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  1. For larger quantities it might be worth ordering directly from mrpaint.sk. Otherwise only Sprubrothers is left.
  2. Bad time for me. My son is having graduation ceremony tomorrow.
  3. Gravity. Way less cleaning, lower operating air pressure, better paint use.
  4. It would be hard to go wrong with either Tamiya or Gunze. Leveling thinner works great with X22 and any Gunze clear coat.
  5. Hobby Lobby doesn't worth the time, their models choice is virtually nonexistent, this is a general hobby store selling everything from sewing stuff to home decor. Models and supplies is a tiny part of their business. You can try G&G Hobbies on 2029 Southwest Fwy, but I wasn't impressed either last time I visited (4-5 years ago). Houston is not the best place for models shopping. If you have time and a car, Dallas is a much better place with few HobbyTowns.
  6. I've used HP-CS for a few years and have nothing bad to say. It is well made and with 0.5 and 0.35mm nozzles covers practically all needs. However for its price there are better options, Procon Boy PS-289 or PS-270. These are essentially the same aibrush with different nozzles: 0.3 and 0.2mm respectively and some parts are interchangeable with Iwata. I've replaced my HP-CS with PS-270 and never looked back. It has the same build quality, lower price and better paint flow control, so I'd recommend PS-289/270.
  7. Production is in progress...
  8. I have the following for sale: Eduard 32698 Su-25 Interior(self adesive) - $25 Eduard 32703 Su-25 avionics - $24 HGW132583 Yak-3 seatbelts - $10 Yahu YMA3218 Yak-3 dashboard - $10 CMK Yak-3 resin bits: Exhausts, charging handle - $10 1/48 Yahu YMA4835 Mil Mi-2 Dashboard - $7 Shipping is included to ConUS, at cost to other places. For trade: Revell 1/32 I-16 Type 24 - ICM plastic with different decals. Looking for ICM I-16 other types.
  9. Something like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Torin-Portable-Horizontal-Gallon-Capacity/dp/B001HAV61Y/ref=d_pd_day0_sccl_1_3/260-0064140-2951941?pd_rd_w=RyWXb&content-id=amzn1.sym.8ec13b8a-30d2-48fc-8503-84c56766370d&pf_rd_p=8ec13b8a-30d2-48fc-8503-84c56766370d&pf_rd_r=EX33MYKN9AB7HR2ZS4QR&pd_rd_wg=1j3wx&pd_rd_r=191f2f7b-165a-4f7a-a22b-20a1676a029a&pd_rd_i=B001HAV61Y&psc=1
  10. This https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tools/hg-angled-tweezers/none/ or this (don't remember, which ones I've bought few years ago) https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tools/hg-angled-tweezers-round-tip/none/ covers about 90% of my tweezers needs. Other 10% are covered by cross action Squadron ones.
  11. Laquer thinner does the job.
  12. Want to make God laughing? Tell about your plans (Russian saying).
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