if they only knew the effort you've put into replicating all these fine details at this scale! I get the sense that you ARE satisfied with your resu
  8. You sir ... are a Steely-Eyed-Missile-Man! But let me ask, the 2nd row up, 3rd model in, all Silver, it looks like Von Braun's concept ... is it factual? I hope you'll show us how it looks in it's final display! Pete
  9. You can't be correct ... 1980? Really ... ??? This is STILL one of my favourite albums, I STILL listen to it 41 years later! Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel's Genesis were, and ARE, my faves ... this is MUSIC! And I agree with A-10 LOADER, cool memory and thanx for taking me back there with ya! Pete
  10. Oh dear ... it seems like crackerjazz hasn't got his priorities in the right order ... doesn't he realize he ... has FANS? (I'm kidding ... just kidding! 😘 ) Manfred, not only does your extreme attention to detail continue to amaze me, your ability to bring that tiny detail to life is just as satisfying. And still amazing even after all these years! I don't know how you do it, but keep up the wonderful work! Pete
  11. My Goodness Discoveryov103 ... ambitions is DEFINITELY the word! Take your time ... you have a lotta plans and don't ... burn ... out ... trying to get 'em completed. I hope we've shown you some of our ideas in correcting the Monogram Orbiter and I look forward to seeing your methods too! I've still got 2 1/72 Shuttles in the stash and have been spinning my wheels ... I hope you'll inspire me to set that fire under my ... bum! And I too look forward to your twice a week posts, but don't hold yourself to it ... life gets in the way when we least expect it ...
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this wonderful collaboration and to see the fidelity of the 3D print. And those 2 screenshots ... my gawsh, it's hard to believe that they are paper models! "Keep on Truckin' " Manfred and crackerjazz! Pete
  13. With that image of the Calipers on the Euro Cent, my good Man, I was sipping my coffee and ... I involuntarily snorted OUT some of my favourite beverage from my nasal passage! Your sense of humour Manfred is every bit as good as your modelling skills! 😂
  14. I completely understand the 'flagging a bit" ... I've been there, but on just an 18 month build. I can't figure out if it's NOT wanting to complete it because it's been on my mind for so long that there's a 'sentimental' attachment to it, or I can't WAIT to get this darn thing off my desk because I'm tired of looking at it. Either way, when it is complete, Man the feeling of satisfaction is Euphoric and lasts quite some time. You'll be proud of the work, the slog, the frustration ... and ... you have to admit, it does look damn good! Just a little bit more Fozzy ... !
  15. I, quite honestly, cannot believe my eyes ... the only way that I can understand the perfect results I see, is that the copper coloured disc, you call it the Euro Cent, is 10cm or 6" in diameter. You've simply made a styrene copy to use in your photos. ... and it too is perfect! I am already curious to see how a 3D print compares to this exquisite little scratch build. I hope it will measure up to your most high standards Manfred! And I also have to commend the research done by the originator who developed the print out you're using as templates ... well done!
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