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  1. Many thanks for posting Gabor. Looks like a lovely model. Wish we'd get a PF and PFM in 1/32. I have the 1/48 Profimodeller editions and those are quite exquisite. Tony
  2. The recent 1/72 Zvezda kits of the big Sukhoi jet fighters are truly excellent. It calls for getting into a smaller scale mindset and taking more care as the detail is exquisite, and very good value. I'd love to see the Su-57 in 1/32 scale, but realise the most likely candidate is a Polish card model. In fact, 1/33 card models are probably the key reason there are so few home grown LSP kits in Eastern Europe. But we'll see what Kitty Hawk do in 1/48. Tony
  3. Thanks Gabor. I'm definitely getting one of these (and probably the Kittyhawk 1/48 version next year, if it's as good as the Zvezda). The Zvezda 1/72 Su-33 is a stunner, so if the Su-57 is as good it should be a winner. The Su-57 is one of those subjects that needs to be bought in every available double-digit scale. I like the earlier testbed colour schemes more (as in Berkut's avatar) but the pixellated one will grow on me, given a suitable set of airframe masks with which to help spray the pattern. Obviously, there's scope for AM once the bay arrangement is in the public domain, but I think it looks good clean. Thanks again Gabor. Tony
  4. Well, it could have been worse. You might have said "feeling a little leery", which is probably a criminal offence somewhere. It's a shame the wing carry through box spars are preset instead of being articulated. If the spars were swinging we could swap-out a display between swept slick wings and flaps hanging out, using alternative drop-in boots for the wing seal. But overall impressions so far are: AMK, have a cigar! Tony
  5. Groovy! Awesome plane, awesome build! Tony
  6. Mine arrived this week in sunny England. Really superb. Many thanks! Tony
  7. The big H still has stacks of the over-printed Dick Ward 1/72 Project Warrior Raven sheet, depicting all of the art worn by Upper Heyford EF-111As in 1987-1988, priced at £2 each. I'm ordering a spare soon. What's really needed is 1/72 early F-111A/Es from Nellis and Upper Heyford ca.1969-76, with the NA-ND, JR-JT and UH codes. Somebody like Don Logan probably has a bunch of colour images showing necessary details such as crew names and NLG door zaps. Hasegawa seem to be popping out the whole range again, a bit at a time. Second choice is another early Eagle sheet with Holloman and striped Luke F-15A/Bs from around 1976-77. 1/72 again. Third choice would be 1/48 F-106A/Bs featuring the 87th FIS Red Bulls -or- maybe a reprint of 48-112. Just missed getting a set and I'm prolly not the only one. Tony
  8. What does a little leery look like? And are there big leerys? T
  9. "Defies" ?! Naughty, naughty Turkey. T
  10. Just two questions: Are we there yet ? Is there going to be an F-14A ? T
  11. I have a spare single seater Revell Eurofighter canopy set and by judicious cutting and grinding either the windshield or the rear of the hood might be successfully reworked into a replacement Flanker windshield. Failing that I will make a balsa-talc-dope shape over which to drape-mould gently heated clear material. The success rate will be low and the room filled with blue language. Tony
  12. Beautiful paintjob. Especially love the jetcans — wow! It's probably not important but IIRC Phantoms provided all electrical power to jamming pods so they didn't use the nose turbine on the ALQ-71. That was more for F-105 Thuds. ALE-40 pylon chaff/flare dispensers were not fitted to USAF RF-4Cs, but you could probably get away with it. Sorry to be a PITA. Tony
  13. That's depressing. Are the rivets truly compulsory? Am looking fwd to the Zvezda 1/72 offering to see what they do. Tony
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