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  1. Go here www.modelwarships.com then in forums to calling all ship fans then destroyers then Fubuki class
  2. Go to Model Warships.com and then forums. Go to "Calling All Ship Fans" and trhen destroyers, then Fubuki class destroyers
  3. I was looking at purchasing an Academy plane and saw they had what I wanted. I dealt exclusively with them in the 90s and then they seemed to peter out. Is this a reicarnation of the old mail order place in TX? Are they back to being reliable like I remember in the 90s? Thanks
  4. Also used for armor interiors
  5. I think this the real seafoam green, that other color looks like an interior green of some sort.
  6. Kirk's Hobby and Variety in western MA...my older brother got me into that as he did stick and tissue line control planes with Cox .049 engines. I strictly did plastic, it was an old brick building with creaky wood floors, lots of comics and model train and model airplane magazines, penny candy and soda. Good old Mr Kirk was very helpful in supplying my brother what he needed to fly his creations. He eventually graduated to RC then years later soloed at ROTC in College. It was your typical early to mid 60s Aurora, Revell, Monogram, AMT and Guillows type of place. Where else could you get Pactr
  7. Tamiya spray, AS-13 USAF Green, on my 1/32 Hasegawa Bf109K-4 prop blades.
  8. I have the chassis painted orange and the decal on the engine air cleaner. it took about 6 or 7 applications of Solvaset over a few days to get the decal to conform, it still has one tiny wrinkle but looks acceptable to me.
  9. jonwinn

    P-51K vs. P-51D

    Different Canopies
  10. Here is where I am so far, the engine just needs the air cleaner decal, the exhaust is painted as is the gas tank on the chassis.
  11. I am going to work on this until the parts for the '55 Chevy arrive. It will be a streeet machine with a Magnum 440, turquoise colored engine block, bright orange body and black interior. I am adding the lift kit to the rear along with wide tires on the rear.
  12. On the new body I am leaving the molded on molding but I am going to try a lift kit on the rear end, I hope.
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