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  1. Well 2021 is here ... I hope it'll be a Happy and Healthy one for us all ... Happy 2021 Manfred ... I'll be following your complex build for the next 362 days as it's a wonderful distraction! Pete
  2. A few years ago I built a 1/72 X-15 and I thought THAT was small ... in 1/144 ... good grief, good for you Randy! 👍 But I am really disappointed that I don't see a lot of detail on the IP or seat belts in the cockpit and ............. aw-w-w, I'm just kidding! This is coming along nicely and it's a nice way to get back into the groove ... maybe I should do something like this! Pete
  3. Oh my goodness ... this is going to be so-o-o much fun to watch come together! The level of detail you're planning to include, at this tiny scale, is already evident! Manfred, I hope you'll have as Merry a Christmas as you can have with Good Food, Good Cheer and Good Health! Here in our area, near Niagara Falls Canada, we've just been put in lockdown till late January ... so we will make the best of this situation ... and know that Santa will still visit our house! ( ... will Rudolph be wearing a mask ... with a hole in it for his Nose? ) All best wis
  4. 1981 ... the Real Space forum I'm referring to is the one where Homer is posting right here on ARC ... it's all Space stuff. And this is really coming along nicely! And your photography skills are showing too ... nice pix! You're making Homer's parts look GREAT! Pete
  5. Hi 1981, I had hoped you'd post this thread on the RealSpace forum, but I'm glad I found you here. You can post many images in one post, but you need to join a photo storage site ... it just saves you the effort of opening up a new post for every image ... I feel you're going to be generating a LOT of images. I've done a couple of Shuttles and if you need any info, just ask any of us! My builds are on the Real Space forum if you're curious. This is gonna be fun to watch come together! Pete
  6. I'm about to buy some of your 1/32 CM pieces Vincent ... and I think I've built all the 1/48 CSM and LM's that I planned to. But your words that the 3D pieces are every bit as good, from a quality standpoint, as ejection molded parts, has me very curious ... so there may be one more CM or LM in my future! May I also assume that the parts on Shapeways as well as CULTS3D are of equal quality? Felicitations on this new venture! Merci beaucoup Vincent Pete
  7. Well Fozzy, the photography may not be fulfilling for you but for us ... WOW ... your images really do say a THOUSAND words! I hope you'll have as Merry a Christmas as possible and I look forward to seeing the finished model in 2021 ... no wings eh? ... oh well, I'll still be watching! Thanx Pete
  8. Your level of research and of Trial and Error is amazing Manfred. For some reason, I always give myself a deadline ... I want to finish this part in 2 days and the bigger assembly should take 8 days and when I miss that deadline, I get frustrated. You seem to just build until you're happy with the result, and it certainly works. I'm gonna steal your method! Pete
  9. Homer ... this is looking My-T-Fine! Is this gonna be an in-flight representation. I just went back to the first page, and judging by the Astronauts in the cockpit, it looks like Launch config ... so will you also be correcting the ET and SRB's? ... and 1981 ... we'd love to see your build, but be sure to start your own thread! Keep up the terrific work Homer! Pete
  10. So far ... so good! I'm in a bit of a modelling funk too and I hope this quick little build will serve to inspire me ... plus, your build will just be fun to watch!
  11. My Goodness Manfred ... 9 years? What amazes me about this build is your continued exploration of new techniques ... and your continual enthusiasm. My longest build was about a year-and-a-half and I had to push hard to complete it. My delight and my enthusiasm had drained. But you keep moving on to the Ultimate Goal of completion. And it's absolutely delightful to watch you solve problems, to see your extensive research and to see how you plan out each solution. Plus, your communication skills, to your faithful viewers, your photos, your Calculations to
  12. Oh-h-h dear-r-r ... are you really going to build the Crawler too? I had been watching RichO's build on NSF but, it seems he's stalled. At least the last time I checked many months ago ... but his build was most excellent and the Crawler is in my plans as well ... but to discover that you're planning to build this too ... well, I'll be watching much more regularly! And these paper models are looking very nice too! Pete
  13. My Goodness Manfred ... I've been away from the board for a few weeks and now I see this NEW project?? I've been asked to teach Painting to members of the local Art Centres down here near Niagara Falls Canada and have been focussed on this all summer ... and we've been pleased to have a good response during this Virus stuff. So my attention has been elsewhere ... and I haven't even sat at my Modelling desk since June ... But I'm astounded at the new project, within a major project, that you're proceeding with. I'm very happy to see you continuing with this but it amazes
  14. i'd be proud of this model too! Nice job Randy! What I really appreciate is the extra effort involved in this build ... the research, applying that research into the build and adding all kinds of detail. There are aircraft builders on ARC that just build the kit outta the box, maybe add a brake line or two and crank out a model ... their focus seems to be on decal placement and paint and not necessarily building an accurate model of their preferred subject. And then whinge about the "poor fit". A build like this is a most satisfying one to complete for
  15. Firstly Manfred, how are you feeling? Is the shoulder totally 100%? Secondly, this angle bracket solution is brilliant. Your solutions always bring a smile to my face ... your ability to think "outside of the box" is remarkable! Plus, taking the time to document every step and post it all to 3 or 5 different sites is most appreciated by all of us who are watching and learning from your journey. The time you spend Thinking of a solution, Building that result and Posting those results is ... incredible! Thank You! And you 3D proponents, can it really m
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