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  1. I am currently working on an F-8H from USS Shangri La's 1970 cruise. It looks like they carried 1 Aim 9 per side and did not use the Y pylon for 2 missiles per fuselage rack. Would this be correct for the Vietnam conflict? jon
  2. Looking for the ancient 1966 Revell YF-12A with all pieces intact. Prefder unstarted. In south east U.S.A.---John
  3. A "thing of beauty"! Love that color scheme. jon
  4. Finally got these 2 recently finished models in a case together. Trumpeter's 1/350 scale USS Buckley DE-51 and Revell's 1/350 U-96. jon
  5. jonwinn

    1/72 F-86H

    Nice! Looks like an F-86H!--jon
  6. jonwinn

    1/72 F-86H

    Thanks. I have seen a build at BM and it looks not too awful bad. I like the H model and have done some short run stuff but it was long ago. I'll give it a go maybe if I get the courage up. jon
  7. jonwinn

    1/72 F-86H

    Hello---Did anyone ever build one of these by Special Hobby? Any serious flaws? I was looking at one and remember somewhere there was some kind of fit issues? Thanks for any info. jon
  8. Never knew about your base camp, we only knew about the moon rocket here in the U.S. I was 16 and in H.S. Would sign up for the Draft in 2 years, got a call from my older brother stationed at Forbes reminding me to sign up.---John
  9. I am looking for MASS ANG decals for the Special Hobby F-86H kit. Will gladly pay for them and shipping if need be. Am located in southeast U.S.A.---John
  10. That's where I got mine.---John
  11. I already went there a few days ago. I was directed at another site to Jays and got the triple conversion for F-100F/ TA-7C/ RF-8G in 1/72. Was a good deal. I believe now I need to get hold of the 1/72 Hasegawa F-8E for the conversion.---John
  12. Who handles Falcon vac conversions? Do you deal with them direct or do certain hobby shops carry their products?---John
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