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  1. Thank you very much for the explanation and pictures! It makes much more sense now - and I can see the challenge you're facing.
  2. Am I the only one who is confused about this thread? What kind of valves are we talking about? Is this something relating to aircraft, ships or armor modelling?
  3. There are various books about the SAAF from that time, such as "Vlamgat" by Gen Dick Lord (specifically focuses on the Mirage F1 in SAAF service), "From Fledgling to Eagle" also by Gen Lord (more general history of the post WWII SAAF) and then there are also some coffee table / picture books if you google around a bit. I would have to look through my book shelf. On the Cheetah, there is a book by Winston Brent called "Cheetah - Guardians of the Nation" that is pretty detailed. However, as for more recent history, like the Gripen in SAAF service, I doubt you will find much at this stage. There
  4. There is a whole story around those R-73s, but it happened while I was still a student so I learned most of the details later from my senior colleagues, most of whom are retired now. However, from what I remember, the locally developed V3B Kukri's were very ineffective and the SAAF was desperately looking for a good all aspect missile. The V3C also didn't have the capability they required. Since some sanctions against South Africa were still in place at the time, they were a little limited in where they could look, so they eventually bought a small number of R-73s from Russia for evaluation. F
  5. Just be aware that this could be a bit tricky: The aircraft on which the R-73s actually flew in 1993 was a Mirage F1CZ. This aircraft was in the SAAF "Low Viz" Mirage F1CZ scheme: Later, a Mirage F1AZ was modified with a SMR-95 engine, which was based on the RD-33 but had a completely unique nozzle set that was different from the nozzles used on the MiG-29. This F1AZ, tail number 216, was only statically displayed with R-73s and from what I recall, never actually flew with the R-73s. It was displayed with R-73s at AAD 2000 in South Africa but the aircraft didn't f
  6. Indeed. The skirmishes with the Pakistanis was the main reason why that was necessary.
  7. There are lots of pictures of MiG-23s loaded for air to air during the Soviet-Afghan conflict. There were many skirmishes between the Soviet MiG-23s and Pakistani F-16s over the border, but it appears none of those skirmishes resulted in an actual shoot-down involving those two types. Both sides made claims against each other, but these claims have been fairly well debunked by subsequent research. Other aircraft were, however, shot down in skirmishes between the two sides, and therefore air-to-air configured MiG-23s were a fairly common sight during the latter years of the Afghan conflict.
  8. Very useful post, Sergei. Thank you very much!
  9. Just to be clear, since I didn't specifically say it: The Academy kit that I spoke about and that I'm building right now is a single seater. The GWH two-seater is a future project. As I said, I intend to build the GWH two-seater out of the box, but as I haven't started yet, I have not decided on the scheme. I like all the schemes in this release - but it will be one of the Soviet/Russian ones, not the Ukrainian one. I may still change my mind and consider aftermarket decals if I find something particularly interesting in the meantime - over the years there have been some very attractive Su-27U
  10. Just to add to what was written already: I'm currently building the Academy kit. I'm building it because I had one in the stash and over the years I have collected a huge amount of aftermarket for it. My current build consists of the base Academy kit, Aires cockpit, Pisco resin nose, Cutting Edge burner cans, Eduard PE and Linden Hill decals and stencils. I probably should also add aftermarket weapons, as the ones in the kit are really very rough with thick control surfaces, the missile dimensions are questionable and the pylons need lots of additional detail, but I cannot justify any further
  11. Seems my link referred to the correct event then. Thanks for the confirmation.
  12. I'm not 100% sure, because the video in the link below doesn't work anymore, but I think it is the same event: https://www.total-croatia-news.com/politics/33605-defence-minister
  13. Are you sure? It doesn't look at all the same to me unless they chopped off a whole bunch of parts: To me, it looks more like one of the foreign ACMI pods, like Diehl FPR pod or the Turkish SDT pod.
  14. Did you mean to post this in another thread? Arm what up? I think all we got from this is you're building a kit in some scale of something that flew in Syria. Reference to the 1/32 Trumpeter Su-25, but that is apparently not what you are building.
  15. That is the pod on the center station. The poster was asking about the white pod on the wingtip, which appears to be a telemetry pod.
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