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  1. Beautiful paintjob. Especially love the jetcans — wow! It's probably not important but IIRC Phantoms provided all electrical power to jamming pods so they didn't use the nose turbine on the ALQ-71. That was more for F-105 Thuds. ALE-40 pylon chaff/flare dispensers were not fitted to USAF RF-4Cs, but you could probably get away with it. Sorry to be a PITA. Tony
  2. That's depressing. Are the rivets truly compulsory? Am looking fwd to the Zvezda 1/72 offering to see what they do. Tony
  3. A decent kit is one which goes together well; accuracy is another matter. More interested in the Su-57, so I hope they do a reasonably accurate decent kit. Tony
  4. Soopar! That, the YF-23 and a "To be continue..." would be dandy. Tony
  5. Aah, the agony and the ecstasy. After four years of uncertainty, is this thing going to pop up and disappear all within a short time ? Aah, snooze and you lose, like the dawg's nose ain't been sniffing for nigh on thirty-forty moonths The hell of it all. And nostrils flared as two Tamiyaas wheeled past the beastie's nose. and noo a thing from the Great Wall beckons. I was digging down towards China, thinking the wee kitsets might pop up in ma face, but alas nought. Oh, the agony, the sheer agony. The horror of it all.
  6. Thanks Kursad. Still in for one sheet. If you do a second sheet with Holloman and Bitburg F-15As, that would be great. When doing the F-105Gs in small scale, please offer the "wide, wild west" version of the 35th TFW insignia. It was a bit different from the ca.1972-1977 mostly white, grey & red version, as used on early F-4Gs too. Had a flesh coloured hand and old Wild West type font. Great work and much appreciated. Tony
  7. Are there extra subjects squeezed onto the 1/72 edition? Just bagged myself two 1970s vintage Hasegawa Eagles to decorate. Tony
  8. Hi Eli, there are two ALQ-71 pods in the Hobby Boss F-105G kit HTH Tony
  9. It's good of them to communicate, a necessary antedote to 'anticipation fatigue'. I'm in for both the 1:48 Brick and 1:32 Sea Flanker. Recently bought the Crecy Gordon/Komisarov door stop on the Flanker 'family' and it's a great resource, albeit it needs to be read on a desk. Tony
  10. F-111B was cancelled in July 1968 and the F-14A prototype first flew in December 1970, twenty-nine months later. About as long as it takes me to build a kit these days. This AMK creation is worth buying as a piece of history: as controversial as TFX, longer to come to fruition than the real VFX, and may be the swan-song of the company. Tony
  11. And seated aviators in the S1030 etc David Clark spacesuits. Starter looks absolutely great. Agree about the boarding gantry. Now just need a good Habu — please keep up the great work! Tony
  12. SAC makes a 1/32 resin and white metal kit of the very similar Douglas D704 buddy refuelling pod. Tony
  13. Looks great, and very nostalgic Tony
  14. I thought that was boat building ?¿. Does the draft 5 AMK Tomcat come with a seaplane option? Thought pussycats hated water (but lve fish, and lasagne) Tony
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