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  1. Thanks Gabor. It's the "sports car" version and is historically significant. Tony
  2. Yes, Gabor is right. The Russian-built examples had a clear area behind the cockpit showing the fuel pipes and had clear panels in the pilot's rear armour plate so that he could, in theory, rubberneck to see behind. But were there other noticeable differences? (I'm mostly interested in making Finnish and Arab 'F-13 jets.) I suppose that panel behind the cockpit with the antenna sticking out might come in clear plastic anyway. Really chuffed about this Eduard kit. Looks like we get the option of no-dremel open airbrakes at last. I'll keep the Trumpeter for comparison but i
  3. Unfortunately I have to be negative for clarity: there is such a dearth of Cold War era Soviet jet subjects coming out that we could put all of them, including multiple scales, in one thread. (And trying to shepherd cats is a bit pointless anyway.) If Eduard do the design and tooling for "Thursday" (whatever that really means) editions of the MiG-21F-13 and -21UM then, surely, there is a higher probability of 1/72 scale editions emerging — eventually? I'm also quite certain my own wishing for more 1/48 versions of the venerable Fishbed is not going to alter Eduard's plans one tiny
  4. Given that you've already posted an email extract in which Eduard say "72nd scale is a side production [for us]" and that you have dismissed SH kits as not worth a penny, there isn't anything left to discuss apart from what Eduard might do with the so-called "Thursday" Fishbeds, which are the ones that are selling. I buy all my favourite aircraft subjects in every available double-digit scale, so I am interested in what Eduard are doing with the MiGs regardless of scale. Sadly, we do not see Cold War Soviet jet subjects coming out in vast, uncontained numbers such that we constantl
  5. Really? SH Mirage F.1, Super Mystère are inferior to the old Zvevda? Have you started mixing Xmas cocktails a bit early this year? Looking forward to the SH 1/72 Mirage III/5 too but I do love the Eduard "Thursday" Fishbed kits — just wish they'd get on with the F-13 and Uchebny and seriously reconsider upscaling all of them to 1/32 ("Saturday night out"?). That and retooling the lower wing parts to facilitate opened airbrake compartments. Tony
  6. So, ETA is now December or January? Okay, I'll stock up the Xmas drinks caddy soon and buy my Revell in the New Year. Tony
  7. Hasegawa RF-4B/C/E and Revellogawa FG.1/FGR.2, either avenue with resin inlet ducting and, if I can get them, Hypersonic canopy details. Tamiya F-4B, obviously, especially for Coral Sea birds from fifty years ago. If Tamiya see fit to issue more, I'm thinking F-4J and F-4EJ. The latter entered JASDF service around August 1972. Tony
  8. When the Boomers and Gen X are dead there probably will be very few if any new models. I love jets and have a stash of Eduard 1/48 MiG-21s even though I much prefer 1/32 scale. My wish would be to see the Eduard releases in that scale, which isn't going to happen. Life is about compromises. Great kits in both scales, but it's a shame they did not open up the airbrakes on the lower wing part. Tony
  9. There's some very useful 1/48th stuff from Begemot, North Star, Pavla, Eduard etch (if you can still find it), Master and Aires Aerobonus and Quickboost. The intake trunking needs "rounding" a bit at the shoulders from about mid-wing, and wings set at 2⁰ anhedral. The kits are a bit out, as if the CAD designer or a practical joker at an office party "stretched" the accurate shape longitudinally (because it looked cooler?), but it stilllooks the part and is very impressive. If you go with it, get the Su-15TM Taifun Mod boxing, as you can choose between a cellulose aluminium or
  10. Looks like the BobbyHoss Vark is finally a truly viable project. Amazing stuff. And great pics Jim. Thanks for posting. Tony
  11. There were some MFs delivered with wing insignia but I believe these few were painted out in green or cleaned off, making the North Vietnamese the true air pirates under International law. I would simply leave the wing insignia off. The Eduard MiG-21s are great kits — wish they'd scale them up to 1/32! A cellulose aluminium finish is probably the safest, as every one existed that way for at least a short time. Wiki has some interesting potted history on the Fishbed in Vietnam. Tony
  12. AIM-9B used a lead sulphide uncooled seeker and was used by USN & USAF AIM-9C was SARH for use on F-8 Crusaders. Later converted to the AGM-122 Sidearm anti-radar missile. Navy missile. AIM-9D — and follow-on G/H — used nitrogen gas cooling contained in launch rail. Navy missiles. AIM-9E — and follow-on J/N/P — used Peltier effect thermoelectric cooling. USAF/FMS missiles. AIM-9L/M used Sidewinder rail Nitrogen gas cooling in Navy versions and built-into-the-missile Argon gas cooling bottle in USAF/FMS versions. The main thing wi
  13. Any further developments? The Trumpeter Vigi decal sheet is very basic and by the time we've filled and smoothed over some of the divots it's going to need some Caracal love, including a bunch of stencil data if possible. Am up for anything attractive from ca.1967-1979 that matches the Trumpy RA-5C configuration Cheers Tony
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