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Needs some Diorama help please....

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I just finished my 1/32 F-16 Green Splinter aggressor and I want to display it on a base that looks like a typical Air Base tarmac, I've search the web and have not been able to find a DYI solution, so I'm looking for some Help Please....


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I use sheet plastic (big thick plastic for sale signs) or get a large sheet from a plastic supplier. Foam core board works too if the airplane isn't real heavy. Draw the squares off with a pencil to get it to look like you want it. Clamp a ruler and pull an x-acto blade along the lines so it has some depth. Spray it with a gray concrete color...let that dry and then use black to paint in the tar expansion joints. You can paint a yellow taxi line and oil spots under where the engine would sit above it. Look at some aircraft diorama pictures and you'll get an idea what your looking for. Hopes this helps you for building a base.



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tile grout or papier mache will give a very good concrete tarmac effect in scale due to their porous nature also once dry enough can be worked and painted on easily and can be made to crack if you want to add further realism. takes a bit experimenting tho but it's fun yet can be messy - make sure the area/room you work can be cleaned up afterwards. one downside might be the weight, especially at 32nd scale the surface area is going to be big even with an f-16 so as @aircommando130 suggests, prefer an inherently light yet sturdy material for the base like foam board or insulation foam (sold dirt cheap in big huge slabs), make sure it's properly secured so it doesn't bend or give if you happen to apply some wet mixture atop of the base!


as for youtube, i do not recall something specific for aircraft but for info on materials and techniques in general geared towards scenes, luke towan's channel is a must watch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjRkUtHQ774mTg1vrQ6uA5A


have fun.

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