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  1. Whataminute, these aircraft are outside Temple?! That's half an hour from my house! I must know where these are!
  2. Beautiful beautiful job. I've only recently accepted the A-4 into my stash and library and that aircraft with that scheme is one of the main reasons. They look just so bad a@@ in that low-vis paint. I can only hope mine turn out that well.
  3. Pretty interesting. That Tomcat has been there for a while as some trees have grown through thepanels on the intakes
  4. Beautiful model MH, and I'm not even a Flanker fan really. What kind of stand is that?
  5. Woohoo! That was me lol
  6. Getting such a raging b(#*er from this....
  7. **

    Ohhhh I dunno if I wanna drive 5 hours there and 5 back lol.
  8. A third here if nothing happens lol.
  9. Dammit boys now I want to build an A-10! I know what's out there, I am crap at scratch building, and all the darn update kits are long sold out. So the question stands, say I want to build this bad boy or one similar. Monogram or Hobbyboss?
  10. Floyd, you are a no-go at this station lol.
  11. Was randomly thinking about this tonight as I pondered life. I know random. Anyway this is something I asked a long time ago and since the revolutionary newer products our very own Floyd Werner has shelled out under his company's banner, Werner's Wings, I thought I'd go ahead a dredge up the past. Floyd, when you get a chance after working on the Huey's, need me some of these babies in 1/48 please. Gracias amigo..
  12. My dad gave me a picture taken at the Bell plant in a similar setting however the time was oh, 1983ish? and the Snakes in the Pit were brand new ECAS being built. He and his guys would go up there from Hood and pick them up still smelling like fresh scales...
  13. Holy smokes bro, looks like the one I built when I was like 7 lol!
  14. I saw Border Patrol agents in Baghdad. Just sayin'.