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Army-2019 - Kubinka -

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This is my first time gaining access to the famous home base of the Russian Knights & the Russian Swifts and I was not disappointed!

Free entry and no crowds at all:


I will start with the most beautiful jet ever made:


























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For some reason, I can't see the pictures. If I right click on the text to view the image, it takes me to a site that says: "Vous ne pouvez pas télécharger cette pièce jointe" (you can not download this attachment). Maybe it is just me or my browser, but perhaps someone else can just confirm whether the pictures are indeed visible? I'd love to see them: I've been to MAKS but never to Kubinka.

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7 minutes ago, dawestsides said:


Changed the host, should be ok now


Yes it is working now, and what fantastic photographs those are! Thank you. I'm jealous - wish I could have gone myself.

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10 hours ago, dawestsides said:

I will start with the most beautiful jet ever made:


I can see the first three now - and agree with you absolutely....... :worship:


If only I could get back to Moscow...........



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On 6/27/2019 at 10:45 AM, dawestsides said:

Strange. Could you please try this Google Photo album?





This works as well as photos in later messages. Still no pictures in the beginning,  just b/w "no entry" road signs.

Great photos in that album, thanks.

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