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  1. It is not something to be sold often. I saw canopy set couple of times on eBay during last 2 or 3 years and was able to snatch one of them for very good price (you probably won't want to sell your set for that price so I won't name it). Don't know what other set went for.
  2. Somebody please wake me up when it is over
  3. Same thing. I know this site but it never worked for me. Tried another browser, it worked. So, Chrome issue.
  4. A bit offtopic, does this wolfpack-d.com thing ever work? All I get is http://xyerror.x-y.net/403error.html on both computer and phone.
  5. G&G is still alive, I visited it in June. Little store, regular small hobby shop prices, nothing fancy.
  6. IAF F-16Ds are block 30 and 40 AFAIR. I don't know difference between blocks 30 and 32.
  7. Usually you can safely go up to ISO 400 with no adverse effects unless your camera is from stone age.
  8. I stopped buying sticks long time ago. All it takes is just piece of plastic, double sided mounting tape and sandpaper of required grit and 5-10 minutes of work. Or just reuse old sticks core replacing sandpaper. Old stuff is easily removed with little help from Ronsonol.
  9. Same here, got an email from Bob back then saying it is all set and they'll contact me when they get the kit. So it should be pretty soon I guess.
  10. No. It contains enough to load for bear.
  11. Sio, I guess the best answer to haters will be your great kits. More of them. Let them waste words and shake the air.
  12. Not only this, also users emails are now seen and everyone can now give warnings to anyone else.
  13. Russian 'e' and 'k' letters are next to each other on a keyboard so Бк-200 is most likely is Be-200.
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