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  1. Exactly my point, why pay $40.00 for a decal sheet with no stencils? Maybe I can find some stencils the right color on one of my left over UH60 builds decal sheets. It ain't easy being me! LOL
  2. Thanks not ALL stencils are black on the retro scheme, a LOT are red on the retro scheme. Some yellow have to be black on the retro scheme obviously. I am searching for the ones that are yellow on the kit to see if I can find them cheaper on the after market decals. So far the only after market ones look cheap and useless for $42.00. Thats a bit steep for me for only needing a couple stencils!
  3. Thanks TT. There are a couple different ones for the Centennial version, badges to celebrate that occasion but the standard military markings and maintenance markings look the same on both versions. I am going to search E bay and see if they have a cheap set for the Yellow retro version with the Centennial badges.
  4. I have more parts on. I want to do it as a retro yellow painted Centennial one and thought I needed decals. I checked pictures and the markings on the standard orange and white painted ones are the same as the retro yellow ones except the retro ones do not use the orange with blue trimmed diagonal stripe on the rear fuselage, that area on the retro yellow one is all yellow with no stripes at all. So I can use the kit decals for my retro version.
  5. Are there any decals made for the current MH60T Coast Guard helos in 1/72. Thanks
  6. The dark earth is done, now to finish masking for the green.
  7. I added the suspension to the chassis, have the interior, glass added into the body and painted the top white. I also de chromed the head light bezels, tail light bezels and bumpers. I might do the bumpers white and the light bezels black like the grill and body trim.
  8. Gen, Tlavok from "red square" I assume?Still waiting for that replacement canopy myself.
  9. I have the cockpit windscreen on and puttied up along with the cargo door that had porosity, I've also added the horizontal stabilizers. I can now move on to the engines and go with finer grit to polish up any scratches from the wet sanding on the fuselage and wings.
  10. I have the interior assembled and painted, the body painted and the headers assembled and did a test fit, I need to do some filling on the headers and paint the trim on the body.
  11. Thanks Ray, I am using my tried and true method, slow but steady wins the race! It's putty,sand, repeat, putty sand repeat etc. No magic here, just keep slogging away.
  12. jonwinn

    57 Chevy

    NICE!!!! I tried Bare Metal Foil once and it looked like a foil wrapped ham sandwich, ruined my '68 Charger so I no longer attempt to use it. You had good luck, I just don't have the knack or patience so I will mask and paint wherever trim is required. That does look nice!!!!
  13. Two main gear doors on fuselage bottom filled and sanded, wings are on.
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