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4 minutes ago, Tank said:

Don't know about a minigun but 7.62 (240 or 60 depending era) would be ok. Two up front on each side and a tail gun.

awesome! thanks Tank! I ave 2 spare M240 I might use it instead :)


I find it bare that the chinook is a big fool chopper without any gun 😄


great thanks! 

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As posted above, US Army CH-47Ds usually have two 7.62mm MGs (M240Ds on current models) up front.  US Army MH-47E/G have miniguns in the same location.


One 7.62mm MG in the starboard door, and the other out the port window directly across from the door.


Starboard side




Port side (M60D as this is an older pic)


Related image


Both sides



The ramp gun may or may not be installed, depending on what the ship is carrying.  If it is just troops, it will usually be carried.  If it is cargo, usually not since the mount gets in the way of offloading the cargo.

image.jpeg.e8d24dc56e5a1148c704bfa8df1943d0.jpegA U.S. Army Task Force Brawler flight engineer mans the ramp gun of a CH-47F Chinook to provide overwatch while conducting a personnel recovery exercise with a Guardian Angel team assigned to the 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, March 6, 2018.


Live-resin makes mounts for them.




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I do not know about US Army Chinooks, but in the RAF we could fit mini guns to the front right and left windows and have the M240D on the ramp. If you can find some pictures of RAF Chinooks being used in the Gulf War 1991 by the Special Forces flight they may show them. The had tubes mounted by the guns to catch the spent cartridges. This combination has been used in many Operations post the Gulf one, or some sort of variation of it.


Have a look here.



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