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  1. tony.t

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Looks great. What's next? An accurate Su-15? Liked their MiG-31 a lot. Tony
  2. Have the Trumpy Flanker B with Zacto inlets and nose on standby, and have been awaiting the possibility of the canopy set reemerging. It's maybe just possible, with some clever cutting and grinding, to modify a spare set of Revell Eurofighter canopy parts to create a replacement windshield. Tony
  3. tony.t

    KS-127A and German RF-4Es

    The ex Luftwaffe jets could be configured with the LOROPS when in Greek service but you'd have to study pictures of Norm 83 aircraft and see if they had the sideways "aiming" sights on the canopy. I think they were customarily used on KS-127 LOROPS jets. HTH Tony
  4. This kit tops even the giant Lancasters for me. And any errors in the airframe shape can be fixed, on the basis it's a 1/32 Sea Flanker and not a blue poodle. Tony
  5. tony.t

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J/D Liberator

    Need a D to do PB4Y-1 Calvert & Coke Tony
  6. tony.t

    Kitty Hawk RF-101C questions

    And here... (and an edit to activate link) HTH Tony
  7. tony.t

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Nino, I'll treat the Kinetic V.1 as a prototype and will buy the AA V.2 if and when it emerges. I don't think you can have too many of this aircraft. I'm really hoping for the 1/32 Tanmodel version. Tony
  8. tony.t

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Just received my "V1" 1/48 Kinetic Su-33 and am very impressed. Had been hankering over this for a couple of years as I normally only build 1/32 scale and the occasional tiny 1/72 kit. The canopy seam is annoying in this scale and the contents stacked a tiny bit too tight, but it looks like a fabulous kit. Will get the Zvezda 1/72 kit to build first to fully understand the geometry of the aircraft with folded wings, and hope the Tan Model 1/32 CAD makes it to plastic one day. Great aircraft the Su-33. Would be nice to see a good kit of the production MiG-29K sometime soon. Tony
  9. tony.t

    CD48142 - 1/48 EF-111A Raven

    Those Upper Heyford Ravens featured really good art in the late '80s. Favourites were Cherry Bomb and Babyjam Tony
  10. tony.t

    KH RF-101 Quickie

    Stuff drawings. Half way through this review there are very revealing images looking down at the inlets... https://www.scalespot.com/reviews/kits/rf101-kh/review.htm If you count the lines of rivets (don't laugh!) you'll see the B type was a cut-back of the straight design. It's very clear to me that what's needed is to cut at an angle parallel to the angled lip, and at a depth equal to the thinnest part of the replacement part. The replacement parts may then be glued in place. The rivet lines are wrong on the replacement parts so ignore them. These need to be filled as they were perpendicular to the fuselage, not angled. The splitter plate should not need modifying much, if at all. Tony .
  11. tony.t

    KH RF-101 Quickie

    Sand the angled wing inlet down a tad. Move your new part up so its rear edge can be fixed to end of above part. fill sand rescribe or rosie-poke with horizontal lines of rivets It's an extension part. Just bought a second RF, this time from the famous Chinese morning sun purveyor of produce, for £31.80 including postage. As the kit costs £19.80 it shouldn't have to "dice it" with the customs and excise flak batteries. Tony
  12. tony.t

    September releases

    Me too. Really want the Hawaii ANG decals Looking forward to the recce Voodoo sheet and getting another B set too, when they reach Hannants Tony
  13. tony.t

    KH RF-101 Quickie

    The parts neutralise the sweep to straight. I haven't done a dry run yet and imagine a smidgen of filing and filler will be necessary. Just wondering if we've missed a replacement rectangular vent hidden somewhere on the parts trees. Tony
  14. Good kit. The ICM Foxbats are sort of flat-pack hung on bulkheads. I would like some replacement brass MLG legs from Aerocraft, the UK's answer to G-Factor, and a whole radome would have been nice (cf the radome halves moulded with the front fuselage halves, as in the kit), but otherwise top marks. It doesn't appear likely AMK will make a Foxbat now, or within my lifetime at any rate. Recommend all the 1/48 ICM Foxbats. Just wondering who will be first with the two-seat trainer. Tony
  15. I'm hoping Tanmodel, another newcomer, start doing some of their promised kits: Buccaneer, Sea Flanker, Habu, Aardvark etc Tony