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I'm (re)searching camo schemes for a Takom King Tiger with Porsche Turret and Zimmerit, and came across the box art of this Dragon kit:


The stripes look interesting, but so far, I haven't found any pics of the real one.


Does anyone have pics of the striped version depicted in the Dragon kit?


Any help regarding the camo scheme or pics would be highly appreciated! 

Thanks in advance,



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Box art depicted is 503rd Heavy Panzer battalion, 3rd company Normandy 1944.


There are quite a few famous images of this unit in various publications.


Try searching for images of:

503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion - King Tiger Normandy 1944


Note: 503rd also had Tiger tanks in their other companies, so you'll most likely see some of those too.



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Hello Auger,


thank you for your answer. Somehow I totally missed your reply till now, sorry for that.

I'll try a search with the key words you mentioned.


Meanwhile, I learned about a book of the 503rd, maybe I'll give this a try too (about 700 pages).


Thanks again!

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Hopefully your search was fruitful, I usually try more than one search engine, as I find each search function to have a slight bias to certain sites/results.

Using more than one search function occasionally results in alternative photos or sites.


Interesting regarding the book on the 503rd.

Decided to do a search for 503rd books and discovered there are a few.


I've  been using Tigers in Combat  Vol I & II (W.Schneider) for most of my Tiger builds.

Have built 2 Tamiya Porsche King Tigers using Vol I, a Normandy tank & 'Anneliese' Hungary winter '44-'45.

Both were built before any other companies had King Tigers in their catalogs.

Have a DML kit still to do & recently acquired Takom's #2074 kit, so I just need to figure out what tanks to do.


Have fun with your build.

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Ive been looking around, not exhaustive I must say but from what I can see the 503rd Heavy Panzer battalion got moved to Normandy in early '44 where they first picked up their Tiger B tanks, at which point they were painted in the "ambush" pattern like this



And not this pattern.




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Sorry for my late reply, somehow the notifications didn't work. Thanks for the info regarding the ambush pattern. I've already seen it on Tiger Bs with the Henschel turret.

Now, with home office and social distancing etc., would be a good time to get the book about the 503rd...


Thanks again and stay healthy!

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