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  1. Probably a "supermarket rag" but not like the old Weekly World News! Where else could you read of a 90 year old grandmother pregnant by aliens or a French astronmer discovering a steam locomotive orbiting the Earth? These just don't make it in the "main stream" media today! LOL jon
  2. Turboprop? Maybe they mistook the radials for turboprops? Germans did have a jet with a tank cannon, Me-262 but don't recall any U. S. jets making it in time for WWII. jon
  3. Found a new Revell at a decent holiday sale. Thanks for the offers....done deal!---John
  4. My store has 1/72 Lindberg, which I have no interest in and a 1/48 Revell which is not my scale. 😞 😞 😞 ---John
  5. Looking for an old Revell 1/72 scale kit at a decent price, I know I won't get if for the few dollars I originally bought it for in 1970 but some of the E Bay prices are ridiculous. Any model,E, F or G decals not a must.---John
  6. Nice and effective camo pictures. What was the SAM ratio as far as SEA camo to basic grey airframes? Just curious.- jon
  7. Thanks, I bought the 1/72 Hasegawa kit without them, dirt cheap, and will do either an Eagles or Kestrels bird from early 2000s.- jon
  8. Now that I have a 707-123B I am looking at a short haul 720B. I heard Roden's 1/144 Pan Am is a decent kit with turbofan engines. Does it have any major glitches that need attention?- jon
  9. I am trying to warm up to them myself. I built a lot of Legacy Hornets but these just don't have that "charm". They definitely are NOT a Tomcat. Maybe next year after Top Gun II things will change.- jon
  10. I just read an article stating all new jets in 2005 had the stacks for AESA radar and the first 135 without were starting to be so equipped in 2008. It's hard to find any Hasegawa 1/72 ones, they seem scarce or maybe no one has any interest in Super Hornets. I was trying to find ROGs "new" mold they made in 2009, not the Italeri repop, but that seems rarer than hen's teeth. I emailed ROG and they said you can't get parts or that kit because they "culled" it. Oh well.- jon
  11. Thanks, it's hard to model a specific plane as there aren't a lot of images showing this area in on line images. I was looking for a rough date as to when this upgrade was started.- jon
  12. Hello- i was looking at an F/A-18E model kit and it did not have the 10 heat exchangers on the rear fuselage. I don't know much about Super Hornets so when were these added? I have heard there are different "block" airframes? The newest coming up will be block 3? Thanks for any information.- jon
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