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  1. DECALS FOUND---PLEASE DELETE---Want to buy Two Bobs Vietnam aircraft decals in 72nd scale, sheet 72-034 with Shark Mouth Phantoms. jon
  2. Didn't ask for your help---don't like it ignore it....I sure will you!!!!!
  3. Is that first image a "Tom Cruise Missile" ? jon
  4. So U S sent these for Chinese to practice on? jon
  5. What is the plane this Chinese Ji 5 just shot down? It is on my 1/72 DML Ji 5 (Mig 17F) kit. Don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it. jon
  6. I have this and tons of pictures. I must not be getting through, thanks very much but I need DIMENSIONS off the Tamiya kit. These dimensions I can then use and transfer them to my Hasegawa kit. I have more Corsair pictures than you'll ever know but that's worthless to me. jon
  7. I know that, what I was asking was where are these stubs located, I have a Tamiya F4U-1A which didn't use rockets, but as you mentioned the F4U-1D did. I was simply looking for dimensions on the Tamiya kit so I can use those dimensions to locate them on to my Hasegawa F4U-4 kit. My Tamiya kit is assembled so I don't know where the holes are. The Hasegawa kit has no ordinance at all so I am utilizing the Tamiya parts instead of buying aftermarket. jon
  8. OK here's a curve ball. I am currently building a 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1A and have it pretty much assembled. I just noticed it has rocket stubs E-15, E-16, and E-17. Four are rectangular and four and trapezoidal, sorta. I can't see where they go as the wings are assembled and painted. Does anyone have this kit unassembled and can measure where the holes are on the bottom outer wing panels? Thanks jon
  9. I have the Hasegawa 1/48 F4U-4 and want to add HVAR rockets as per Korean War. The kit has holes in the wing bottom but they seem to be for an F4U-4B with the wing cannons. Is there a drawing on line that shows the stub locations, 4 rockets per wing, 8 stubs per wing. Thanks jon
  10. I am looking for Aeromaster decals for an F-86F hard wing. Any of these sets will work---48-447, 48-448, 48-264 or 48-278. Thanks jon
  11. Hello- looking for unstarted and complete 1/48 Hasegawa F4U-4B 1951 Korean War Corsair. Live in southeast U.S.A. jon
  12. Thanks, the 1/48 Modelsvit is the way to go. It seems to have the best detailing. Now I need to find color images of MASS ANG F-51Hs and see if there are any decals. I found this color one and a B&W with a spiraled nose. jon
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