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  1. 1/48 Apollo Spacecraft Stack

    Thanx Ret! ... but as the old saying goes ... "Good looking from far ... but far from good looking" It's a little rough on closer inspection but, I'm quite happy with it! Hopefully you'll see it at HeritageCon next week. The Umbilical Housing, which was built a few years ago, didn't fit. so I had to rebuild it With some styrene scraps ... some sanding and filling ... and sanding and filling ... and general farting around, it fit ... well enough. ... and as is always the case when handling a nearly finished model, the little, fragile things break off. Here a handhold near the top of the CM got snapped off and had to be rebuilt ... and after Painting and gluing onto the CM ... this ... was DONE! The LM still need a little touching-up but it's just paint and foil repairs ... easy stuff! And the Original kit and my modified one. I would like to display this at the contest like this, to show how we Real Space builders start with a sow's ear and, hopefully make a silk purse out of it A little closer on the OOB kit ... I wanted to show the poor fit and the awful seams, so I did ab-so-lute-ly nothing to it. And a little closer on the Modded one And after 5 or 6 years of staring at this model, I can finally call it DONE. Thanx guys for taking a peek at this lo-o-o-ong build! Pete
  2. 1/48 Apollo Spacecraft Stack

    I'm finally getting down to the short strokes on this years-long build. I applied my decals to each corner of the base. The cutouts in the centre are clearance holes for the LM's footpads This is a decal map from Space Model Systems, Rick Sternbach's product, and applying the decals, both his and my homemade as well as the scratch built handholds is next ... almost done. This little guy took all day to do! ... Just a few touch-ups remaining I've not glued the SPS engine bell into the SM so that the LM can be installed into the SLA. ( It has to go in from the bottom ) It's still a very tight fit and I may not be able to, due to all the added details in the SLA itself ... I've made some attempts without the SM attached and the fragile antenna on the LM risk getting snapped off ... Just a few overall touch-ups to do and in the next couple days I should have this build completed! Pete
  3. Shuttle and stack build

    Don't use too thin a piece of styrene ... maybe .020" at a minimum. And I've built a couple little shuttles, even 1/100, and if you're planning on just a press fit type of "window", I would advise against it. Even with the kit part, the amount of sanding needed to get the window to fuselage seam smooth, will de-bond and push the patch back into the model. You'll need a nice strong bond and I would suggest nothing pretty. A wider piece on the inside, big enough to give it a lot of strength and a lot of surface area for glue. Then a more form fitting piece to glue on top of that first piece ... then file and sand to shape. You'll save yourself a lot of frustration this way. But I'm not able to make life easier for ya John ... Hope this helps ya! Pete
  4. Grey Ghost 531, when you start your build, make sure you post it here ... we've got a couple Saturn V builds going on and if the GB gets approved just complete it over there. Johnlove, the NOVA would be a nifty build here but the GB ... no 'what-ifs" ... Pete
  5. Shuttle and stack build

    Installing the Payload Bay will indeed strengthen the fuselage John ... but it would've been easier to install the styrene for the "windows" from the inside. With all the filing and sanding you'll be doing on the "windows" your new patches may break their glued bond. And I won't be building another stack ... I love seeing the Shuttle in all its glory with its Payload Bay doors open and all that lovely detail in there! I built the 1/144 Revell stack as one of my first models 11 years ago ... and may do the 1/72 stack. And you and I are in the same age group John ... I recall the early US Space program too, i'm Canadian, and still have a lot of LIFE magazines from back then. Pete
  6. Shuttle and stack build

    I recently built just the Orbiter and used decals for the windows. Seeing as you have no clear parts, filling in the windows with styrene is a great idea. Some filler and a decal, it'll look great! This link to my build looks odd, I hope it works for you. Hotdog here on this forum has decals for the Airfix Orbiter, he'll probably chime in. Pete
  7. 1/32 Apollo CSM

    This is a remarkable result Vincent! The parts' details look gorgeous and your painting makes it look real! Merci Pete
  8. 50th Anniversary 1st Lunar Landing GB

    Burlington? I'm in St Catharines ... will you be attending HeritageCon in a couple weeks? We've still got just about a year till the GB's potential start, so you'll have time to reduce your stash a little more! Pete
  9. 1/48 Apollo Spacecraft Stack

