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  1. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/86063-leading-edge-tape-on-vietnam-era-a-6as-color/
  2. Leading edges of A-6A Intruders wings and pylons? You mean radome tan like color color? It was Corogard
  3. Great! Any chance of it being on Kindle? I am finishing up my 1/72 Gulf War Spark Vark, good excuse to pick up an F. Will be reading this soon.
  4. It went to Korat under a program called "Rivet Rabbit", someone else said it was "Rivet Haste", it was with 555th TFS.
  5. Back from the wilds of New England. My 1/72 Fujimi F-4E Phantom II with slats and Tiseo will be here Wednesday. I am going to do it as a plane at Korat in the 1972-73 time frame as shown in the image below. From what I read the RRRRRBT on the tail was deleted but it still had no tail code, the tail fin was painted yellow and it retained the USAF with 10237 below it on the tail.
  6. Hopefully it is close to this one I visited a few years ago in Orlando, the colors seem to have faded a bit over the years.
  7. Thanks. I just did the Sac bomber green. I'll do the dark green when I'm back from vacation.
  8. Thanks, I'll start painting when I return from vacation in a couple of weeks.
  9. Moving right along, the tail and the ventral strakes added.
  10. This one will be next after this is finished, an older mold of a 1/72 Hasegawa F-14A. I have a sheet of DXM decals for VF-1 Wolfpack and will be doing an overall 16440 gray scheme from 1990. I built this kit a few years ago and it turned out rather nice for an older kit, I did it as Fast Eagle 102 from the Libyan Mig shoot down in 1981. It won't be for a while as I am off to the cooler climates of New England to enjoy a visit home with my sons and their kids and escape this horrid 100 degree Florida heat.
  11. The white is done, gray 16440 next then black around the canopy and steel and burnt iron for the exhaust area.
  12. Thanks Chris. I am just adding empty pylons under the wing and totally deleting the Hound Dogs, They are of no interest to me.
  13. I just received my Dragon 1/200 B-52H and need some information on a different scheme other than the kit's SIOP scheme. I don't like it and saw some B-52Hs in gunship gray, 36081 the darker version, and I would like to do that rather than SIOP. I have seen some pictures and from what I see the ones with the 7th BW in the time frame of roughly 1986 to 1990 look like the Dragon kits configuration. They didn't have the lumps on the rear side fuselage yet and they look as though they still had the tail gun like Dragon has. So is there anything else I am missing from the kit to do one from the 7th
  14. Wings and horizontal stabilizers are installed and working.
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