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  1. There were some MFs delivered with wing insignia but I believe these few were painted out in green or cleaned off, making the North Vietnamese the true air pirates under International law. I would simply leave the wing insignia off. The Eduard MiG-21s are great kits — wish they'd scale them up to 1/32! A cellulose aluminium finish is probably the safest, as every one existed that way for at least a short time. Wiki has some interesting potted history on the Fishbed in Vietnam. Tony
  2. AIM-9B used a lead sulphide uncooled seeker and was used by USN & USAF AIM-9C was SARH for use on F-8 Crusaders. Later converted to the AGM-122 Sidearm anti-radar missile. Navy missile. AIM-9D — and follow-on G/H — used nitrogen gas cooling contained in launch rail. Navy missiles. AIM-9E — and follow-on J/N/P — used Peltier effect thermoelectric cooling. USAF/FMS missiles. AIM-9L/M used Sidewinder rail Nitrogen gas cooling in Navy versions and built-into-the-missile Argon gas cooling bottle in USAF/FMS versions. The main thing wi
  3. Any further developments? The Trumpeter Vigi decal sheet is very basic and by the time we've filled and smoothed over some of the divots it's going to need some Caracal love, including a bunch of stencil data if possible. Am up for anything attractive from ca.1967-1979 that matches the Trumpy RA-5C configuration Cheers Tony
  4. Too late, but I always liked the Eglin ADTC test jets — especially as these sometimes carried groovy test ECM pods etc. Tony
  5. Almost makes me want to suffer a Hobby boss kit. If it makes it to 1/72 that would be great. Tony
  6. Probably just on the upper sides. Tony
  7. Cross Delta do them in 1/32... confusingly they do three styles... http://img.luckymodel.com/default.aspx?item_no=CX-CD32003 And another set are included in the Tamiya 1/32 F-4EJ release, if you go to a site where all the parts are on view. Maybe too subtle to worry about in 1/48 scale. HTH Tony
  8. They were upper only in the 1970s. Around 1983 or so the stabilator centreline rib and attach bulkheads were reworked and under TCTO 1F-4-1348 a stabilator lower reinforcing doupler was added (slightly different shape to the upper ones). Most F-4s had both or lower only from then on. Somebody (can't remember who) makes sticky peel off metal foil reinforcing plates for upper and lower stabs. HTH Tony
  9. An effective tool at picking up stealthy cruise missiles endangering the fleet. Surprised there's nothing to protect it during cats and traps, but maybe it just needs a regular buffing. Tony
  10. Yes it is, but the tail cones could vary Tony
  11. ditto. Cheers for these Kursad
  12. I hope Baris Tansoy recovers fully, soon. The CAD for the 1/32 Su-33 Sea Flanker looked utterly exquisite. And a modern tool 1/48 Buccaneer S.2 is much wanted. I'm in for a brace, Tony
  13. AFAIK they're based on the already accurate but weak ICM kit parts. I asked if wheel locating pins could be added to replace the silly cones on the kit legs, but the parts are otherwise likely to have the same gait as the kit ones. If anyone has an issue with that they ought to drop a line to Aerocraft requesting a heavier loaded look. Tony
  14. Aerocraft have them in the works. Their brass-bronze legs are simply great. The images at the top of this page look suspiciously like SAC cr@p, especially as the link takes you that awful stuff. Tony
  15. Yes, XMM. I bought two sets and they're great. Ali's indicated an interest in releasing these this Spring. You'll need to wait till it comes up on the Aerocraft site. Tony
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