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Early A-7E electronics hump

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I'm currently working on the 1/72 Fujimi A-7E, which will be done in VA-146 markings on the USS Constellation in 1971/72. I did some searching earlier on the Waveguide and ECM duct on the side of the fuselage, which shouldn't be added on my build, when I read something about the electronics blister between the main gear bays under the fuselage. Apparently the one that's in the kit wasn't there on early A-7E's? But instead there was a different fairing, which was placed off centre?


Does anyone have a bit more info about this, preferably with some images?


It's part 52 I'm talking about:


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The earlier fit was part of the ALQ-100 DECM. Vietnam era. 

The post-1974 "part 52", external electrical ducting and receiver waveguide was associated with the ALQ-126 DECM.


Note also that earlier A-7Es lacked (what looks like) the UHF antenna under the forward ventral blister.

These early A-7Es also featured only one nose pitot (on the left forward nose). A different pitot was introduced to both sides of the nose during the 1970s.



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