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  1. Phone works best. You need the part number from last page(s) of the manual. https://www.tamiyausa.com/contact/
  2. Tamiya USA service is great. But you didn't tell your location and I've had "F" in mind reading at school.
  3. Another important thing about GSP is the responsibility shift. My responsibility as a seller ends on the US soil as soon as package reaches local shipping center. Having heard quite a few horror stories about lost international packages and lack of any protection, I'd rather be on the safe side.
  4. There is a whole lot of these sites, all using same email address. I stopped clicking on "next page" on sixth or seventh. Maybe just personal data collection thing, not any real trading.
  5. Very questionable site. No address, no phone, a black hole. Here is another one: tealiyia.com Both have the same email address at the bottom of the front page (bold red). Both have the same meaningless text in "about us" section. Googling this email address brings bunch of other similar sites and scam reports.
  6. You're right, I confused it with distance in feet scale 🙂
  7. The indicator is still there on the new lenses. But I really miss long travel focusing rings eliminated by autofocus.
  8. It doesn't really matter, they charge 10% fee on a total whether shipping is included(usually means higher price unless seller is a relatively large business) or not (for us occasional sellers).
  9. Gunze Mr.Color is sold in few HobbytownUSA stores as well as Tamiya. Online shopping gives access to most exotic stuff one could imagine, the only drawback is waiting time. I guess when MM and Testors are truly gone, stores will replace them with something else and I wonder myself what it would be.
  10. Indeed. I also use it sometimes to thin Mr. Color pains for airbrushing when need quicker drying (compared with leveling thinner).
  11. And in Russian one can say either way.
  12. Ordered 2 kits, got one and bunch of BS regarding second. Had to file chargeback with my CC.
  13. Absolutely. Enjoyed all 5 seconds of it 🙂
  14. Well, I guess my small town won't see any of this but last Friday we had couple of B-52s from Barksdale AFB fly over to support our medics. They flew over few hospitals and then returned to Shreveport area to do the same. Caught one of them from my backyard
  15. It does make some sense in Israeli flavor. One can be built as a regular French variant and second as Zukit - an Israeli built one. Wingman Models repacked Kinetic plastic with some resin add-ons and produced Zukit conversion.
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