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  1. They still have S&H green stamps????? jon
  2. Brewster Buffalo, only need one. Ask any WWII Finnish ace. jon
  3. Cracking job! Those exhausts are fab!!! jon
  4. Is that a presidential meal? Looks like something G H W Bush would NOT eat! jon
  5. Thanks, built 2 Dambusters, but I am looking for the Grand Slam conversion of the Lancaster. The nose and bomb bay area are totally different than the Dambusters air frame. jon
  6. I am looking to buy a complete unstarted Airfix 1/72 Grand Slam Lancaster. jon
  7. GROOVY! No wifi under my rock. jon
  8. Just curious, is a Luddite also a term for a troglodyte? Like the old group in the 60's The Troggs? jon
  9. I had a FB account. I saw all the hacking going on so I dumped it. My wife kept hers to keep in touch with friends and the kids. She was just hacked. All the current modelling sites are slow, I have seen some posts still the same for months. Not sure why as I only frequent a few sites and they are very slow. I am almost thinking modelers are going the way of the dinosaurs anyways. Good to see I am not the only FB holdout. jon
  10. My old great granny the schoolmarm would be turning in her grave, I meant the smell was obnoxious. jon
  11. I had cancer from smoking for 20 years , quit in the '90s, that smell makes me noxious. I throw away everything but the kit plastic and wash it then build it. Do NOT keep the box, decals or instructions unless you absolutely need them. Tried the dryer sheet thing..... nothing really works but tossing all the paper and cardboard stuff. jon
  12. Wow! Thats one nice beast! Obviously box scale from the 60s? Right up my alley. John
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