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  1. One evening my son (about 8 years old at the time) and I were watching a Plasmo video when a Doog's Models video was recommended, so we naturally started watching that one. The guy's language had my son's eyes wide within the first minute and I was faced with the inevitable "Pappa, what did he just say"? I suppose to a lot of people that type of thing doesn't matter at all, but personally I cannot stand it and, furthermore, at that point I didn't see any warning accompanying the videos. I have no idea how good or bad his videos are otherwise; if it was only that bad in that particular video an
  2. Some personal interests, all 1/48th scale: Mirage F1 - sadly, Kittyhawk did not do it justice, lots of accuracy issues and the only other option is the old Italeri kit. Gripen - again, Kittyhawk disappointed, accuracy, detail and engineering issues while the old Italeri kit is pretty crude. De Havilland Vampire - so many different versions and colour schemes, yet there really is no state-of-the-art 1/48th scale kit. MiG-23 - very important aircraft historically, lots of decal options, but the Trumpeter kits have issues and again, the only other option is the very old
  3. It was the Lützow, but not the one that you are thinking of. There were two ships called Lützow: The one that you refer to (actually built later than the other one), was a heavy cruiser of the Admiral Hipper class, sold off to the Soviet Union before the war (my edit: before the invasion of the USSR, since WWII had of course already started) and then renamed Petropavlovsk. Sunk by Germany during the Leningrad defense, raised, repaired and again renamed to Tallinn. The other Lützow is the one referred to by the article: Built several years earlier and commissioned in 1933 as the Deu
  4. Gabor, all I can say is I'm following your work with great interest. The comment about my preference for the cockpit was just about my own personal interest - but the cockpit area is only one small part of the build, of course. If you are going to show us a bit of both options - even better!
  5. Hmmm, I must admit that I'm more interested to see what can be done out of the box, especially considering that one of the perceived advantages of buying this kit (which is obviously not the cheapest Su-27 kit out there), is that it appears that you can get a very detailed and accurate model without using any aftermarket. The Quinta Studios website shows quite clearly how the panels will look once installed: I guess the only info missing is to see what it will look like once the rest of the cockpit has been fully painted. Still, as I said, personally I'm more interested to see what an out of t
  6. Glad I could help. Of course, when you work off black and white photographs, it is always difficult to be sure about colour. It looks like white to me, but I also cannot be 100% certain. If it was my model, I probably would have finished it in white unless some other, more convincing evidence popped up. From the pictures, It looks like some weathering would be in order though.
  7. Try this link, and scroll down to the picture that is captioned "Комэск гвардии старший лейтенант Г.Д. Цоколаев в кабине своего истребителя И-16 борт 21.": http://ava.org.ru/iap/4gm.htm As I said, the forum won't let me direct-link to the picture. One must judge for oneself, but it doesn't look like silver to me. Edit: That same picture here and another picture that appears to be of the same aircraft: http://soviet-aces-1936-53.ru/abc/ch/tsokolaev.htm
  8. I tried to post a link to a very clear picture of Tsokolaev's aircraft (the one that the profile belongs to), but the forum software wouldn't let me post it since it is not a https file. From the picture, this particular aircraft really looks like winter white rather than silver to me.
  9. It is a good question, because I have seen the same issue with the major shops for some time now - especially the usual Hong Kong ones that I would normally rely on for GWH kits. The ones I'm looking for are L4813 (the original 9-13 boxing) and L4818 (MiG-29SMT). Amazingly, someone told me he may have seen one of these two at my local hobby shop - so I guess I will be heading over there soon to see if he actually saw what he thought he saw.
  10. A lot of my personal interests in the last few years were answered by Zvezda: Both 1/48th WWII fighters and their Yak-130 is fantastic. To top it off, their kits are very affordable. I'm not really into armour, but Zvezda produces top notch kits in 1/35th scale that really is up there with the best. Another company that has really stepped up their game in recent years is ICM. Their 1/48th MiG-25 really stands out for me, but they have also had some great WWII releases in 1/48th and 1/32d scale over the last few years. Despite the issues with their F-14, I feel AMK has c
  11. OK, I know what I'm buying myself for Christmas. I hope Haneto is going to do a painted build for us - some of his other builds on this site were amazing. I'd love to see what he can do with one of these.
  12. Yes, I have the original 1/72nd scale kit. I haven't seen the new one, but I've heard it is much better and I commend them for re-doing it in order to improve on the original. I'm not questioning Zvezda's ability to make a kit - I already have the majority of their 1/48th scale kits and a few of their older 1/72nd scale kits. And not just in my stash - I've built several of them. I'm a huge fan. What I'm concerned about is the fact that the production versions of the full-scale aircraft they are making a model of is still not in service and that there are likely to be additional changes. If Zv
  13. I hope that is the case. Frankly, when they announced the Su-57 in 1/48 scale, I was a bit concerned that it might be a bit premature. There are always some changes between prototypes and production aircraft for virtually all types throughout history, and personally I would very much prefer to build an in-service aircraft - even if it means waiting for another year or two. I know a lot of people like building prototypes, so this is purely my own personal preference.
  14. Do you have a reference for this? The two upcoming Zvezda 1/48th releases that I am aware of are the Il-2 and the Su-57, but I cannot remember seeing anything about a Su-27.
  15. Just a final input. I have the Academy with a host of aftermarket, including corrected nose, Aires cockpit, Cutting Edge nozzles, Eduard PE, Linden Hill decals and stencils and a resin pitot (if buying new, I would get a brass pitot). Most of these are pretty much required to make an acceptable model: The nose on the original is wrong, the cockpit has very little detail, the nozzles are less than great, and the decals are standard Academy printed ones with their adhesion problems and lack of response to decal solvents. There are no stencils included with the kit decals. The above still doesn't
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