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  1. Kinda like soldering and welding. Soldering fills the pores....low adhesion...like white glue. Welding joins the 2 base metals, like styrene glue it makes a much more solid joint. At least that is what I noticed from my many years of glueing plastic. jon
  2. Thank you Rob for the enlightenment. I often wondered why USAF lettering was not always the same, a little "quirky" sometimes. Most interesting! jon
  3. If I had wanted to see a documentary I would watch PBS or WINGS. I went to be E N T E R T A I N E D! Not to be technically enlightened. It was a great popcorn n soda movie, that's all, I would see it again!!!!! jon
  4. Allies need some sneaky electronics devices on them spy planes that cut off harassers electrical power. I said sneaky so no one knows you turned their power off!!! jon
  5. But if you did that to them? Makes you wonder if push will come to shove. Oh well. jon
  6. Bullies....Think they know Vlad! Humans ain't humane to ANY animal! jon
  7. I am thinking it would be a lo vis scheme, maybe VFA-14 or VAF-151. I couldn't see any markings specific to the squadron on the planes in the movie. Just curious as I remember in the original Top Gun he used markings for a non combat unit of E2 Hawkeyes, VAW 110? jon I just looked in a magazine and in a picture from the movie BOB, a RIO, has VFA-51, Screaming Eagles, helmet bag, and Fan Boy has a VFA-143 helmet, Pukin Dogs. So there are 4 squadrons mentioned, VF-151, VFA-14, VFA-143, VFA-51. At least they all flew or did fly the Hornet.
  8. I saw it yesterday with the wife. Most excellent movie, yeah there are lots of technical mistakes but it was enjoyable and the flying scenes were far better than the original. I like Tom Cruise as an actor, he has a handle on his part. I may disagree with his real life person but as an actor he is top notch! I am almost interested enough to do Revell's 1/48 F/A-18E, do they make decals for the plane he used in the suposedly Iranian raid? Not really interested in the "Top Gun" decals. jon
  9. USPS has some strange routing for their shipping. I reside near Clearwater FL and made an e bay purchase in NJ last year. The item went to Maine then back to NYC then to Jacksonville Fl then to California. It should have been 3 or 4 days from NJ to FL but ended up about 2 weeks. It was NOT the sender it was supposedly USPS got rid of their sorting machines in the last administrations "fix" of the screwed up postal system??? At least that's what I was told. Go figure. jon
  10. Thanks Gwen, I just ordered Micro Mark chisels....but don't think they will remove all i need to and sand smooth. jon
  11. I have a Dremel tool but haven't used it much. I tried sanding plastic a few years ago and it seemed to want to melt more than sand. I need to remove some molded parts and replace them with PE. It is a tight spot....maybe 1/2 in square. What Dremel tool bit and at what speed would do the job? Thanks. jon
  12. NO LONGER---Looking for Trumpeter 1/72 Mig-29C, 9.13, kit 01675, not started, complete with kit decals. Pay Pal or M/O.---FOUND!!! John
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