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  1. I think USPS shows GMT sometimes. I can confirm that mail from Russia is being delivered, just got a package from my Dad sent on Apr 23.
  2. I wonder how they're going to return package to Russia when they don't accept any mail there...
  3. Mine arrives tomorrow. USD 84.54 (HKD 663.50) all taxes included. Ordered from ebay seller above on Apr 11, shipped Apr 18.
  4. It depends on your location. I use Locktite Ultragel which is sold in most hardware stores and some supermarkets in US. For epoxy, I didn't notice real difference between couple of used brands from the same h/w stores.
  5. Gel CA gives some time to wiggle a part into place.
  6. I had on Apr 11. Package is on the way. If ebay.com doesn't work, try ebay.co.uk, this seller operates there.
  7. Few months probably. Here is the cheapest one so far, from reliable Chinese seller: https://www.ebay.com/itm/185378337876
  8. There are also few chests here and there with models on top, mostly 1:32, I didn't bother to take pictures of all.
  9. I prefer Quinta, they're easier to work with and much more forgiving. RedFox panels are too brittle.
  10. For the future, liquid mask is not mandatory, regular masking tape does the same job pretty well.
  11. This depends on scale. Same 25000 kg will be 226 gr in 1/48 and 763 gr in 1/32. None of my built 1/32 models weigh this much, they're in the 400-700gr range (F-15 is 680gr but it is way more heavy then 25000kg). AMK 1/48 MiG-31 with full missile load and no pilots weighs about 290 grams which corresponds to 32071 kg while it max TOW is 41000kg. KittyHawk 1/48 Su-34 weighs 275 gr with bunch of bombs and missiles, this gives ~30400kg where max TOW is about 45000kg.
  12. They eventually will send it out via Dubai or Istanbul I guess. I'd say you might get it before midterms unless someone in USPS will decide to sabotage 🙂
  13. Russian post is still accepting packages to US but with limited number of outgoing flights it is hard to get them delivered on time. The real problem is payment, western cards and PayPal don't work anymore so essentially one should have an account in Russian bank or UnionPay card which is not common in US. On the other side USPS doesn't take anything to Russia stating having no means to deliver.
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