    I finally have what I was looking for with the paint on the CM ... I put on some decals on the SLA ... the +Z, -Z +Y and -Y co-ordinates, plus a couple of 'greebly' decals. till later Pete
  10. 1/48 Apollo Spacecraft Stack

    I thought I had responded to you Uwe ... hm-m-m, but yes, I've built 4 or 5 Monogram LMs. A Model contest is occurring in 2 weeks and I have so little to do on this, I want to get it done for the show. It took me awhile to figure out how to display the BPC without hiding the CM and built a plate that will fit over the CM and still show 80% of it. I think this will do nicely. The CM needed to be sanded one more time as there was some orange-peeling of the paint ... 2000 grit sandpaper did a nice job And I sprayed on a coat of Glass Black instead of Primer ... and it came out beautifully! While waiting for the Gloss Black to cure, 2 or 3 days, I added some bits to the SLA and gave it a little attention too ... The inside seam needed a little touch-up And I gave the exterior seam a touch-up spray of Flat White I made some home made decals for the CM and the Base. While handling the SM I broke off a dish from the High Gain antenna and wanted to show my "jury rigged" jig. When I see Manfred's gorgeous, simple jigs and then compare them to mine, well, it gives me a chuckle! Thanx for looking in, gents! Pete
  11. I'm curious to see if there's more interest in a Group Build celebrating the First Lunar Landing of July 20th 1969 ... for next year 2019. This GB would celebrate the spectacular aerospace achievement, by the USA, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth. The GB would start in February and end in July 2019. I ran it up the flagpole to see if anybody would salute in the Real Space Forum and we have a lot of interest there. What I'm thinking is just Spacecraft, Launch Vehicles, Trainers, and Astronaut Figures. No Aircraft No Tracked vehicles No Cars So Apollos 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. LLTV (Lunar Landing Training Vehicle) LRV (Lunar Roving Vehicle) Saturn V Saturn 1B Apollo Spacecraft (CSM and LM) If you have a model already started, that's okay with me. 54% done or 86% done, good. Finish it in the GB. So if you want to start a complicated kit now, go ahead, the Anniversary will happen even if the GB doesn't. I don't know if the 25% completion qualification is a general rule, but it won't apply here. I've done a few LMs and can recommend aftermarket items, 3D prints included, to make your model sparkle! Any questions or suggestions, fire away. Pete
  12. Yup, even 87% but, two new rules ... you must complete it ... and ... seeing as you'll have had a many months head start, it had ... better ... be ... per-r-r-fect!! You see, we all know that your GPS co-ordinates are contained in your ARC posts and ... I ... will ... find ... you! ....... to give you your prize, that is!
  13. Geez, if it's giving you that evil eye, start it now-w-w-w!! Here's some reading material on fixing up the Saturn V. The author is Rick Sternbach whom you should recall, worked on Star Trek in a special effects capacity ... he knows his stuff! http://ricksternbach.com/SatV/Saturn_V_Clinic.html If this GB gets approved, and I haven't yet posted it formally, I'm not gonna stipulate that the model(s) need to be a certain percentage complete. If by February, your model is 66% complete, great ... 87% done, that's okay by me-e-e. But we'll see if there's an authority I need to appeal to ... but being 6'4" and 220, I don't think I'll hafta do a lot pleading! Vincent, it'll be terrific to have you be a part of this. I'll get this Group Build rolling this weekend. Pete
  14. I'm just floating a trial balloon here CJ, so you won't a have a year and a half ... if the GB gets approved, I'm thinking from February 2019 to July ... six months ... yes CJ, just 6 ... short ... months!! But IIRC, you've got an LLTV on the go ... for the 50th ... ... but the 1/32 LM would work too. I hope to make it to HeritageCon in a couple weeks ... are you gonna attend? i'll give the GB criteria a little more thought and post a poll and such, in the General Discussion page of ARC at the weekend. Thanx gents Pete
  15. Airfix 1/144 Shuttle Orbiter

    Thanx guys! Yes Mike, the decals are Hotdog's ... he did a terrific job one 'em! Ret, the Radiator panels are from the New Ware update set ... you can see the set and the installation on the 1st page. Pete