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  1. I bought one and for the life of me i cant figure out how to actually get everything connected!
  2. Monogram A-4E canopy

    Thats awesome. I wouldn't say I'm passionate about the Skyhawk, especially compared to other aircraft subjects, but I really really dig just how badass it can actually look. In saying that I only enjoy the later models with the hump on the spine and the OA-4 versions. Ah screw it, if it looks like a Skyhawk then it's a Skyhawk lol.
  3. Monogram A-4E canopy

    Thanks Ant that would be awesome to find out
  4. Monogram A-4E canopy

    Picked up a couple of the "Hi-Tech" offerings of the venable Monogram Skyhawk dirt cheap knowing there is supposedly issues with the canopy. Is this correctable, a vacuum-formed canopy available, or just stick with it and hope a good paint job hides any fallacies lol? Either way I'm not giving these babies up, 4 for $20 was to good of a deal to pass.
  5. Abandoned F-14s & F-4's. Huh?

    Whataminute, these aircraft are outside Temple?! That's half an hour from my house! I must know where these are!
  6. 1/48 Hasegawa A-4M Skyhawk, VMA-131 Diamondbacks, 1993

    Beautiful beautiful job. I've only recently accepted the A-4 into my stash and library and that aircraft with that scheme is one of the main reasons. They look just so bad a@@ in that low-vis paint. I can only hope mine turn out that well.
  7. Abandoned F-14s & F-4's. Huh?

    Pretty interesting. That Tomcat has been there for a while as some trees have grown through thepanels on the intakes
  8. Kinetic 1/48 SU-33

    Beautiful model MH, and I'm not even a Flanker fan really. What kind of stand is that?
  9. A few sheets are almost gone..

    Woohoo! That was me lol
  10. 1/48 OV-10A Bronco

    Getting such a raging b(#*er from this....
  11. **

    Ohhhh I dunno if I wanna drive 5 hours there and 5 back lol.
  12. A third here if nothing happens lol.
  13. A-10 Loads

    Dammit boys now I want to build an A-10! I know what's out there, I am crap at scratch building, and all the darn update kits are long sold out. So the question stands, say I want to build this bad boy or one similar. Monogram or Hobbyboss?
  14. 7 years later...

    Floyd, you are a no-go at this station lol.