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  1. In my 57 years of modelling I have NEVER heard of a RealSpace brand. You learn something new everyday. jon
  2. I like the Fujimi over the Hasegawa. Odd? Nope, they just build better for me. I don't like nor ever will that multi piece fuselage. Fujimi's biggest downfall was their inaccurate cockpits. Their F-4K and F-4M kits were diamonds in the rough! Really good pits too! I guess I am stuck in a time warp as I still prefer Fujimi only because Monogram never produced anything after they did their excellent 72nd C-D and J. Raised panel lines, could care less. Still like the Fine Molds idea though. jon
  3. OR I can just wait and pre order the "top of the line" Fine Molds "new and improved" F-4EJ in either standard EJ OR "brandy new and improved" EJ Kai !!! Coming soon to a dealer not near you....August? jon
  4. The only hard wing 1/72 Hasaegawa kit I remember was the 90ish 2nd generation F-4E which can still be had for about $15. The other newer U.S. one was slatted, if memory serves me right. That one goes for $30 to $40 maybe. Multi piece fuselage unlike the one piece 2nd generation. I believe the new Kais have a different wing tip arrangement, not sure what else changed. jon
  5. Isn't KIA a car? I thought the last version of F-4EJ was KAI ? jon
  6. Which Hasegawa 1/72 kit is useable for an early U.S. F-4E with L E flaps instead of slats? I know it's not the Kai. Also does it have the short gun barrel? Thanks. jon
  7. Possible he meant F-106 tank? jon
  8. Also have seen a Be Devilers with dual rails but only one Sidewinder on outside rail of wing pylon, had only center line tank and rear wells not visible so no idea of Sparrows. jon
  9. Thanks, I also saw an image just now of Pukin Dogs and Ghostriders side by side on carrier in '69. They had wing tanks only and what looked like dual Sidewinders, no center line and Sparrows not visible. jon
  10. Thanks, just saw a similar image but it wasn't clear for Sparrows. jon
  11. Hello---I am working on a 72nd F-4J and want to do a "believable" Mig CAP configuration. The time frame would be '69 to '72 on Yankee Station. Probably an Aardvark or Ghostriders jet. I'm sure it would not have had a gazillion cluster bombs or daisy cutters. Center line or wing tanks, maybe both? Missiles, 4 Sparrows, 4 Sidewinders? Thanks. jon
  12. Toss it and build another. Something more interesting OR the same one and don't mess it up this time. Say that to myself all the time.---John
  13. Looking for Instrument panel, side console panels for F-4J Phantom II. Fujimi, Monogram or Hasegawa will work, Thanks jon
  14. I don't think there is a huge market here. My own kids would rather sit on the couch , stare at the boob tube with a controller in their hands. The mentality of my generation has shifted. Times change people change fads come and go. We are changing, not sure if it is for better or worse but this world and it's ways aren't what I was accustomed to growing up in the 50s and 60s. Take it for what it's worth, guess it's time to move on. jon
  15. I myself bought the Fujimi 1/72 F-4J UK as it is a standard U.S. F-4J and am using Microscale decals for a VF-142 Mig Killer from 1972. Why Fujimi F-4J UK? I got it dirt cheap on evil bay.....complete kit with no decals for $7.00 !!! jon
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