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  1. @Drifterdon https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235062461-hi-decal-2020-upcoming-news/
  2. Soooooo I need to get rid of some stuff. Have a dental procedure for my son that is coming up and need some extra change to help cover it. The short and sweet is that I do PayPal, preferred, but also accept Money Orders (at your own risk). I am open to offers if something does not look like it's a valued price however please do not waste my time with something outrageously low. Shipping is not included and I will work as fast as I can to get the most decent shipping quote possible. Email me at zpatton1402@gmail.com for fastest response. All are 1/48 scale except the two 1/24 cars. ***Kits*** 1) HobbyBoss SU-30MKK Flanker G $45 2) 1/24 WAVE Tyrrell 020B Ilmor F-1 race car $30 3) 1/24 Hasegawa Tyrrell Yamaha 021 F-1 race car $25 ***Packages*** 1) Revell Tornado GR. 4 kit # 04924 - A.M.U.R. Reaver Tornado exterior photo etch $60 PENDING 2) Revell A-10 Warthog kit # 855521 - Olimp Resin Afghani Warthogs update set $25 3) Tamiya P-51D (2 kits in the box, one partially started on the wings) - True Details P-51 D/K Mustang cockpit detail set # 48453 $40 4) Italeri Tornado IDS/ ECR "Special Colors) kit # 2731 - Flightpath RAF Tornado GR.1/1A/4/4A detail and conversion set - Paragon Designs Hindenberger drop tanks - Paragon Designs Standard drop tanks - Wingman Models CBLS 200GY pods $100 5) Italeri Tornado Navy Strike Fighter kit # 838 - Neomega Tornado GR.1/ IDS cockpit and exterior - Eduard Italeri Tornado IDS cockpit # 48091 - Eduard Italeri Tornado IDS exterior # 48092 - Xtraparts Italeri Tornado forward fin correction # 4820 - Xtraparts Italeri Tornado afterburner set # 4808 - Paragon Designs Hindenberger drop tanks - Paragon Designs Standard drop tanks $100 6) Testors OV-10 Bronco - Quickboost OV-10 Bronco exhaust $12 7) Italeri/ Revell AH-1W Cobra * This is a large package. There are a total of 5 AH-1W's and one Italeri AH-1Z. All 6 kits are bagged, no boxes.* - AMS Resin FOD protection covers for Italeri AH-1W # 48002. *3 of these.* - Olimp Resin AH-1W NTS Iraqi Whiskey update set - Cobra Company AH-1W cockpit and correction set $150 ***Aftermarket accessories*** 1) Eduard AH-64A set for Academy # 48160 $15 2) Eduard AH-64D color-etch set for Hasegawa # 49201 $17 3) Cutting Edge AH-64 canopy and wheel hub masks for Hasegawa $5 4) Eduard MH-60G Pavehawk interior for Italeri # FE330 $10 PENDING 5) Eduard SH-60B/J Seahawk exterior for Italeri # 48515 $12 6) Eduard UH-1N Huey detail set for Italeri # 48325 $8 7) True Details P-51D Mustang detail set for Monogram # 26005 $5 8: C & H Aero F-106B resin conversion set for Monogram F-106 $40 9) C & H Aero F-100F resin conversion set for Monogram F-100 $20
  3. Hey all, Currently looking for any and all *seated* F-14 pilots from the Tamiya F-14 line. If anyone has any spares I'll happily take them off you.
  4. Yes. Just looked at some images on the interwebs to confirm.
  5. I might buy one off ya if you REALLY don't need that many lol.
  6. https://www.ajc.com/news/breaking-news/just-atlanta-air-show-canceled-after-pilot-ejects-from-plane/XSty7aRaQugzmkxZ1tcigP/
  7. Now that is an episode of candid camera I would like to watch!
  8. Whiskey

    a joke

    As crappy of a day as I've had Steve this made my day haha!
  9. Daco Publications "Uncovering the F-14." For a modeler's reference it's a one-stop shop. That and maybe the SAM Publications "Grumman F-14 Tomcat."
  10. According to various photos I've come across after posing the same comment elsewhere I've found that they did indeed have LANTIRN capability in 1997. This one is labeled as being at NAS Fallon in October of '97.
  11. Oh that's cool. I've always been on the fence about F-4s in heater-ferris but you've definitely pulled a beauty with this one.
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