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  1. Gorgeous! I love Israeli AF jets...especially the old F-4E. Cheers...Ron
  2. "BAT 21" approves! Awesome job! Cheers....Ron
  3. Awesome! 106 from McChord AFB! Would love a 32nd scale 106...."just sayin" LOL! Cheers...Ron
  4. I have a 1/48th sheet with the Entebbe Raiders
  5. After seeing the Edwards flight test 104's with day-glow orange on them and now in SEA cammo and the refueling probe on it really looks different! I do see a C-123 Provider in the background too! Cheers...Ron
  6. Israeli Air Force had a cool desert scheme...the Entebbe raiders! The Hercules finest hour! The RAF desert scheme with the black bottom and white cap over the flight deck was cool as well! Cheers...Ron...C-130E/MC-130P/MC-130H loadmaster
  7. Nice 707 collection! I have a 72nd E-3 to build as an A model...really want to build it refueling from a 72nd KC-135A. Would be a big display but cool to look at! Great job on that E-8 JSTARS. Cheers....Ron
  8. Would love some NASA F-18 decals in 32nd scale tooooooo! Cheers...Ron
  9. I was a C-5A loadmaster in the 22nd Military Airlift Squadron from 1975-1980. I've got time in that tail and in that paint scheme...my favorite of the "Big Jet" schemes! Great job! Oh...and nothing like the howl of those old TF-39 engines either! Cheers...Ron
  10. Phantastic Phantom! A little clean for a Marine bird...but I like it! Cheers....Ron
  11. If you're building a HC from way back...Gray with the yellow bands around the fuselage and wing tips they didn't have any defensive systems yet. No chaff/flare or RWR for radar threats.
  12. That was the old HC/MC at Kirtland! I have a lot of hours training loadmaster students on that fuselage trainer. Cheers...Ron
  13. Yes...same position left and right and the seats were adjustable. Face forward for takeoff and land and could turn and face the window or rotate to look aft if you wanted too. Both seats were mounted on a pedestal with rails to move forward and aft.
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