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  1. Helmsman

    Flory models sponge sanding sticks

    They can be easily made right at home. I use old stick as a base, remove sandpaper and underlying mounting tape with few drops of Ronsonol, then stick new mounting tape from any hardware store and new sandpaper on top. New sticks probably don't look as beautiful but work exactly the same.
  2. Helmsman

    How's this for a package arrival?

    My KH Su-35 came in a worse contition. However just one part was broken and it is easily fixable.
  3. Helmsman


    Well, postal routing does not bother me (it is logistics after all, not logic) as well as delivery time. However shipping cost is often a deal breaker. Shipping of a large kit approaches $60 and there is no way I'm paying this.
  4. Helmsman

    Static discharge wicks

    I don't have a Flanker either, what a pity. But I did work on Su-15 and studied Yak-28 in training unit some 30 years ago 🙂.
  5. Helmsman

    Static discharge wicks

    Right, this could have happened, old Sukhois had longer dischargers, but still not 10".
  6. Helmsman

    Static discharge wicks

    I used them both in 32nd and 48th scale. 32nd are ~3.5mm long altogether and with 1.5mm mounting hole it leaves 2mm or 64mm scaled to real size. 64mm is 1.33mm in 1/48 so with 1mm for mounting it gives 2.33mm. As seen on the picture below, the small wick is about this size. Thus, first, there is no problem with Master wicks, I really can't imagine where 2 feet fugure came from (64mm is about 2.5" or 1/5') Second, if you 1.5mm hole is per instruction, you probably used 1/32 wicks on a 1/48 model. Here is the picture of both:
  7. Sure, it is admin level thing.
  8. Maybe it worth to limit "For Sale" forum to new members until certain number of posts, like they do on Britmodeller forum?
  9. Helmsman

    PLAAF Su-35 Weird Load

    Sure thing, I misread intakes for wingtips.
  10. Helmsman

    PLAAF Su-35 Weird Load

    Don't know for sure but looks like ECM pods to me.
  11. PayPal claim period is 180 days so playing this game is not going to help. Ebay hides bought items after 60 days but they do show up in resolution center for longer period. Giving fake tracking number become a habit of some Asian sellers with perfect feedback in 100-200 range. They sell large quantity of stuff and suddenly remove all their listings. If such behavior is observed, there is no hope get ting anything from them.
  12. Helmsman

    Kinetic quality control, question for Raymond

    Kinetic has parts replacement service: http://www.kineticmodel.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=4 I didn't use it but had contacted LuckyModel using "My Request" functionality for broken parts replacement. Their service was very good and quick. It might take a while for them to answer as it is Chinese New Year time but they will come through.