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  1. Original before restoration.- jon
  2. I am going to do a NE 727-200. I built an AA 727-100 by Revell and loved the kit. I will use the Minicraft 727-200.- jon
  3. I just measured my kit. It is just about 12 inches from nose to tail. In 1/139 scale that's about 139 feet. The 707-120B is 145 feet 1 inch. The 720-023B is 136 feet 9 inches. So I guess my kit represents a 720-023B more closely than a 707-120B? It definitely is a tall tail, no questions asked and does have the ventral fin. I could be wrong if the stabs protrude further back than the tip of the fuselage than it may be longer.....hmmmmm - jon
  4. Any chance of finding the Otaki C-5A molds in Tokyo Bay?- jon
  5. Dutch thanks for the info. I found a Revell Astrojet 1964 boxing kit sealed! I have model in hand and am more confused. It looks like a 720-023B, I think. It seems to have the tall tail, ventral fin, JT3D engines and an early 707 wing. I thought the 720 had a kink in the leading edge and a wing glove. Also it has 3 extra windows after the rear door on the fuselage. I don't see this on 707s. The decals have registration number N7538A which is a 720-023B. See images below and thanks again. BTW Vintage Flyer only does 1/139 decals for the short tail original 707.- jon
  6. Thanks Dutch. I went to Scalemates but I really prefer someone with hands on experience. There is just so much that site tells you. Now to get Vintage Flyers 1/139 short tail AA lightning bolt decals.- jon
  7. Just went through this. Donate to the Goodwill or Salvation Army. Whats left goes to the landfill or incinerator. Destroy all documents to prevent identity theft. I shredded and or burnt.HTH- jon
  8. One note. I just saw some sprues for that 707/307 and it has no kinks in the wing trailing edge. Is this the original 707 Strato jet? My older brother built a Revell 707 with AA orange lightning bolt decals in the early 1960s. Is this a repop with different engines?- jon
  9. OK so the Revell Luftwaffe boxing is a 707-120 with JT3C engines or is it a later one with JT3Ds? Will it pass for a 707-123 American Airlines livery? Or are the engines incorrect? Thanks- jon
  10. No they are NOT. NOT at all same. Not all 300 series had same wing even....go here... https://www.airlinercafe.com/page.php?id=72
  11. Thanks Ray, I am not sure if Revell's boxing is correct but I found it as a 707-320C. Don't know what's needed to make it one. I do know it had the 2 kinks in the trailing edge of the wing and the large cargo bay door or at least that's what a 707-323C had.- jon
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