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  1. Easy....lint roller. My wife's idea after listening to me cuss up a storm! She handed me a line roller and I found the part in seconds. The roller sits by my desk now as a required tool. Haven't lost anything in years now.
  2. I am looking for any 1/48 P-40E decals for "Stardust\Oklahoma Kid". I know the AMTech kit had these markings in it. I believe Superscale made these markings also. If anyone has either one of these decals that they would like to get rid of please let me know. Thank you for looking. Jim Root My email: BeaconrootATaolDOTcom
  3. Count me in! Ordered! Thank you Jim Root
  4. Great looking Raptor there John! Can't wait to see it! Jim Root
  5. Vendor information is on the bottom of the flyer. Contact Mr Fisher if you're interested in vending. Hope to see you there. Jim Root
  6. Hello, I would call it a small local show with a decent turnout. I think we had around 300 entries last year. Vendor turnout is decent. All in all it is a good show. Hope you can make it. Jim Root
  7. Haven't got much done on this in the last few weeks. I primed the air frame with Mr Sufacer 1200 and am fixing seams and rescribing missing details. Not much to see and boring work but it has to be done. Pictures later. Jim Root
  8. Holy cow great news Floyd! I'll contact you soon. Thanks! Jim Root
  9. Not much to show yet but got a little bit done. Here is were it is so far.... That's it for now. Hopefully get the wing attached tonight. Happy New Year Jim Root.
  10. Hey Pappy you ever finish this one? Really like to see it finished. Just checking. Jim Root
  11. Not to much to show yet. Working on getting the cockpit painted and detailed. It is the Aires resin cockpit with some Eduard photo-etched added. Still slow going. Hope to finish this part up soon. Comments welcome. Jim Root
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