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  1. As stated before I thinned the red Testors enamel paint with Testors enamel paint thinner. I've said that enough times. I have 3 new bottles of Testors paint, from here on out I will thin these as needed in these nifty plastic paint mixing pallet-cups. The paints are now the consistency of 2% skimmed milk. I will from this day forward pour a small amount I need for my detail painting and if it gets too thick I will thin this Testors enamel paint with Testors enamel paint thinner in the mixing pallet-cups NOT the bottle. If you don't hear from me in a month all is
  2. OK so the paint had problems before I tried to fix the problem? So my main concern is why the Hell does Testors sell enamel thinner which can't be used with enamel paint. So what the Hell am I suppose to do to thin paint? I am no chemist and all of this is just making me more confused!!!! Everything I learned years ago has to be thrown out? Or do I need to send my paint to a lab to have it analyzed in order to know how to thin it? Or is this Testors' problem caused by lack of QC? jon
  3. Thanks, I am tempted to buy another bottle of Testors red enamel and IF it is thick and unbrushable I will try as Joe suggested and try my Mr Color 110 lacquer thinner. I like enamel paint and have been using Testors for over 50 years. I really don't remember this many problems way back so I am wondering if it is a new eco friendly formula that is easily tossed out of balance by thinning. If that doesn't work I will consider getting some 2 inch brushes and a putty knife at Home Depot and give up on plastic models and try painting "happy little clouds". jon
  4. Thanks for the answers and just to be clear again I DON'T thin paint for airbrushing and pour it back in the bottle! I will state it one more time, I GOOFED, common sense told me to thin Testors enamel paint with Testors enamel paint thinner. So much for common sense. jon
  5. Now you say I can thin the bottle with lacquer thinner? This won't turn it into a toxic rubbery mess? This is what I have for lacquer thinner, is this acceptable to use in a thick bottle of Testors paint? jon
  6. Ok, I thinned the paint in the bottle with what made sense to me. Testors thinner for Testors paint. I know know that's wrong. So if I want to thin paint I should have taken some of the thick sludge Testors sold me and mix a small amount with their thinner in a pallet or paint cup to use brushing. I DON'T airbrush, I use small bottles to do cockpits and detail painting. So I could use Testors thinner in a cup or pallet to thin the amount need? jon
  7. I did NOT pour thinned paint back in. I THINNED pea soup thick paint with TESTORS enamel thinner. I will never do that again. jon
  8. Yup, that's it! So once it thickens you can't thin it! So much for Testors. I really don't remember this happening years ago. Oh well. jon
  9. I use Imgur but ARC is "different" than other sites. I had to use Direct Link to post instead of BBCode. I have no idea why. jon
  10. I just bought this about a month ago. A small square bottle of Testors enamel gloss red paint. I used it a week or so ago and it was fine. I went to mix it up and the brush handle came out covered with thinner and little bits of pigment. It looks like the paint in the bottle is coagulating and morphing into little chunks of rubber stuff. Are there any chemists in the house that can explain this? I tossed a bottle last year that completely turned into a glob of rubbery like substance. Looks like it's time to switch brands after a mere 50 years. jon
  11. The tan is done, medium green next. jon
  12. I just picked up an ESCI 1/72 F-100D to go with my F-100F Misty FAC. I have 2 finned napalm and 2 Mk 82 snake eyes for the F-100D. Which pylons get which? The ESCI kit gives you the 335 gallon drop tanks. jon
  13. I read it and also read the original Misty book. jon
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