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  1. Their rouble prices are relatively low indeed but don't forget $15-20 shipping which website doesn't show. It is still worth buying directly I think as their stuff is great.
  2. Helmsman

    Best Matt (or flat) coating for my BUFF-H

    I didn't try Future as a gloss coat. Using Tamiya X-22 mostly. I also like Alclad Gloss Klear Kote but it easily collects static charge which attracts dust and hair like crazy.
  3. Helmsman

    Best Matt (or flat) coating for my BUFF-H

    Tamiya XF-86 Flat Clear is the best in my book closely followed by Alclad Clear Kote Flat.
  4. Helmsman

    Kinetic Kits Any Good?

    This is too broad of a question. They are not as good as Tamiya, but some of them are quite good. I built Su-33 and Fuga Magister and have M-346 in stash. Fouga is ok kit, other two are very good but again not as good as modern Tamiya. AMK Tomcat is not released yet, there is a long topic in Jet Modeling section with hilarious discussion.
  5. Helmsman

    What'd Santa bring ya?

    1/48 HobbyBass Su-30 with Caracal decals (P.O.Sukhoi portrait) And I have Ded Moroz (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ded_Moroz) on the way with Zvezda 1/48 Yak-130.
  6. Helmsman

    Which 1/48 Kit for an Su-27?

    Their Su-34 does fit.
  7. It has been changed to 180 days quite a while ago.
  8. Helmsman

    iwata eclipse / hp-c parts interchangeability

    No, they are closed. https://spraygunner.com/handle-for-mr-airbrush-procon-boy/ https://spraygunner.com/needle-adjusting-screw-for-gsi-ps270/
  9. Helmsman

    iwata eclipse / hp-c parts interchangeability

    Not sure about hp-c but handle from Gunze Procon Boy PS270 or PS289 does work.
  10. I don't have these kits for sale but have a Black Box/Avionix Su-27 cockpit. $26 shipped in US.
  11. Here is a review, in Russian though. Still, very good quality so comments are not that necessary.