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  1. Thanks, I just saw images of both kits' sprues and they have exactly the same parts. If the Night Raid has extras they must be loose in the box. The only difference I see is the decals. But even Scalemates said new parts, where?-jon
  2. Thanks. I read a few reviews and the Hobbyboss is missing some parts and the Hasegawa seems too basic. I guess I will go with Italeri again. Is the Night Raid kit the same plastic as the Desert Hawk kit? Looks it to me. Thanks- jon
  3. Hello- what company molds a decent Blackhawk for a Medevac helo? I did an Italeri as a Desert Storm unit that seemed nice. Any that include decals?-jon
  4. My wife says toilet paper is a hot item cause the paper mills are going to switch from making TP to paper masks! I grew up living across from a paper mill where my father worked, his father worked in the paper mill in the next town as did his uncles , that sounds a bit absurd.-jon
  5. I just went and rechecked the dimensions. The kit is closest to a 720-023B and Revell gave it 720-023B decals, not sure if that was on purpose or accident. The wing is a bit off but looks close to the 720-023B wing, the kit has 4 extra windows on the fuselage but what else isn't right. It is a tall tail like the 720-233B. So I can use it as a close-nuff AA 720 registration number N7531A as shown in 1962 image below.-jon
  6. Didn't care for the pole dancing exhibition but the best part was the game. Excellent nail biter with no lop sided scores as the usual are. Great to see some different talent, I am an ex Mass resident born and raised in western Mass but it is very refreshing to see some new talent, previous super bowls were getting very stale. jon
  7. Probably a "supermarket rag" but not like the old Weekly World News! Where else could you read of a 90 year old grandmother pregnant by aliens or a French astronmer discovering a steam locomotive orbiting the Earth? These just don't make it in the "main stream" media today! LOL jon
  8. Turboprop? Maybe they mistook the radials for turboprops? Germans did have a jet with a tank cannon, Me-262 but don't recall any U. S. jets making it in time for WWII. jon
  9. Found a new Revell at a decent holiday sale. Thanks for the offers....done deal!---John
  10. My store has 1/72 Lindberg, which I have no interest in and a 1/48 Revell which is not my scale. 😞 😞 😞 ---John
  11. Looking for an old Revell 1/72 scale kit at a decent price, I know I won't get if for the few dollars I originally bought it for in 1970 but some of the E Bay prices are ridiculous. Any model,E, F or G decals not a must.---John
  12. Nice and effective camo pictures. What was the SAM ratio as far as SEA camo to basic grey airframes? Just curious.- jon
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