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  1. If you come up with an answer please do share it! I've always liked the idea of building one of those Marineflieger Tornados.
  2. Didn't they already release one using the HobbyBoss kit? Or was it the Academy?
  3. Funny you ask that question at this time. Last night I met a former back seater who flew in RF-4C's out of Tan Son Nhut during Vietnam. Didn't tell me what year but I guess around 67-68 and he kinda grunted. Anyway I did some perusing around the internet and came across this fantastic 1/72 build of an early USAF recon phantom. https://dmminiatures.com/2019/02/28/__trashed-3/amp/
  4. Nice job. Very simple looking which is appealing.
  5. Andrew, It's not about the pylons like you asked, but just in case you wanted more info regarding the airframe from the pic you referenced.
  6. What a beautiful build.
  7. @Ben BrownBrown has one for sale at a good price. Solid guy to buy from.
  8. The closest a modeller can get to an accurate seat is to modify the Pavla Resin one.
  9. Ya know, after I got home from work this morning at 4am, I went through my bookmarks I have the the Harrier cause I could've sworn I once came across a website that discussed this somewhat in detail yet I couldn't find it. Also I was too darn tired. Lo and behold it was my own topic started here! Oh the irony!
  10. Pavla Resin http://www.pavlamodels.cz/katalogy/katalog.php?katalog=seats&c=al&typ=nahled
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