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  1. Title says it all. Tamiya doesn't have sprue H in stock, eBay prices are crazy. I have some 1/32 F-16D (from Sufa kit built as Sufa) and F-15E parts (and other jets parts in 1/32 and 1/48) to trade or can buy. Thanks.
  2. Carpet, tiles... Who can tell how to find lost part on the modeling table?! Well, before this part is no longer needed.
  3. I've heard Zvezda paints are Vallejo. Tried them few years ago in Russia, didn't like them. Their recommended colors for MiG-29 were a bit off besides the usual hassle with acrylic paints based on proprietary thinner.
  4. Well, it takes time to recognize Sufa in that single photo. Especially when the same pictures are in the Barak book as well. They just cropped the top of that photo to hide Sufa-specific features. Go figure.
  5. I have older book with just 82 pages 🙂
  6. Isradecal Sufa book doesn't show any single picture of Sufa carrying Spice bombs. Not that Sufa can't carry them but still, no photos. The rest is ok.
  7. IIRC, Su-37 nozzles could move in vertical plane only i.e., up and down while new Su-30sm/Su-35 nozzles move in all 3 planes.
  8. Do you mean Dromader? No it is not that old first flown in 1976. Bears go in line with BUFFs in my book.
  9. Antonov An-2. First flight in 1947. Still used and might be produced in China as Y-5.
  10. Best way to post photos is to upload them to external hosting and add link to your message. People use imgur.com, I prefer flickr.com.
  11. Thanks Yossi, Have you used these decals https://pas-decals.com/category_9/1824/ ?
  12. Does anyone know which light blue shade is used on EL AL 4X-EKO B737-800? I've got myself decals for it but instruction conveniently says "use real aircraft's photos as instruction".
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