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  1. Gorgeous Weasel...the wraparound scheme is one of my favorites too! Cheers...Ron
  2. I have the 32nd sheet and now the 1/48th! Very cool can't wait for it to arrive! Cheers...Ron
  3. Cool...a Clark Weasel! Loved flying into Clark and seeing the shark nosed F-4E/G's on the ramp. Your's is looking really good! Cheers...Ron
  4. 73-111 had a regular speedbrake with a stiffener on it. A model wheels were the black ones and if I remember ACES II seats after block 11?? Might have been later blocks but those air superiority blue Eagles were cool looking! Cheers...Ron
  5. That station looks to be aft of the right wheel well. I can see the seat bar for the wheel well in the picture. That guys got some big eyebrows too! LOL! Cheers...Ron
  6. Michigan had some of the best painted F-4's in the years the guard flew the F-4. Great job on yours! Cheers....Ron
  7. I was at Travis from 1975-80 and everything was that color! Being in the bay area we got to calling it San Quentin green cause I guess the dept of corrections used the same color. LOL! Cheers...Ron
  8. Awesome SLUF...will be gorgeous when finished. Cheers...Ron
  9. That 105 Wild Weasel is awesome! Cheers...Ron
  10. The Benson tanks used in the C-130 came out of old KC-97's. They bolted into the cargo floor. The green and blue arrows point to the fuel lines that go up into the plumbing to the wings for fuel. They could fill the benson tank from the single point refueling panel in the right aft wheel well. they could burn the fuel out of those tanks and then go to wing fuel or externals. The red hard line was part of the fuel system as well. Those cutouts in the cradle were so you could get up under there if you had a gear problem and had to inspect/chain the gear. And you
  11. As much as I love the Phantom II, the Eagle has earned it's place among fighters too. I really, really liked the Eagle in the compass gray paint and high vis national insignia. The 33rd TFW distributed a lot of MIG parts during Desert Storm. Great job on the Desert Storm MIG killer! Cheers...Ron
  12. That's funny with that E model and "HO" on the tail. Cheers...Ron
  13. aircommando130


    The SKE dome was black on the SEA painted C-130E/H and was on top the airplane almost in line with the crew door/ just aft of the forward overhead escape hatch. It was painted gray when the Herk went to gray paint. It allowed the airplane to see itself and 3 other aircraft in the formation. So in big formations it would show the airplanes around you and help you keep your position. Most we flew was 3 ship in the MC-130...no SKE...all visual looking out the front and both paratroop doors. Cheers...RON
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