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Hi guys 

I need your advice as I was asked to build an F-18F super hornet in 1/32 with jolly Roger's markings 


1. Which kit should i for an easier build? 

2. Needs to have AGM-84H SLAM-ER with folded wings. Where can I get them from?

3. AIM-9X as well. Where do I get them?

4. Exhaust? Shall I go for resin? And if yes which ones?

5. Do I need resin seats? The canopy will be closed so is the kit offerings ok?

6.What else shall I add to enhance the external look of plane and weapons?

7. Decals?


Any other advise?


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The only 1/32 AGM-84H SLAM-ER I could find is in the Trumpeter 1/32 US Aircraft Weapons kit:


Pic shows them with wings extended, though I would think they could be built with the wings folded too (would be kinda useless otherwise).


As far as 1/32 AIM-9X, look no further than Zactoman's beautiful pieces.



As for exhausts and seats, I usually replace those on all my kits as the kit detail usually cannot match that done in resin. I think Aires, Avionix and Olimp do exhausts. Aires and Wolfpack do seats. GT Resin also does seamless exhausts for the Trumpeter kit.


Finally decals, Fightertown did a set for the Jolly Roger's. Out of production but may be eBay or someone here has a set they would part with.



P.S. DXM does a decal set:


Furball does a couple with Jolly Roger's:



And Speed Hunter:



I cannot speak to the accuracy of any of these decal sets.


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