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  1. It is safe to travel, just inconvenient. Best way is probably via Israel.
  2. Just got their sale notice. Not impressed at all. Maybe 1/32 Sufa for $128, but I already have one built and one in stash.
  3. More pictures: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1761624_1669028670_IMG_20221121_135909_903.jpg.html
  4. This is possible. Banks probably can impose their own limitations to be in line with mainstream narrative or just to cover their butt. I'd start with checking wich bank would agree to wire money to Russia. Maybe this would help: https://letsrussia.com/how-to-send-money-to-russia-and-from-russia-in-2022/
  5. According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWIFT_ban_against_Russian_banks just 7 Russian banks are sanctioned so any other bank should be able to accept incoming wires. So I think if American/Mexican/whatever western bank would agree to wire money to Russian bank then Sergey can help you to purchase virtually anything in Russia. This won't be cheap though, outbound wire usually is not free ($20-40 in US as far as I know) plus shipping is easily another $15-30.
  6. I've heard wire transfers to some (not sanctioned) banks in Russia is possible.
  7. It is a bit late but... http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/329312-arma-models-148-ka-52-preorder/ I'm planning a trip to Russia next summer so more kits might become available but it is a bit early to discuss.
  8. I use latest Aztec AC500 which is probably rebadged Sparmax. 18 years and counting. It is OOP but there are plenty of similar compressors for decent price. Some people recommend CO2 tanks but I never used one.
  9. Gunze ProconBoy PS-289 or 270. Cheaper than Iwata HP-CS and a bit better.
  10. I've finally pulled the trigger and put a preorder for 4 kits, 3 of which I'm going to make available for forum members. I have Russian bank account and a way to get kits shipped from Russia to US. This is what I know so far: Kit price is 3990 RUB or ~$68-72 depending on exchange rate. Kits are expected to ship about end of November/beginning of December. It usualy takes 2-3 days to get from Moscow to Saratov. Shipping from Russia to me is expected to be about $20-30 per kit but can change in any direction. I will know for sure after package will be on the way to US
  11. That thick blue stuff is likely Microscale MicroMask. I do use it accasionally for round corners masking but not for canopies.
  12. The only case when I've built non-airliner in 1/144 was to hang it on rearview mirror in my car.
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