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  1. Few more photos. https://bmpd.livejournal.com/4220468.html
  2. No carpet in the modelling room. Small parts are very hard to find even on a flat ceramic tiles floor.
  3. Akan 6 series. Don't even consider 7 series. MRP are great but sometimes a bit off.
  4. Mine are from Sprue Brothers both. There are also reports on Russian forums. Yes, it probably can be fixed with hot water but I afraid fins might bend fist as they're much thinner.
  5. Hmm, it is hard to contact something that doesn't exist but thank you. Anyway, just wanted to inform.
  6. Well, got my second kit and found a bunch of bent missiles. All R-27Rs are bent, one 27T is bent slightly while second is straight. Checked first kit, found both 27T bent slightly and 4 straight 27Rs.
  7. There were couple of more single seaters with canards but they were flown by test pilots mostly. So unless that guy were one of them, Su-33 is the best bet.
  8. Maybe you could get that photo posted here so it would make our guess easier. I'd also say it is Su-33.
  9. There are not too many. God starting point is usually https://russianplanes.net/ but there are few pictures of 101, 102 and 103 of the same regiment but no 100. Few photos are here: https://samoletchik.livejournal.com/99810.html and here: https://mil-avia.livejournal.com/618952.html Also here is the video of official naming ceremony in 2013.
  10. Great, thanks! Snatched couple of GWH kits while they're in stock.
  11. Most HobbyTowns (DFW area and Atlanta IIRC) already sell Tamiya, MissionModels and Vallejo. Just one of them sells Mr.Color. Having it in others would be really nice.
  12. The question is what they're going to replace MM with?
  13. This is strange. I was able to add it and begin checkout. Where you're located? Here is eBay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-32-F-18D-Hornet-cockpit-set-two-seater-ACADEMY-Blackbox-CS32031/324336230924?hash=item4b83f2220c:g:QJMAAOSwzwhfiXWv Here is another one: http://www.modellbauversand.com/Details-Umbau/F-A-18D-Hornet-Cockpit-Set::45047.html
  14. There is one on eBay for $55.98 or https://www.squadron.com/1-32-Avionix-F-18D-Hornet-Cockpit-Set-BLC32031-p/blc32031.htm HTH
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