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  1. You did a terrific job on this LM Cap! No need for apologies on its accuracy ... you've got Kapton tape where it should be, paint colours look correct, all the antennae are there, there's a front hatch, the RCS thrusters are there, four Landing pads in their correct foil pattern ... EXCELLENT! ;^ D It makes me smile because there are professional builders who sell their LMs, for serious coin, and even theirs aren't accurate! ;^ D You done good! I'm really glad to see that you soldiered on and took this to completion, 1st Real Space model and all. I realize it's
  2. Last night I read that both Frank Borman and Ken Mattingly died. Borman was the Commander of Apollo 8, the first manned mission to the Moon. And Borman, Bill Anders and Jim Lovell manned this first manned flight of the Saturn V rocket. They famously broadcast a Christmas Eve reading from Lunar orbit and everybody ... in the WORLD ... watched it! You youngsters won't remember the excitement of those Moon missions and especially Apollo 8's ... the risks those 3 guys took. I can't imagine today's generation of fragile snowflakes even thinking of doing this. My gosh, they'd be away from
  3. Nicely Done Randy! I would doubt the EVA antenna was attached ... for the same reason the landing probes weren't, they weren't needed. But, hey, I can't confirm it either. That antenna may have been used so John Young could hear Cernan's blue language later on ... ;^ D And that little bump on the aft panels, I thought I knew what it was but can't find it. I thought it might be in Virtual LM, but not at a quick glance. Those painted upper aft panels look great! You've got a nice steady hand young man! And your pix are terrific! This little model really looks good! An
  4. It certainly is a nice looking display! I took mine out of my stash last January and built the rockets and when it came time to decal 'em, the old decals from Tango Papa disintegrated and I, frustratedly, just put 'em all back in the box ... I emailed Tango Papa for a new set o' decals,, or whoever owns it now, and they never responded ... ;^ ( Whose decals did you use? Maybe I can finish this kit this Winter? It does look like you had fun building these! Pete
  5. Welcome to this Forum karlos221. i've built a couple Shuttle models in various scales including 1/100 and this is looking pretty good. But when you say it's a paper model, did you just apply the paper tiles over the Tamiya kit? It doesn't matter because the model DOES look nice! and the added detail in the Cockpit and Payload Bay is gonna make this even nicer! Carry on and keep us posted on STS 49's progress! Pete
  6. WHAT?? You framed the front hatch with foil?? ... Holy Kow ... you've got good eyes and steady hands young man! Nicely Done Randy ... do you have decals for this itsy-bitsy LM? If yes, are they kit or Rick Sternbach? Keep 'er goin' Randy! ;^ D Pete OOOPS ... yes you've already applied decals to the Descent Stage ... so nevermind Randy! ;^ )
  7. Here's a site from Paul Fjeld ( F-yell). He used to be with the Cradle of Aviation in New Jersey IIRC, and rebuilt LM-13. He was also heavily involved in rebuilding the LM at the Smithsonian. Take a peek at this site, on page 2 is Snoopy's patterns as well as the others. https://pfinspace.com/lmdata/ Pete
  8. Looking at your LM, I'm gettin' the urge to build another one, but without foil ... to leave all the mods, the putty, the added styrene, the PE and Resin bits visible. I just like the look of it. ;^ D Forecasts are that Winter's gonna be a c-c-cold one! Perfect for sitting and building a scale model ;^ ) Did you find many ref pix for this Apollo 10 LM, Randy? All I could find for mine, was just a few on Apollo Archive ... but I'm also curious about your copper colour on the top side of the Descent Stage. Still watchin'! Pete
  9. My, My, My ... Rostko, this is way-y-y beyond "eye-candy" all the way to Visual Orgasm! I've built a couple heavily detailed 1/72 Shuttles with open Payload Bay doors and thought I had detailed it pretty well ... well you've made my eyes water! ... with incredulity! Homer, your cockpit has been improved to the Nth Degree and Rostko has made your design really shine! Rostko, did you tell us which mission you're representing? Well Done ... Really, really well done! Pete
  10. When you said that the Ascent Stage was too short by just a couple mm, I looked at my last thread and was pleased to see that I had indeed added a couple thick styrene shims to the bottom ... and I had also enlarged the windows. Is that coming later in your build? And the engine bell area looks just fine. I have a few references from when I made my LM cutaway plus a view from VIRTUAL LM ( sans foil ) ... and yours looks great! I hadn't realized that Mr Mackowski said anything about my LMs ... 'tis nice to hear! And I'm happy to have inspired you in this build ... miser
  11. Good Golly Miss Molly ... when I did my last LM, Apollo 10, it was only then that I realized just how inaccurate the model was. But I had no idea the Ascent Stage was too short. I did fix some facet panels but ... dear oh dear ... you've given yourself a LOT of extra work! ... but FUNN work ... I might add ;^ D And ... you're giving me the urge to build one more LM, from the 1967 kit, with foldable legs. I gave away mine to a friend and love seeing those bare bones, no paint, no foil LMs. Just PE and putty and no question the amount of mods that were made to this Olden Goldie! (
  12. That old LM takes me back ... it's yellowed, broken and inaccurate, but man ... I LOVE IT! ( I've still got two broken, inaccurate and Yellowed LMs from eBay myself! ;^ D I still have those old LIFE magazines that have the famous VW ad featuring that LM. I have to ask though, on the Service Module the PE horizontal Radiators have bent lines ... do you know why? Your build is coming together nicely and it's great to watch! Thanx Pete
  13. The researching for my models is fun for me too. I thought I knew the Space Program's vehicles until this internet thing came about ... WOW all that good info. And I used to look at other model sites for tips on what to prepare for regarding problems and fit issues. I came across one builder who solved his LVM fit by cutting holes in the inner bulkhead and I did the same thing. I can't find his webpage any more. So like you, I like to be mentally prepared and pre-emptively think of solutions. My Ejection Seats were built to fit the pressure vessel. Found a few pix and scaled '
  14. Gee ... my Gemini was over 9 models ago so my recollection is poor. Got guidance on the folding of the seats?, I guess I would say, make a paper or cardboard pattern and fold that up using the LVM kit's instructions. There was a lot of trial and error with me, folded, realized it was wrong and refolded and it broke. (Can I assume you've looked at my other threads?) This 2018 version was my 2nd Gemini 9A model. The first one was in a Group Build in 2008, with Ejection seats that were 100% scratch built. I had ZERO fit issues with those ... the entire interior was scratch built and I had a
  15. I did this for a Group Build and the seat issues are better described in that thread ... take a peek, it'll just corroborate your issues. Pete
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