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  1. I have an excellent 1/72 Hasegawa F-14A kit with what I need minus the early boat tail. I was going to do an early Wolfpack F-14A from the 1974-75 time frame. I have the right gun panel and chin pod but am lacking the early boat tail. The few images I have seen show it with the diaelectric panels removed. Would the Wolfpack resin boat tail made for the Academy kit be adaptable to the Hasegawa kit? jon
  2. GOOD choice!!! LOL Painted gloss white over gloss gull gray. jon
  3. I took my son to an airshow some 18 years ago and we took a flight in a Bell 47, same model I had watched on TV when I was about 6 years old in 1959 or so. That Bell 47 is STILL flying! jon
  4. I have that picture , what are FS numbers for the paint colors though? jon
  5. What colors were the SH-3Ds. Were they white 17875 over gull gray 16440 just the opposite of the Navy's gull gray over white fixed wing aircraft? jon
  6. I was looking at how to mask when I noticed a gaping hole in the back of the engine cowling. It was a giant see through area so I went looking for reference photos, not much out there but it looks like a boxed in area and the only detail I saw was some sort of wire mesh screen inside the "boxed in " area. So I boxed in the area and will look for some PE mesh I may have left over project from a previous project. jon
  7. I have a a bit of sanding then off to mask and paint for white over gray paint scheme. jon
  8. I have the sponsons all glued up. They need a bit of sanding, will leave wheels off until last.-jon
  9. I added the tail boom. In order to leave the tail rotor off I inserted a piece of scrap plastic in the left tail boom half to cover the tail rotor shaft so it couldn't fall out, then glued the right boom half to it. I am leaving the horizontal stabilizer and tail beacon off until I get it sanded.-jon
  10. The door is not moveable, I glued it shut.-jon
  11. I use Tamiya basic type, the gray stuff. I have the barn door and jet intakes installed.-jon
  12. Yeah it's sad it's in the deep six off the California coast I think? I have the putty sanded and the tape removed. It may need a bit more fine sanding along the front bottom edge.-jon
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