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  1. Whiskey

    F-14A 1/48 exhausts switcharoo?

    Not really giving me a warm and fuzzy on it considering the price of a set but I do trust your judgement on this one Darren. I'll be adding it to the list of needs for my VF-211 Operation Southern Watch Tomcat I want to build.
  2. I have a set. PM me
  3. Looking for more info based on a conversation in the R-M GB, if the Academy nozzles fit onto the Monogram burner cans for the F-14A, would it be too far of a stretch to assume that the Aires set for Academy would fit the Monogram as well? @twong figured out how to work it using the kit parts so I'm curious if any resin parts would work too.
  4. Whiskey

    August release #2

    These are solely 1/32 Jake?
  5. So I've got some aftermarket stuff I would like to unload in order to get things that I actually need for other kits I want to build. Maybe willing to trade depending on what it is. Prices do not include shipping however I will ship for the absolute lowest cost I can find. Paypal preferred. ARS4226 Aires F-4G Phantom II Cockpit set for Hasegawa $28.00 XP4805 Xtraparts F-15E Strike Eagle Detail set for Hasegawa $10.00 DM48004 DMold F-4E/F/G Profiled Intakes for Hasegawa $23.00 WHL148001 Wheelliant F-14A Weighted Wheels for Hasegawa $12.00 MASAM48-050 Master Models F-4 Phantom II (Long Nose) Probe set $4.00 HMR 48012 Hypersonic Models F-4 Phantom Slotted Stabilators for Hasegawa/ Academy $18.00 Open to very reasonable counter-offers too. Just trying to fill up the piggy bank to get more important kit items.
  6. Whiskey

    1/48 Monogram F-14A Tomcat

    If the Academy nozzles fit onto the Monogram burner cans Twong, would it be too far of a stretch to assume that the Aires set for Academy would fit the Monogram as well?
  7. I swear I’m just going to start putting labels on all the glues I have that say what they are for. This gets so confusing.
  8. Whiskey

    F-14A Tomcat Adversary

    Sweet, yeah I've actually got some extra goodies for the 2 kits I have. Furball decals, Two Mikes bang seats, Hasegawa weapons sets, I think I have some wheels, and will be using the photo etch from the Monogram High Tech A-4E/F kit. For me it's all about just making the time, finding some space in our itty bitty apartment, and getting it done. For my Tomcat there are some things I need Steel Beach items but also going to look at getting the True Details cockpit for the -A.
  9. Whiskey

    F-14A Tomcat Adversary

    I've got the F-14A, A-10, OA-4M, AV-8 and B, A-4E/F, A-37A, and the Century Series all lined up to do. Trying to find the time to start one (kids, school) at least one of them yet I can never just pick one! Maybe I'll find more time when my two minions start school again next week. I want to do the Tomcat and follow yours and John's builds but I don't have any of the necessary parts from Steel Beach to make the corrections needed.
  10. Whiskey

    F-14A Tomcat Adversary

    I dunno why but it really does seem like you were able to breeze right through all of that fuselage building, especially since you are going to be skipping those troublesome intakes and seam lines there. Making it look so easy haha!
  11. So much for that idea then.
  12. Whiskey

    SEU-3/A Ejection Seat

    I think ya'll maybe right on improving the Pavla seat. I just came across this thread on Z-5 (http://www.zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=24725) and the guy built 2 AV-8A's. One he used the kit seat on and the other the Pavla with modifications.
  13. Whiskey

    SEU-3/A Ejection Seat

    I am not trying to be a stickler on this as it is only just a seat however it'll probably be the only AV-8A that I build so I just want to get it right the first time around.
  14. Whiskey

    SEU-3/A Ejection Seat

    All of the images I have seen for any of the aircraft depicted by Kursad's Caracal AV-8A Harrier decals show that they had the Stencel seat. You can clearly tell it was the Stencel by the over the head pull cords at the top of the headrest. The middle seat pictured here is the AV-8A Stencel SEU-3/A seat. The one on the right is the Stencel SIIIS-3 (SJU-4/A / SJU-13A / SJU-14A derivatives). There are a few notable differences in the two, one main one being the canopy breakers at the top of the headrest for the latter seat.