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  1. So nice. Went on a business trip two weeks ago and discovered my very soon to be ex-wife threw away some of my kits, including this one. And I just got it like a month ago! Still following your build as it's great to see it coming together. Keep up the good work!
  2. While I cannot comment on the accuracy of the model versus the real aircraft, I can definitely say that is a smashing paint job you've got on it! Very nice sir!
  3. Wasn't the first 'Pussy Galore' aluminum, or silver laquer?
  4. Excellent 👍 Any more photos by chance?
  5. Was this the same Su-27 trip that brought the Grand Forks Air Base?
  6. They'd have to be all D's as there is no B kit available correct? I would recommend a scheme like the Thunderbirds for it, just to add something different but those were B's too.
  7. Well I was just speaking as a retired Soldier, that the picture is of Soldiers, not Marines.
  8. Ummm those are US Army soldiers, not Marines.
  9. SAC is one my father's favorite films. I think the last time I watched it with him I yawned too many times and pissed him off.
  10. Remind me again what the difference is between the SM and say the MK or MKI? Can one of those be built from it?
  11. Nice to see some 36th ID markings.
  12. Not sure if this would be relevant right now or maybe wait until after Z-M releases their long nose Phantoms but some HAF RF/F-4E's would be really nice. Not very many options out there that I am aware of considering they've worn 3 different distinctive camouflage patterns. Plus some HAF A-7's would be a interesting choice.
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