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  1. Make it a Combat Talon with the back end open doing a HSLLADS drop! Those were awesome! Cheers...Ron
  2. Awesome F-80! Metal finish looks really good and the PSP base looks real too! Great job! Cheers...Ron
  3. Beautiful Skyhawk! Loved watching them fly! Great job! Cheers...Ron
  4. Most of the carpetbagger aircraft were just black with the tail number. There was a "D" model named "PLAYMATE" that was on the nose and I think "Screaming Mimi" was the nose art on that B-24 when it was still green over gray.
  5. Thank you...but I have that book too! Being a special Ops guy it's almost required reading. Cheers...Ron
  6. Awesome F-4E...My Phavorite version of the USAF Phantom! Well worn 388th TFW/Korat AB bird. Back seat USAF crewmember was a WSO...not a GIB! Other than that...excellent job! Cheers...Ron
  7. Another great book about the Air Apaches is "Air Apaches"...by Jay Stout. He also wrote the great book about the 303rd Bomb Group in England. Pick up a 32nd scale B-25J gun nose strafer...it has Air Apache decals in the box. Great kit too!
  8. Amazon has the book..."Carpetbaggers" by Ben Parnell. Tells the story and the modifications to the aircraft. Cheers...Ron
  9. They were the "carpetbaggers"! They flew at night to deliver "Joes" and equipment behind enemy lines in Europe. The O2 system was removed...waist guns removed...ball turret removed and the hole lines with sheet metal to drop agents. It had a plywood hinged door to cover it . Static line mounts on the right side to deploy their parachutes. All guns removed except for top turret and tail turret. The nose was blacked out inside and a curtain between the NAV/PILOT to keep the glare down. They flew out of Harrington in England. They were the first Special Ops guys...flew single ship...low to the ground by moon light . I flew single ship...no moon on NVG 200ft at 240 knots in a MC-130.
  10. I just received the "D" model kit last week. Going to build it as a "Carpetbagger" black B-24. I think I will make a base and instead of loading it with weight I drill a hole in the nose wheel and put a machine screw nut in it and then put the machine screw up from the bottom to hold it down. Probably bolt the mains too. I bought the Brass'in resin wheel set. Cheers...Ron
  11. Awesome NASA 38! Now you should build an AF F-106B that the original 7 flew that in that picture of all of them together to go with it! On a side note...wish somebody would do decals for the NASA F-18B that flew at Edwards in 1/32nd scale! Again..."great job" on that NASA T-38! Cheers...Ron
  12. I remember seeing the old "D" models parked all over Anderson...and the old "steam jet" A model 135's I was crewing the A model C-5 at the time from Travis AFB.
  13. Make sure to take the twists out of the side nets before you hook them to the rings of the 463L pallet! I hated it when Aerial Port would bring pallets to my airplane on K-Loader and I'd have to fix things like that before it jammed the rail system! Cheers...Ron
  14. Just finished "The Quiet Warrior" about Admiral Ray Spruance...Started last night "Indianapolis" by Lynn Vincent about the sinking of that ship. I have read that other popular book about the Indy and the shark attacks and court marshal of the Capt. See what this one has. Cheers everybody...and stay safe! Ron
  15. That's awesome! That national insignia over the vortex generators on the wing and around the refueling probe came out great! Great job! Cheers Ron
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