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  1. The turned exhaust? One can only hope that Floyd or the new chap on the block, Mr. Jonathan Smith, will someday get around to it. It would be really cool if a new AH-1W kit was released with options to build a pre-NTS, NTS, and the last NTS iteration Cobras all in one box.
  2. Wow. That's a lot of stencils! Fantastic work. The amount of pictures are appreciated also so as to get a great view of your talent.
  3. There are two other established threads on the subject already. One in the Jet Modeling subforum and the other in the Caracal Decals one.
  4. Not able to crack open any of my reference books that are at home whilst I am at work, but just out of curiosity, what kind of markings would we be able to depict an F-86A in? I ask because a google search tends to bring up Sabres of all variants and not specifically an A.
  5. HOLY SMOKES that is a lot of money for that!
  6. Beautiful work. Very striking aircraft in a the best pose for display.
  7. It can't be just a TSU replacement for the Whiskeys alone. The shape and profile of the nose itself changed with the introduction of the NTS system so using an Italeri AH-1W with a NTS TSU would still be incorrect and look awkward.
  8. Understood. I knew about the C-NITE but thought you were saying both AH-1Fs and AH-1Ws used it. Since the C-NITE was limited in its deployment and if Jonathan can get some made, any chance you can illuminate the units or aircraft that had them for markings?
  9. Floyd are you referring to the NTS upgrade that the Whiskey's received in the late 90's and which changed the nose profile?
  10. More interested in what that box is below the canopy on the side of the fuselage on the AH-1F photo. Don’t think I’ve ever see it before.
  11. This is freaking awesome! I absolutely love how you’ve repurposed the older resin cockpit tubs. Now I don’t feel the need to offload any of mine and may want to get some more since they cost less!
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