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  1. Don't I wish, thanks Dutch. I would give anything for my first car, 1969 Dodge Dart Custom. It had the turn indicators on the hood that faced the windshield, whenever I was going to fast the left one blinked at me telling me of bad fuel economy! Not sure if it had 55 mph tires that made noise when you went over 55 mph. Ahhhhhhhhh the good old days of 60 cent cigarette packs and getting gas on odd or even days, depending on your license plate number! jon
  2. Thanks, looks like a new accurate 1/32 Bf109K-4 is needed by Hasegawa. Never seen so many boo boos in a Hasegawa kit. jon
  3. The chassis, drive train, suspension and exhaust are done, on to the wheels. jon
  4. The front end suspension and steering are installed. jon
  5. Thanks Dutch, nice projects. I put the windows in but am not sure what to do with them. I really don't want to putty them so I am waiting for the decals to come in to see if by chance the decals are the same as Airfix's spacing. I don't mind putting window decals over them as there are just slightly below the outer skin of the plane so they won't look too sunk in. I Have the fuselage all sanded, I think I went a tad overboard with the nose weight. BUT one of my planes last year was a tail sitter cause I miss judged the right amount of weight, I'd rather they be heavy than too light. jon
  6. I have this kit with decals for the red nose tulip aircraft. I want to fix up a few inaccuracies. So far I have found that it needs a new spinner and prop blades, Barracuda looks like the route to go there. What else stands out as needing some help? Thanks. jon
  7. The engine, transmission and radiator are installed. jon
  8. The headers are painted and I removed the masks from the chassis. As soon as my order of paint comes in I will finish up the black areas on the chassis. jon
  9. Well I got the kit today and in my judgement it looks good. I will replace the string tow cable with a metal after market one and will also add PE grills and a metal gun barrel. jon
  10. The fuselage is closed up and I have a bit of putty on the offending gaps. jon
  11. Dig it out Dutch, I need "inspiration".😊 I have a start, the windows are in along with the doors, hatches and ramp. I put 24 grams in the forward fuselage as nose weight, some one said it needs none? The windows were horrid, not sure what Airfix-MPC uses for clear plastic but it did not take to Tamiya thin or Revell Contacta. Super glue to the rescue. It seemed like the clear plastic had "memory", kept wanting to curl up, my nice easy build almost turned miserable. jon
  12. Here's the Vintage Flyers Decals I ordered. jon
  13. I am going to do something simple and relaxing, a break from the 757 and L1011. The old Airfix mold for a DC-9. This one is an MPC boxing with Eastern Airlines decals which I will replace with after market Northeast Airlines "Yellowbird" decals for their DC9-31. jon
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