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  1. Hey I have to be in georgetown on tuesday, any chance i can buy that a-4e off of you?
  2. Early FLIR pod maybe?
  3. Can't wait to get mine in that big order I put in last night Jake. I've never truly been a Falcon/Viper fan but there's just something undeniable about modelling a MiG killer!
  4. All kinds of subjects but more recently Tamils F-16
  5. Am I completely retarded, doing something wrong, or is there an actual issue with being able to search any of the forums? Every time I go into a forum, go to the search feature, type something in and hit search it constantly is coming up with 0 results. Even when I change it to advanced search. Suggestions?
  6. Ah c'mon Floyd, don't be teasing me with the Headhunters like that lol!
  7. Just for starters...
  8. Crap, I already dropped like $400 at SB over the weekend, thanks a lot Darren lol!
  9. I'll take 5. When can we start pre-orders lol?
  10. Leave it to an awesome guy like ziggy to come up with the material in question! More or less eactly what I was looking for amigo thanks a lot!
  11. Fellas, I've come up empty handed in trying to find any photo references to a VFMA-115 F-4J. Now I know the Silver Eagles are pretty well documented however the one I am looking for has a black anti glare paint job on the nose, not something I have seen on a typical 115 a/c. More specifically if there's anything on serial # 155792 it would be greatly appreciated.