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  1. Britmodeller Access

    I just checked and it's good.
  2. Italeri 1/48th Scale CH-47D

    Fortunately I never chucked up during a flight, I was just enjoying myself too much haha. I will, to this day, never forget my first -47 ride in country back in '05. We flew out of LSA Anaconda heading to our FOB up in Diyala. About 30 minutes into the flight we started taking some small arms fire and the door gunners opened up. There was this guy sitting on the port side and he got so scared he pissed himself. About 4 or 5 of us just couldn't help but laugh our asses off during the rest of the ride. Swashplate, that is absolutely the dream work space I envision I can finally have once my kids are a bit older so I don't have to worry about them running around the house too much lol!
  3. Italeri 1/48th Scale CH-47D

    Like riding on a dang roller coaster when those guys do NOE flying. Kinda fun but never know when you're finally gonna puke lol. Great job swashplate, bet it takes a good amount of shelf space!
  4. Little old but there’s some F-4’s for sale.

    Here's one for real: https://taskandpurpose.com/buy-your-very-own-f-4-phantom/
  5. April releases

  6. Cool looking stuff. Actually looks like they’re of real use.
  7. F-4E Phantoms???

    As is the rest of the world my friend...
  8. Israeli AH-1S Pylons

    Amazing book and one of my favorites.
  9. Israeli AH-1S Pylons

    I have several photographs of Tzefa's carrying the pylon under the wing with pods attached. I can't be 100% positive of the time frame however. I would venture to say that it is entirely up to you whether or not you want to outfit your Cobra with them. I do know that at a certain year (unknown) IAF stopped using unguided munitions on all of their helicopters as to avoid collateral damage and that's why most Tzefa photos that are out there will show them outfitted with only TOW's the majority of the time.
  10. AH-1Z Cobra in 1/72? How to?

    AH-1Z AH-1W
  11. 48019 F-4C now shipping!

    YES! Another reason for my wife to yell at me! I'll just chalk it up as an Valentine's Day gift for myself. Thanks for this one, needed the 63-7589 Keflavik markings as those are he only ones I don't have for it's lifespan. Now I can model it from the time it scored it's MiG kill all the way until it's retirement.
  12. AH-1Z Cobra in 1/72? How to?

    It's a very different air frame altogether.
  13. ^^^ i second that question. Also what did you do to get such a nice, flat and even coat on it? i was scrolling through those photos and was just in awe on how beautiful of a paint job that truly is.
  14. I would not doubt that Italeri is going to re-release their previous version of that kit, however if they do they are going to be looking at a lot of trouble as the picture provided in that preview is a production Zulu.
  15. Operation Gothic Serpent Aircraft references

    That shot of two AH-1's taxing is interesting as those are S-Mods and not F's. Any idea what time frame that picture was taken? Also I can't figure it out 100% but the shorter of the two Cobra pilots look familiar as well. Floyd, any of those two fellas look familiar to you?