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  1. aircommando130

    1/32 Apollo CSM

    WOW! That is super cool! I watched Apollo 11 launch...I was 12 years old! Cheers...Ron
  2. Jack King...the "voice of Apollo" approves this build!! Cheers...Ron
  3. aircommando130

    White Rocket

    T-38 has some really great lines. Has carried some really nice paint schemes over the years too! Cheers...Ron
  4. aircommando130

    Eagle painting

    Very proud bird! Love to see them fly! Also the center of the Apollo 11 mission patch! Cheers...Ron
  5. aircommando130

    1:48 Phantom FGR2 XV408 92Sqn

    Don't know how I missed this one! Great looking Phantom! Cheers...Ron
  6. aircommando130

    1/32 SBD Dauntless

    Beautiful...captures the early days of the Pacific war! Not much on corrosion control...load er up and go find the Japanese Fleet! Great job!!! Cheers...Ron
  7. aircommando130

    RAAF Orions, AP-3C & TAP-3B

    Another great Lockheed product! Nice looking models! Heard from a buddy of mine that the P-3 line has shut down at Marietta...... Cheers...Ron
  8. aircommando130

    Heritagecon 2019 -- some photos

    Some super nice space models! Can't get enough of the early space program...Mercury...Gemini and Apollo. The moon walker is super cool as well. And yes...the Phantom II...absolutely got to love that kerosene burner!! Cheers...Ron
  9. aircommando130

    Apollo 11 documentary movie

    Thank you! Will mark my calendar to look for it!! Cheers...Ron
  10. aircommando130

    Apollo 11 documentary movie

    Nate...so glad your boys enjoyed the movie! That's what we need...the young ones to enjoy the engineering marvel of spaceflight. An incentive to excel in school and go make a difference. I liked the start as well...Walter Cronkite talking on launch day and then the crawler taking the Saturn to PAD 39A. I liked the high altitude cameras watching it pas through "maximum dynamic pressure". Definitely have to buy it when it comes out on DVD.
  11. aircommando130

    Apollo 11 documentary movie

    I finally got to go see the Apollo 11 movie! Awesome!!! Some very good film from NASA and they put the whole mission together very well. The white shirts and skinny black ties and pocket protectors made me laugh! I recognized several people...George Low, Bob Gilruth, "DEKE", Gene Kranz and several Apollo and future Shuttle astronauts. The comm links were good with some humor. If you've read anything about Apollo then even the acronyms and phrases they use between Houston and Columbia/Eagle you know what's going on. I lived in Houston from 64-69 and saw Apollo 9, 10 and 11 launch. My dad worked the engines on the LM so it was a real thrill for me to go back to 1969 and watch the mission to the moon again. Cheers...Ron
  12. aircommando130

    Apollo 11 documentary movie

    Anybody seen this yet? The trailer is awesome! Original NASA film from the mission and it's playing at the theater. I'm going to play hooky from work to go. My dad worked on LM-5...The acent and decent engines. Cheers...Ron
  13. "Push it up" a little more and go supersonic! WOW...That's cool! Cheers...Ron
  14. Gotta Love A Phantom!!! Great job! Cheers...Ron
  15. WOW! Awesome! The Texas Air Guard flying out of Ellington is my favorite Guard fighter squadron! Now you need an F-4C from the same squadron to go with it! Cheers...Ron