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  1. To patch the window I pushed a pin through a piece of 0.010" styrene and held the pin with a clamp and pulled the styrene snug to the shuttle. ... then filled the hole with bits of styrene ... ... let it dry, then put in some putty ... and then file and sand it. This is a Dymo tape guide to score the tiles. I didn't use the Dymo tape and instead scored the tiles by eye, after pencilling in the tiles. Not too bad. Yes, they're outta scale but I'm happy with the texture indications. Starting to apply Decals. These are a combination of Kit, JBOT and Hotdog's decals and ... these were a treat to use! And I had to see how the LDEF fit in ... hm-m-m ... After decalling, it was time to glue on the Payload Bay Doors. I used a Brass rod between the door and the clamp to add even pressure and make a firm bond. Getting down to the short strokes now. I need to see how to support the LDEF, add some bits to the Payload Bay and tie up some loose ends ... Till next posting Pete
  2. I first used First Aid tape on my 1st Shuttle model 12 years ago after a suggestion by Jay Chladek ... where is Jay anyway? Thanx Manfred, my teeth are clenched and my hands as well! I applied the rectangles on the PB Door locks but later removed 'em ... they were too out of scale. Added some minor details to the Payload Bay I'll round off the corners to the RMS Shoulder support Adding styrene strip, 0.010", to replicate the Tiles A styrene jig to scribe in some tiles on the nose. Nice subtle indications ... I placed a window decal, from JBOT, just as a guide for placing tiles around the window itself ... it'll get sacrificed. I'll trim and sand the window tiles later ... the decal is doing its job! But adding all these tiles to the front of the Shuttle, I keep asking myself, "why the heck am I even doing this?" I hope it'll all be worth it! And while trimming the tiles around the window, my knife went right through the #%@&!@ window ... I don't know how I'm gonna patch it, but the hole will get plugged with something and it'll be as good as new! This build has been one frustrating build. But, onward and upward! Thanx for taking a peek! Pete
  3. Was the launch pad and the equipment that went on it all LVM items? My goodness, LVM did some beautiful PE! And New Ware's Resin looks excellent as well! On the plaque, you have dates ... what does that refer to? Manfred, your investment must have stung a little bit ... and did you, as a backer, not get any prior notice about LVM's demise? Bruno, this is flawless ... I'm glad the judges were open minded enough to make a Real Space model Best of Show! It's gor-r-rgeous! Thanx for showing it to us here! Pete
  4. You've done a SUPERB job on this Bruno! And Welcome to this forum! I hope you post a lot more of your builds. We were told in a posting here, some time ago, about your 1st place win at Telford by, if I recall correctly, Leon at LVM. You used his PE on the Russian Rocket and launch pad. Is that right? This model looks per-r-rfect! It's nice when you have all the control from design, in CAD, to building it up ... and to be able to incorporate ALL those details! Lovely details! Pete
  5. I made some more decals of the Flipper Doors and placed 'em on a small scrap of 0.010" styrene ... I'll cut 'em out and glue it down. Notice the lower edge where the decal is lifting off the surface ... it's typical of the Papilio decal garbage. While the decals were drying I decided to place the 'tiles' on the OMS pods ... I used strips of 0.010" styrene. After the strips are glued down, I'll give 'em a little sanding to smooth the surface. Then I cut out the Flipper Door decals on the styrene, after drying for 11 hours, and ... well ... the decal kinda surprised me ... It ... had ... not ... adhered to the styrene ... at ... all! I had used a brand new blade and after the last cut, the decal ... just ... moved, there was no adhesive. Sheesh ... So I used a drop of Future and hopefully secured the decals onto the styrene ... but only time will tell! Instead of making my job easier and fun, this decal material makes 4 times more 'work' ... but, on the bright side, I think I'm done with home-made decals on this model! Nothing but kit decals from now on! Pete
