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  1. No experience but I personally don't like websites with no address, phone and email information and providing just a form as the only way to contact.
  2. Zvezda going to repack Revell plastic with original livery decals. https://www.facebook.com/Zvezda.ModelKits/posts/1862634383839357
  3. Just another instance of gear acquisition syndrome. Absolutely normal.
  4. Have they flown "D"? My guess it was an "A" so this is a question to Tamiya 🙂
  5. Not so sure. Here http://scalemodels.ru/articles/13065-AMK-1-48-IAI-Kfir-C2-C7--parochka-lvjat.html is a build of both new and old versions and author claims both fuselages are the same showing some comparison photos. New: and old:
  6. Second day photos added. This is it for me, had just two days there.
  7. Here are some photos from the first day: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmFV9LwX
  8. flickr.com, up to 1000 photos for free account.
  9. Sorry, I don't own that business so can't really tell. My experience was as described above. Maybe they improved, maybe I've got a bad batch or have a clumsy hands. :)
  10. Bad idea. Akan's 7 series forms a thick layer and peels off extremely easy. I tried it on both Gunze and Tamiya primers with same unacceptable results.
  11. Decals are available (http://pas-decals.com/index.php/product/view/50/985) but Buran bracing need to scratch built.
  12. I had the same experience with them. It takes a while until order is shipped but packing is top notch.
  13. Lacquer thinner works great and mask helps to avoid smell and other unpleasant effects.
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