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  1. The White Glue I use, which may be the same formula as Elmer's, dissolves in water and the CA glue, you can buy CA de-bonder to remove the residue. Geez, Hotdog, ya can't give up ... you'll be regretting missing the group launch for-ever-r-r ... you've still got 30 days. Look at it this way ... you're building this for yourself, right? Even if an ullage motor is on upside down and the Saturn V isn't painted ... get it all together and launch it. Then, dress it up to make it all pretty afterwards. Nobody's gonna hold it against you. So far this model looks pretty good ... and I know you'll want to meet the launch deadline. That will be so-o-o koo-o-o-ol! And if we don't get to see a video of it ... well ... almost nobody will hold it against you! Pete
  2. Your tenacity in wanting to discover, and understand, every detail of this hardware is remarkable! You've got us all watching with our "jaws on the floor" ( I hope this translates well! ) ... not just here on ARC but on Britmodeller too. We wish we could help you, but, you're breaking new ground in researching this! I was glad to read that Scott Phillips sent you some images too ... who better to know the details of the ET? I'm enjoying being a spectator! Thanx Manfred! Pete
  3. This looks GREAT! Even something as simple as the way you found the centre of the base ... ah-h-h, that is a bit of a lost art. I find myself waxing nostalgic about working on a Drafting Table, with Set Squares, Parallel Rules, Circle and Ellipse Templates and Mechanical Pencils, Mylar and Vellum more and more. Thanx for this little bit of geometry and the jaunt down memory lane! You should be proud of this build Randy. Months down the road, you'll be visiting this thread, almost not believing that you put such an amount of work into a model but proud to have it in your possession. I know I will be referring to this thread because it has inspired me to re-build the busted up eBay find of mine, once I get back "on my feet". Many Thanx for participating in this Group Build ... it's been a real pleasure watching your progress! I'm sure we all hope to see you here on ARC and on the Real Space forum too! Pete
  4. My Goodness ... or words to that effect ... what an amazing piece of detailing! I'm lovin' this build! I envy your club. To see the involvement of the members, in not only creating jigs to assist the build but in the painstaking addition of the stringers ... man oh man ... this is GREAT to see! Does it have a website wherein you're posting WIPs of this build too? And while hoping it has more than one flight, that one flight will be spectacular! I'm glad to read your local hobby shop is supporting you guys too ... good on him! And I hafta ask, what are "hat shaped stringers"? Thanx Randy and thank all your members that are involved with this build! This looking terrific! Pete
  5. Really nice job Randy! And your scribing is ... just ... fine. It's difficult for me to visualize just how small 1/144 is but, I have a 1/144 Saturn V that was an ebay purchase, included in a box of other stuff, a few years ago. So I took a picture of it ... and your added details .. like the tiny decals, your masking and the PE items are impressive. Man, all that on this small model. You must have small hands! ... and good eyes! Such a terrific model! Thanx! Pete
  6. Excellent attention to accuracy. I looked at the correct image on Paul's site and Vincent, you've got it per-r-rfectly ... right down to the thickness of the borders on the Black Inconel Foil. The border thickness ... is that how thinly you cut your double-sided tape? Superbe, M Meens! Merci Pete
  7. STUNNING! Fozzy, I don't know what the specific issue was, but whatever it was, you've successfully done a gor-r-rgeous job! Cutting and forming styrene to represent actual hardware is a strong suit for you. And such eye-candy you're providing us! Wow ... WOW and WOW! And I don't know about something like Boeing ... if they paid you for it, fine, but to just have it their lobby, on display, nobody would be able to appreciate the stunning detail you've replicated! I would rather you enter into as many National Contests as you can and, in addition, get it published in as many magazines ( are there any left? ) or websites as you can. Your photos are so sharp, how's about putting a pen or finger in one image for scale? Keep up the this work of very high standard Fozzy! Pete
  8. I concur with all of you! All the extra details your team is installing, all those stringers, all the 3D items, is gonna be FAN-tab-u-lous! It's great to see your club working on this. And your contribution to this seems above and beyond ... outstanding effort Randy! Pete
  9. This is my method too Ret. I do try to accurize the kit, but only to an extent. I allow a small scrap of styrene, carved a little and painted, to be interpreted as a part on the real thing, by the viewer. 100% accuracy isn't my goal, but maybe 93% ... ... however, that said, the foil strips on the CM look impressive ... and time consuming. But the result was worth it! Thanx Ret Pete
  10. I must admit that your first image kind of surprised me ... When you wrote, "I would like to promote my new 1/48 3D LM so I have decided to build it." and I saw the old Block 1, a few differing thoughts crossed my mind. But seeing your 3D LM reassured me! Did you print these yourself or is this Descent Stage from Shapeways? Pete
  11. I'm loving the detail you're adding! And these Shapeways parts look outstanding! Keep up the terrific work! It's looking GREAT! Pete
  12. I'll be watching this build ... your building process, M Meens, always amazes me in that the care you take in placing all the little details, like the rivet patterns, or the placement of the tiny pieces of Kapton tape or the precise cutting of, and application of, the "Kapton" onto the ALSEP door. I try to imagine you cutting all the itsy-bitsy strips of double-sided tape to adhere the Kapton to the plastic. The patience you put on display is enviable! I realize Vincent, that you've placed this build on a few other fora, but feel free to include it onto the Group Build thread too, although it's just fine ... right ... here! Pete
  13. Better late than never, eh? No more updates on this, as I'm in the process of building an Apollo spacecraft for the Group Build. But this Shuttle and the 1/100 Shuttle are still giving me the 'stink-eye" wondering when the heck I'm gonna finish 'em!! For some more inspiration have you seen my Shuttle Cutaway. Aftermarket is still pretty limited but new decals, from our own Hotdog, may still be available. Plus, some of the modellers here are producing some unbelievable 3D items for this kit. Thanx for taking a peek blakeh1. And uh, don't be shy about showing us what you're doing! Pete
  14. The decals really make the model 'pop' ... and your masking job is terrific! All the aftermarket bits on the S-ll look perfect! Rick Sternbach does excellent, detailed decals and I was pleased to see decals even on the LES ... nicely done Randy! You're down to the short strokes now, and it's gonna be an impressive model! Thanx Randy! Pete
  15. Spahceba Yuri Hotdogovitch! Those look like excellent links! ... I didn't see too many aft pix, but I just took a glance at them all! Great visual information! I don't really wanna have to read a whole lot about Buran, but the pix, ... just what we'll need! Pete
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