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  1. From everything I have read (and heard from ex-USN pilots), the only role that the F/A-18F fulfills that cannot really be done by the single seaters is the FAC(A) mission. The units that operate only F/A-18E or F/A-18F models (or both) therefore generally have very similar missions, but FAC(A) is usually only done by F/A-18F units.
  2. I don't think there is any question about whether the MiG-29SMT's really did fly in Syria or whether the video is real. I guess what you are asking is whether the loadout shown in the video was typical for an operational sortie, or if it was a once-off on the day of the media visit. I wish I could answer you, but it seems until we find comments from someone who was involved or who regularly saw the aircraft fly from Khmeimim, or until some more photographs from that deployment surface, we would have to guess. As someone stated earlier, it is known that the Russians used a lot of unguided weapo
  3. I have seen the picture shown of Blue 23 in that configuration, which was part of the original hand-out to the press by the Russian MOD: https://theaviationist.com/2017/09/13/russia-has-deployed-its-mig-29smt-multirole-combat-aircraft-to-syria-for-the-very-first-time/ The picture was taken at the same time when the short take-off clip was made that appears at the beginning of the short video at the bottom of that article. The same MOD-supplied picture and stills from the same video appeared in many other articles at the time, like this one: https://defence-blog.com/news/russia-
  4. Pacheco, those videos from 2017 are what I referred to when I wrote above (quoting from my own post): "The type (and only four of them if I recall correctly) were only deployed briefly for a few months in 2017. There are very few photographs from that deployment besides the initial press photos and videos."
  5. I've seen that before (that the 14 GIAP SMT's were meant to go to the unit based in Armenia), but I don't think I've ever seen a confirmation that the transfer happened. It would be interesting if someone had some additional insight, or even better, photographs showing SMT's in Armenia.
  6. A unit of MiG-29SMT's? Not that I'm aware of. I'm only aware of older MiG-29 9.13's, but it is possible that someone has more accurate or recent information?
  7. Are you talking about the MiG-29s that Russia sold to Syria earlier this year, or are you talking about Russian MiG-29SMT's, as per the title? As far as I know, there are currently no Russian MiG-29SMT's based in Syria. The type (and only four of them if I recall correctly) were only deployed briefly for a few months in 2017. There are very few photographs from that deployment besides the initial press photos and videos. As far as I know, Russia currently does not operate the MiG-29SMT with any front-line units anymore - 14 GIAP replaced theirs with Su-30SM's, and the rest are now all with tra
  8. This unfortunately goes back to the concerns that I expressed on page 1 about a kit based on an aircraft that is still in prototype form. With many model kits over the years, it took a long time before an early kit was replaced by a more representative model of the production aircraft. Of course, this comment doesn't mean anything if you want to specifically build a model of one of the prototypes. On one of the Russian forums I read some rumours a week or so ago that the "second first production aircraft" (following the crash of the first production aircraft in December last year)
  9. One evening my son (about 8 years old at the time) and I were watching a Plasmo video when a Doog's Models video was recommended, so we naturally started watching that one. The guy's language had my son's eyes wide within the first minute and I was faced with the inevitable "Pappa, what did he just say"? I suppose to a lot of people that type of thing doesn't matter at all, but personally I cannot stand it and, furthermore, at that point I didn't see any warning accompanying the videos. I have no idea how good or bad his videos are otherwise; if it was only that bad in that particular video an
  10. Some personal interests, all 1/48th scale: Mirage F1 - sadly, Kittyhawk did not do it justice, lots of accuracy issues and the only other option is the old Italeri kit. Gripen - again, Kittyhawk disappointed, accuracy, detail and engineering issues while the old Italeri kit is pretty crude. De Havilland Vampire - so many different versions and colour schemes, yet there really is no state-of-the-art 1/48th scale kit. MiG-23 - very important aircraft historically, lots of decal options, but the Trumpeter kits have issues and again, the only other option is the very old
  11. It was the Lützow, but not the one that you are thinking of. There were two ships called Lützow: The one that you refer to (actually built later than the other one), was a heavy cruiser of the Admiral Hipper class, sold off to the Soviet Union before the war (my edit: before the invasion of the USSR, since WWII had of course already started) and then renamed Petropavlovsk. Sunk by Germany during the Leningrad defense, raised, repaired and again renamed to Tallinn. The other Lützow is the one referred to by the article: Built several years earlier and commissioned in 1933 as the Deu
  12. Gabor, all I can say is I'm following your work with great interest. The comment about my preference for the cockpit was just about my own personal interest - but the cockpit area is only one small part of the build, of course. If you are going to show us a bit of both options - even better!
  13. Hmmm, I must admit that I'm more interested to see what can be done out of the box, especially considering that one of the perceived advantages of buying this kit (which is obviously not the cheapest Su-27 kit out there), is that it appears that you can get a very detailed and accurate model without using any aftermarket. The Quinta Studios website shows quite clearly how the panels will look once installed: I guess the only info missing is to see what it will look like once the rest of the cockpit has been fully painted. Still, as I said, personally I'm more interested to see what an out of t
  14. Glad I could help. Of course, when you work off black and white photographs, it is always difficult to be sure about colour. It looks like white to me, but I also cannot be 100% certain. If it was my model, I probably would have finished it in white unless some other, more convincing evidence popped up. From the pictures, It looks like some weathering would be in order though.
  15. Try this link, and scroll down to the picture that is captioned "Комэск гвардии старший лейтенант Г.Д. Цоколаев в кабине своего истребителя И-16 борт 21.": http://ava.org.ru/iap/4gm.htm As I said, the forum won't let me direct-link to the picture. One must judge for oneself, but it doesn't look like silver to me. Edit: That same picture here and another picture that appears to be of the same aircraft: http://soviet-aces-1936-53.ru/abc/ch/tsokolaev.htm
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