  6. Thanx Ret ... Microsol has no effect on this decal film. Papilio decal material is awful! Tracy, I shan't use white glue, instead I use Future on hard to adhere decals. But even this solution, on this material, was "hit-and-miss". And setting solutions did NOT soften this decal crap at all! I emailed the company with my complaint and received no usable response. So I struggled with this decal film ... it came loose, or it stuck too much or it chipped or it came off the backing paper WHILE I WAS TRIMMING the decal BEFORE I PUT IN WATER!!! But completed the LDEF. Here's an image of the real thing to give you a better idea ... those are all various material samples that were installed on this Long Duration Exposure Facility. It was placed in orbit specifically to determine how different material performed over a long period of time in the harsh environment of space. ... and mine, using decals to represent the material samples ... I also used foils to represent some materials. And DONE! The final pieces were the Grapple fixtures. ... and the other end. Instead of decals for the Nose Tiles, I'm leaning toward strips of Styrene to replicate 'em. This is a pattern which I may use. And these are patterns for the area between the windows and the nose ... 4 versions of the patterns refining the shape as I go along. Then I decided to use First Aid tape to do the wing FRSI 'tiles' ... I photocopied a drawing, enlarged it and will use it as a guide. I cut out squares and rectangles and stuck 'em down. And done. I only did a partial wing because the Payload Bay doors will hide 2/3 of the wing. Getting closer and closer. I'll paint the First Aid tape Flat White, then apply Future to 'em to give 'em a gloss coat for decalling. Using the KIT'S decals The OMS pods also got an application of First Aid tape. Thanx for taking a peek! Pete
  7. Adrian ... this is very, very impressive! Where did you find these excellent photos of the Payload Bay equipment? They are so-o-o good! I looked and searched for good photos and never saw the ones you've posted. And how do you build ... out of metal? Do you use a machine to cut the pieces, like a bandsaw? ... or do you just use a knife? ... and do you just use CA Glue or do you use Solder too?? I see that you have included all the little details too on the various equipment ... this is all very, very well done! Thanks for showing this to us! Pete
  8. So now ... where was I? ... oh yeah, I wanted to put decals on the LDEF ... Using a few images of the LDEF I was able to map out all the locations of the various materials, drew up something that sort of looked right and put 'em down ... ... however, this decal material is GARBAGE!! ... and it took a lot more time to place these things than it should have. The decals didn't want to come off the backing paper even after 2 minutes in HOT water. Once I was able to force them off, they didn't adhere to the model ... I did a search for Bel Decal, Hotdog likes to use this stuff, and it looks they've gone bye-bye, no web site. And Expert's Choice is crappy too IMHO! ... damn it! These tile decal are homemade too ... The tile decals applied to the tail ... bu-u-ut-t-t ... after 4 hours of 'drying', the decal didn't adhere. My thumb is under the decal after I, quite literally, blew on it. Such awful decal material ... it made the decalling job way-y-y harder and way-y-y more frustrating than it needed to be. But, I'm back on this build ... I need to get caught up on this build too, but I think it's just about down to Paint and Decals. Pete
  9. I visited your site to see the entire build of the Descent and Ascent Stages and thank you for that. I've built a few LMs in 1/48 and have been curious to see how you handle the smaller details. Details which I usually eliminate because they're too small, like the Landing Gear Uplocks. But you've got them all, the Drains, Uplocks, Downlocks and all those tiny little Kapton tape bits on the Black Pyromark Quads. ( Gee, did you also include the SLA/LM Umbilical connector ... wow, yup that's there too! ) Such a Superlative model! When it's completed, do you have a home for it? A Museum? A permanent display somewhere? I'm also looking forward to seeing the CSM in all its glory too! You've set the bar very high, M Meens !! ( I just looked at your first post and see that the CSM isn't part of this build ... darn it ... ) Merci Vincent! Pete
  10. Okay, I know, it's a month after the deadline ... but what the heck, I got 'er done! YAY! I haven't decided how to display this in it's final version, but this is close. The CSM is too low and I would ideally like to have it 4 or 5 feet above the LM, but realistically, not gonna happen. Thanx for participating in this Group Build, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 1st Lunar Landing gents ... ! Pete
  11. Southwestforests, thanx! I generally enjoy building this subject to exhibit at model shows/contests to, hopefully, inspire the younger generation and get them to ask "what are these vehicles and why were they made? " ... The number of local shows are dwindling, as I'm sure is happening in the US as well and that is MY inspiration. CJ, the SPS bell is painted with Model Master Gunmetal and Leather. Ret, the Umbilical cover had to be built from scratch as was a helluva lot of other parts. I kinda wish that the aftermarket would provide these parts, but it's still satisfying to make 'em myself ... for the time being! Thanx gents! Pete
