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  1. Awesome Vulcan! I wish I could of seen one fly! I read the book "VULCAN 607" awhile back...WOW! If you want a great story that reads like a movie that's it! Cheers...Ron
  2. Beautiful Skyraider! Can you imagine how fun it would be to be a young Air Force Lt. flying Skyraiders out of Thailand for a year! Cheers...Ron
  3. Loved the Tornado guys that flew in Desert Storm! They had a tough job to do and did it very well! Cheers...Ron USAF Desert Storm Veteran
  4. Awesomeness! The Herk in Southeast Asia paint was always my favorite! Cheers...Ron...C-130E/MC-130P/ MC-130H loadmaster
  5. Awesome! I built that kit when it first came out...late 60's early 70?? Had it hangin from my ceiling. They were still using it to give an "iron supplement" to the North Vietnamese! I have the NB-52/X-15 combo still....I saw that combo fly too! Great to see the old BUFF being built and put on display! Cheers...Ron
  6. That's awesome! The "BONE" always looked good in flight! Cheers...Ron
  7. Awesome! Just ordered one...Have several Monogram G's and a F so I'll use the landing gear from one of those! Another "Knockout Dropper" Cheers...Ron
  8. Wow....that windshield glass fit is really bad. Good fix for it though. Too bad "66" ended up in Davey Jones Locker...she would look good in the Air and Space Museum in the space displays. Cheers....Ron
  9. I'd be down for some 72nd Shuttle upgrade parts as well! I have the monogram full stack too! Those are awesome parts! Cheers...Ron
  10. Awesome! I hauled a bunch of AH-1J cobra's from the Bell plant in Amarillo, Texas to Iran for the IIAA back before the Shaw left power. Was a great looking gunship in the Asia Minor desert paint. Cheers...Ron
  11. The X-15 was awesome! I remember seeing it taxi out under the wing of the B-52 at Edwards when my dad was stationed there. Saw it slide home on the dry lake with the F-104 chase planes a few times too! Great job! Cheers...Ron
  12. Now that's a hornets nest! Very cool! I have that cabinet too...mine has a 1/72 Saturn V rocket in it! Happy New Year and cheers! Ron
  13. Awesome builds! My 2 favorites...Saudi F-5E and the F-4G! Happy New Year and cheers! Ron
  14. That's an awesome Phantom! Probably met it's end off the coast of San Nicolas Island....BOO! Happy New Year and cheers! Ron
  15. Some awesome builds! The Saturn V is very cool! 12 years old and my dad flew mom and my sister and me down to the Cape. Saw Apollo 9 / 10 and 11 launch standing on the beach at Patrick AFB. Nothing like it...will never forget it! Happy New Year and cheers...Ron
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