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  1. Been 2 weeks and nada, zilch, not a peep out of them. Used the above e mail. What now? jon
  2. Looking for the Hasegawa decal sheet with tail number V-190 an A6M3 model 32 Zero. Thanks. jon OR if someone did the Hasegawa 1/48 A6M3 model32 and has the red Q-102 they did not use?
  3. Welcome, please post your progress when you start. I am still interested in trying this myself someday. Nothing like shiny dark green and black plastic! jon
  4. I live in St Pete-Clearwater area. This week will be 90s and sunny with maybe a 10-15 mph wind when Dorian heads up Florida east coast. I survived Irma, went right past my son's concrete place I evacuated to, nuff said. jon
  5. Yup I know where you are coming from. I was a fabricator for 40 plus years and dealt with all kinds of prints and CADD images. Nothing really looked like the real deal in the flesh. Here is forward angle of the leg. jon
  6. This might help. From my Bf-109E-4 instructions. jon
  7. I built it in 1968 or so. I was looking at redoing it once. I know the gear legs themselves are too almost straight up and down. Also you need to bend the axle, Monogram has it almost parallel with the legs center line. Google a 3 view and you'll see the odd angle. I was going to get the leg at the right angle to my eye then glue it where it pivots in the wheel well. Then bend the axle down a bit. If you can find a 1/48 scale 3 view you can measure the distances from the bottom center line of the wheel to wheel and that will give you the correct landing gear angle, as long as Monogram did the top positions right. Just remember that the axle is NOT 90 degrees to the gear legs center line up and down. jon
  8. Thanks, I sent them an e mail. We'll see what happens. Both David Aiken and Jim Lansdale have passed on? WOW, sad to hear. jon
  9. I go to multiple sites. I sometimes post things twice. I don't mind posting it on different sites. I am not lazy, not saying anyone is, but I like the idea above by 11bee of "clicky" "copy". But then again I am not overly computer literate. Guess I'll just continue to post on each site. jon
  10. David Aiken died in 2018. He use to send me e mails all the time on things going on with the site and research on Japanese WWII aircraft and units. I believe Jim Lansdale is the site owner and "team leader" now. Not really sure what the deal is. Wish someone would step up and straighten it out, it was a very good site at one time and I hope this all gets straightened out. If the problem is spammers and I am a spammer , which I am not, then why would I belong to all these modeling sites? There seems to be more to it than meets the eye. jon
  11. It's 6 years later and I have the same problem with no one to answer my questions. My posts are still there but I am called guest. I saw that spam was the problem and you had to re register. I did that and waited days for my account to be accepted. I kept getting moderator has to accept your account aplipcation. Today I get that account does not exist! I emailed them and no response. I have Malware and McAffee and belong to many model sites. I am totally in the dark especially since I belonged to that site for years! And why can't anyone at least e mail me? I have never been so baffled and peeved in my life. jon
  12. It is the simplified scheme, the radome isn't actually a color. The only 2 real colors are the bottom and the top, 36270 and 36118. I believe it's called the simplified Hill scheme, but don't quote me on that. jon
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