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  1. The KC-130J pod is external the same as the old Sargent Fletcher tank we had on the MC-130P. It has some different internal workings but external it looks the same. Cheers...Ron
  2. Jack King...the voice of Apollo Launch Control approves! Cheers...Ron
  3. What he said! Absolutely awesome!! Cheers....Ron
  4. There was a flight engineer I flew with in C-5's that was the crew chief on the Lisa Ann. He held the crew door shut from the outside so they could lock it on their flight to the "Twilight Zone". Cheers...Ron
  5. Thanks for the info! I will try an "unfold" it! Cheers...Ron
  6. I 2nd that! Looks really good. I remember when Dyess was the 463rd TAW and their H models were still painted in SEA paint. Cheers...Ron C-130E/MC-130P/MC-130H loadmaster retired
  7. I walked through the AN-225 at the Abbotsford airshow in 1989. We had flown up from Altus in a brand new C-5B. Sad it has been needlessly destroyed. Cheers...Ron
  8. I have a question about the Reskit H-53 48th scale rotor head. I bought it to go on a MH-53J I want to eventually build. It's got folded rotor blades but I want it unfolded...can it be built that way? This is a great thread for a fantastic helicopter. Cheers...Ron
  9. Got my copy in the mail yesterday. It's an awesome book from what I see just flipping through it so far. Cheers...Ron
  10. Good looking Aardvark! Looks good sitting next to that Wild Weasel F-4G too! Cheers...Ron
  11. I agree...love those old Monogram kits! Built one way, way back. Bought another to build then the Great Wall P-61 came out. You did a great job on yours and you seem to have got the glass to fit ok as well. And yes...those old Shep Paine diorama sheets were so cool! I still have several of them from Monograms big bomber kits. Cheers...Ron
  12. Great looking orbiter! I had read a build where the builder used cloth medical tape for the blankets. They looked pretty good. I have a 72nd orbiter stack with the ET and SRB's and some shapeways upgrade parts. Put it with my 72nd Saturn V and 1B. I'll be watching your progress! Cheers...Ron
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