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  1. Well, we can't accept this setback ... Manfred, when I make my own decals, my inkjet printer prints on Glossy Decal film. It would smear if I touched it, I'm sure. So I spray Clear Spray Paint on it. 2 or 3 very light coats and the decal film and printer Ink is therefore waterproof. This may work for you too, on the styrene. I usually let my ink dry for at least 24 hours, you may need to let it dry a little longer. And then after the spray, let it all dry for another 24 hours. I sure hope this helps. As usual, I am enjoying your thought proces
  2. Homer, may I make a suggestion re the Shuttle's belly. Before you add on all those lovely details, you'll be doing a lot of manhandling and sanding and filling and sanding and filling of the belly to get it to the same high level of quality the rest of your model's gonna be. It won't be just that nasty seam, there are a LOT of flaws, uneven surfaces, divots on that belly ... just a heads-up! And thanx Medicmodeler10 for bumping this thread. I just went through it and Holey Smokes, I'd forgotten all about the great things Homer's doing! Pete
  3. GREAT! The pix are there ... but, from my own experience with this kit, you may need to add more reinforcement to that BIG seam, because the amount of sanding you'll be doing will break that seam, probably, a few times and the frustration levels may go off the chart! I had used a 3/4" wide length of 0.060" styrene and the seam still broke apart ... just a heads-up. My builds are all on this forum and my last one was the Monogram 1/72 Shutte with the HST. I tend to heavily modify my builds to make these o-o-o-old kits just a little more accurate. ;^ D
  4. Um ... your images don't show up ... this is what I get ... I've built a couple of Shuttles, all makes, and am looking forward to following your thread and to see these lovely 3D parts! Pete
  5. Oh dear ... I really didn't know! I always made the assumption that the Payload was installed into the Payload Bay in the Vehicle Assembly Building. So this aspect of your build Manfred, with the Transporter and the Canister are completely NEW to me! And rather than do my searching for this hardware, I'm learning from your magnificent, highly detailed and informative build. No leg pulling! ;- D Pete
  6. I trust you had a wonderful Easter, Manfred! For the Canister, does it go into the Payload Bay curved side down, to fit the curved bottom of the Payload Bay? And once it has delivered its Payload, eg, Satellite, do the doors of the Canister ... oh never mind. I know you'll describe how it actually works in a post or two! But I am curious ... ! Thanx Manfred! ;^ D Pete
  7. Gee, that was a quick reply CJ! And I have not given ANY thought to working in 3D. I DO envy the stills you guys post of your work and I used to work as a Technical Illustrator doing exploded views and cutaway views and, years ago, tried utilizing those hand-drawn skills to 3D and ... hated it! It required a completely different way of thinking. I much prefer doing it the old-fashioned way, Ellipse templates, Pen and Ink, Drafting boards and Mylar or Vellum. And even now, I teach Painting using traditional tools, like Watercolour, Brushes and Paper ... you youngsters can
  8. It's wonderful to see you still plugging away at this CJ ... but re-doing the engine? That scratch built version was lovely ... I really hope to see this model finished whether all 3D printed or a combo of hand-built skill and 3D. December marks the end of the Apollo program 50 years ago ... if you need another deadline! And Have a Happy Easter Joe! It's gonna be cold with maybe a dusting of snow in these parts, but enjoy it anyway1 Pete
  9. This page is wonderful in its display of very tiny solutions. The Extinguishers, the Ladders and the Wipers ... I'm looking forward to the Canister itself as well as those BIG Air Conditioning lines. Your creativity in making these jigs and producing lovely little items is most impressive, Manfred! Keep up those mental energy levels! Pete
  10. I did a model of the LDEF's release into orbit and did some reading about it. It stayed in orbit for almost 6 years. White paint was blistered and discoloured. If you're doing V'ger the thrusters would have some exhaust stains and if the spacecraft has any Kapton foil, it may be brittle and torn, after all those various radiation sources. But IMO, from a distance Voyager probably looks pretty good. Unless it collided with something ... bent antenna? For you, this is gonna be a pretty good thought experiment. I hope you'll show us your
  11. Hey CJ and Ret, in your conversations with our fellow modellers, did you hear of any schedule for upcoming shows? Guelph or London or Torcan? And I'm disappointed to see our Real Space category lumped into Misc. We really should be under Aerospace. This is really a pet peeve of mine. I do recall my Shuttle Cutaway being beat out by a Star Wars Y-wing ... oh well, water under the bridge! Pete
  12. No ANGER, just EXCITEMENT! Thanx Crackerjazz! This venue is spectacular ... it's in a Museum of beautifully restored and Flying aircraft, including the only flying Lancaster in this hemisphere. Some of your pix CJ, I can't tell which are the models and which are the Real aircraft. I was disappointed to see that the Real Space category seems to have been combined with those fictional TV show models ... and not very many Real Space entries ... am I incorrect? But those aircraft models look terrific ... nicely weathered and your pix look wonderful!
  13. I have an unused and started 1/72 External Tank and 2 SRB's if anyone wishes to give this a go. Not for FREE though ... I've had it since I did my Shuttle Cutaway over 10 years ago ... It sure would be fun to see this Artemis come together, both in reality and in scale! Pete
  14. It's been quite some time since I've visited eBay for decals, but Warbird did have their product there. IMO they are a poor solution to Space Shuttle Tile decals. Each tile is much larger than they should be. The one's I've used from our HOTDOG look terrific ... and NO, he hasn't sponsored my reply! 😁 This is his 1/100 version for the Shuttle. The 1/72 version is just as detailed ... hopefully he'll see this thread and respond to you! 😁
  15. Those are gonna be pretty hard to find ... I contacted Keith a few years ago and back then, they were "out of production". But, on this forum, we have a modeller who has some really nice decals for the Shuttle. I've used 'em and they're wonderful! They aren't photographic like Keith's were, but you can weather these. The tiles look great ... Warbird's stuff is clunky and outta scale, HOTDOG's are lovely. he has 1/100 and 1/72, maybe 1/144 IIRC. Here's a couple pix of mine ... 1/72 Shuttle with HST ... the build itself is on this forum, take a peek at it. Hop
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