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  1. Whatever the superficy factor, the Su-57 kit is on its way regardless. Many of us will buy both the Zvezda and Kitty Hawk offerings as they come out, just like many of us have the Kinetic Su-33 Sea Flanker and will buy the Model Art edition. Part of the process of dry-fitting parts is "feeling" if some beef-up is necessary using plasticard and scrap, and restrained use of solvents on softer plastic is recommended. Yes, I'd love every kit to be made from top-drawer plastic the way HKM, WnW, Hasegawa and Tamiya do, but, alas, in the real world... Would I pay more for that? Yes! And I'd pay more for two sets of canopy parts in every kit. I mean every kit. Variable plastic quality and/or scale parts is also why quality metal landing gear is popular: Aerocraft brass, Brassin bronze and G-Factor being the top-drawer stuff. The Aerocraft landing gear sets are arguably essential, not mere luxuries, for the Ukrainian ICM 1/32 I-16 & -153 kits. I like the way Trumpeter include hard metal LG parts in its 1/32 kits. I hope the Su-57 sells well and encourages further larger scale, and accurate, jet offerings. I'm still hoping Zvezda, ICM or another firm makes an accurate Su-15 Flagon — even Great Wall Hobby would do nicely. Tony
  2. Many thanks for posting Gabor. Looks like a lovely model. Wish we'd get a PF and PFM in 1/32. I have the 1/48 Profimodeller editions and those are quite exquisite. Tony
  3. The recent 1/72 Zvezda kits of the big Sukhoi jet fighters are truly excellent. It calls for getting into a smaller scale mindset and taking more care as the detail is exquisite, and very good value. I'd love to see the Su-57 in 1/32 scale, but realise the most likely candidate is a Polish card model. In fact, 1/33 card models are probably the key reason there are so few home grown LSP kits in Eastern Europe. But we'll see what Kitty Hawk do in 1/48. Tony
  4. Thanks Gabor. I'm definitely getting one of these (and probably the Kittyhawk 1/48 version next year, if it's as good as the Zvezda). The Zvezda 1/72 Su-33 is a stunner, so if the Su-57 is as good it should be a winner. The Su-57 is one of those subjects that needs to be bought in every available double-digit scale. I like the earlier testbed colour schemes more (as in Berkut's avatar) but the pixellated one will grow on me, given a suitable set of airframe masks with which to help spray the pattern. Obviously, there's scope for AM once the bay arrangement is in the public domain, but I think it looks good clean. Thanks again Gabor. Tony
  5. Well, it could have been worse. You might have said "feeling a little leery", which is probably a criminal offence somewhere. It's a shame the wing carry through box spars are preset instead of being articulated. If the spars were swinging we could swap-out a display between swept slick wings and flaps hanging out, using alternative drop-in boots for the wing seal. But overall impressions so far are: AMK, have a cigar! Tony
  6. Groovy! Awesome plane, awesome build! Tony
  7. Mine arrived this week in sunny England. Really superb. Many thanks! Tony
  8. The big H still has stacks of the over-printed Dick Ward 1/72 Project Warrior Raven sheet, depicting all of the art worn by Upper Heyford EF-111As in 1987-1988, priced at £2 each. I'm ordering a spare soon. What's really needed is 1/72 early F-111A/Es from Nellis and Upper Heyford ca.1969-76, with the NA-ND, JR-JT and UH codes. Somebody like Don Logan probably has a bunch of colour images showing necessary details such as crew names and NLG door zaps. Hasegawa seem to be popping out the whole range again, a bit at a time. Second choice is another early Eagle sheet with Holloman and striped Luke F-15A/Bs from around 1976-77. 1/72 again. Third choice would be 1/48 F-106A/Bs featuring the 87th FIS Red Bulls -or- maybe a reprint of 48-112. Just missed getting a set and I'm prolly not the only one. Tony
  9. What does a little leery look like? And are there big leerys? T
  10. "Defies" ?! Naughty, naughty Turkey. T
  11. Just two questions: Are we there yet ? Is there going to be an F-14A ? T
  12. I have a spare single seater Revell Eurofighter canopy set and by judicious cutting and grinding either the windshield or the rear of the hood might be successfully reworked into a replacement Flanker windshield. Failing that I will make a balsa-talc-dope shape over which to drape-mould gently heated clear material. The success rate will be low and the room filled with blue language. Tony
  13. Beautiful paintjob. Especially love the jetcans — wow! It's probably not important but IIRC Phantoms provided all electrical power to jamming pods so they didn't use the nose turbine on the ALQ-71. That was more for F-105 Thuds. ALE-40 pylon chaff/flare dispensers were not fitted to USAF RF-4Cs, but you could probably get away with it. Sorry to be a PITA. Tony
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