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  1. Hi Please tell me how can i purchase the models?


  2. I live in Austin. I'll be there. First time too.
  3. What a beast! I've always loved the lines on the Merkava, kinda like a brute sports car of the tank world. Great job.
  4. Told ya😉 Looks awesome Andrew, truly awesome.
  5. Probably try and do a run of 6 miles. I say try because it's all dependent upon how exhausted I am just from raising my kids haha.
  6. I've got mine, plus the Fox One sheet so I'm good 👍
  7. Wow that's impressive. Nice touch with the suit of armor!
  8. She's a real beauty Eric! I bought my first one a few weeks ago but I don't plan on getting to it for a while. I sincerely hope mine turns out as nice as yours!
  9. Probably a lot of the same reasons that nose art for Thuds was downplayed during Vietnam. "Non-regulation" and that sort of excuse.
  10. Livery is wicked. The battle damage is a very nice touch as well.
  11. This is some really great information being put out here fellas, and not just about the Blackjack kit of course. Thanks. I'm definitely going to be pinching some pennies and try and get one. I love have these big planes and hang them from the ceiling.
  12. Wow so in 1/72 it's actually bigger than the XB-70???!!! I am aware of the size of that as my LHS has one on display (to which I will one day add one to my collection).
  13. This is awesome Nigel. I've been wanting to build this aircraft for a couple months now. How did it go? Or can you comment on it?
  14. Looks great! The third to last photo, the rear end profile one, is it the angle of the picture or do the wings actually tilt upwards to the right?
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