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  1. Some forum engines allow setting various limitations to the new users including pre-moderation of preset number of posts or something like habu2 suggested. However this usuay requires admin rights which I guess only Steve has.
  2. No thinning needed, they come ready to use in airbrush.
  3. I'm quite flexible, but generally prefer larger(1/32) scale depending on subject and available space. But I have no problem going down to 1/48 if large kit is not accurate enough. E.g., Trumpeter Flanker vs. GWH.
  4. Meng kits are cheaper on aliexpess. Phantom is ~$53+tax shipped.
  5. Begemot recommends FS 26375: http://begemotdecals.ru/doc/48-019 Su-24 pt2.pdf
  6. I'm not sure how LM moves stuff to local WH. Since the beginning of US shipping, vast majority of available kits were Kinetic ones. This probably because of distribution contracts, but doesn't help me at all.
  7. I never said LM is bad neither blamed them even if my post seemed I did. I've met Raymond personally and indeed he is a great guy doing a lot for modelling community. The coupon above somehow slipped away, all I received is 10% off $60 and 20% off $160.
  8. Lucky Model lost most of its appeal after raising shipping costs. This might not be their fault but this is the way it is. That 20% off coupon translates into just $7 off with minimum $160 spend and $25 shipping.
  9. MRP 202 is quite a good match. It used on all Su-34s
  10. Same for me. Really great stuff. Here are some photos: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/86726-reskit-stuff-with-photos/
  11. It is legit, like eBay but with fixed prices. $35 with free shipping for A-10 seems too good. I see it for ~$45 shipped with their "Choice" promo which makes more sense. They do have some kind of money back guarantee but fortunately I haven't had an opportunity to test it. Bought mostly small items like masks and tools so far. They do have decent prices on some Meng kits, others I checked don't stand any competition due to absolutely outrageous shipping charges. So just yet another marketplace.
  12. Hobby Lobby sells them for 20% of that price. But they are hard and not convenient to use IMO.
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