  12. Thanx Manfred but it's far from perfect. It was fun! However it took much longer to complete than I thought it would but ... it's done. I don't know quite yet how I'm going to display these, but the build is complete. This is the cover at the SPS engine bell. I made it from styrene bits and filled the gaps with Squadron putty and filed and sanded then covered it with gold foil. The aft end of the SM. Attaching the hinge pin for the High Gain antenna Making the SIM Bay handholds from styrene bits. The Umbilical cover had to have a spacer fitted onto it. Then painted and glued. I've painted and decalled the Command and Service modules. Decals are from Rick Sternbach's Space Model Systems. I've also added access panels to the CM. They're just squares of Aluminum foil. ... and DONE! I don't know how I'm gonna display this but ... may not. I may not be able to attend and enter this into a contest so I may just put 'em in a box. Thanx for tuning in to this build gents ... now I hafta complete a couple of Shuttle models that have been staring at me for a few months! Pete
  13. This was started in the Group Build for the 50th Anniversary of the First Manned Landing on the Moon ... here's the link to that build to catch you up ... I'll finish the build in this thread. I added some rivets using the Archer rivet decals. Masking the Command Module's Heat Shield The wiring for the High Gain antenna Gloss Black on the CM in preparation to spray on Model Master Chrome Silver. I had to do this a couple of times because the shine wasn't glossy enough. And I use the Chrome paint instead of foil strips. I don't like the way it photographs. The Service Module got a good coat of Flat White both as Primer and to cover the White Radiators. New Ware's photo etch parts pop nicely! i want the SPS engine bell to look like it has been fired, so I wanna have a Burnt Metal look to it. I first paint Gunmetal on the lower part and cover the whole thing as well. The SPS bell is a New Ware resin piece. Once that coat is dried, I use Electrical tape to mask off the lower part. It stretches so I can apply it to the curved surface of the bell. This works on aircraft and Space Shuttle noses too. Then I sprayed on a coat of MM Leather to give that Burnt Metal look. I'll tweak it all a little later. I also foiled the SM heat Shield with Bare Metal Chrome foil So this build is down to the short strokes now, some paint touch-ups and decalling to go. Till next posting Pete
  14. So far, so good CO! You're doing a very, very nice job with the paint ... the LM is tricky to do. I've built 7 or 8 LM models in every scale, so while I know a fair bit, I'm still learning more about this incredible vehicle. This was one of my very first models built about 11 years ago. As a Cutaway, the foil is missing on half the machine. The differing coloured foils have to do with insulating qualities. To keep the weight low, Mylar Kapton was used and as many as 25 layers were utilized. So the different colours indicate more or fewer layers, as far as I know. I saw that you replied to Lunokhod's posts, Vincent is the Master of LM builds ... he has designed a 3D 1/32 version. Every single detail has been researched and rendered accurately, so if you want more information, he's the one to ask! I noticed on your Ascent stage, on the front is a half round antenna, that only appeared on Apollo 9's LM ... that was the first test flight of the LM in Earth orbit. And your placing of the unfinished Ascent stage onto the Descent stage is something I've done on ev-ery model I've built ... it's just too tempting to see how it'll all look together! The grooved section on the underside of the Aft portion is a radiator. That is the Equipment and Electronic section and generates a lotta heat. Here's a couple of links in case you have a few minutes and wanna learn a bit more. One is Vincent's and the other is a LM expert, Paul Fjeld, who built a Full Sized one for the Cradle of Aviation Museum in New Jersey and has consulted with the Smithsonian on their refurbishing of their LM on display ... http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-32 LM/index.htm https://pfinspace.com/lmdata/ Keep doing what you're doing Cap! It's looking good! Pete
  15. It's so nice to see you here Adrian! This is going to be wonderful to watch ... but aren't you much further along on this build? All of the equipment in the Payload Bay for the Hubble repair mission was hard to build in 1/72 ... to see it done in 1/179 will be very interesting! Thank Adrian! Pete
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