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If you want a good pin vise I recommend Starrett pin vises. They are precision manufactured and with machined components. I have found most other pin vises to be sloppy in the way they hold fine bits. Starrett pin vises hold even the finest bits firmly and accurately centered. They are a bit more expensive but a good tool will last a lifetime. I've had mine for nearly 50 years and it works as good as the day I first got it.




Note: they come in a range of sizes, so if you want one, get one that will accommodate the size drill bits you plan on using. Or, but a set of them. :thumbsup:

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Most of the hobby type suppliers are going to have sets of bits that usually stop at #80 (.0135"), which in my opinion is way too big for rigging.

Check out industrial suppliers like McMaster-Carr or MSC. I've ordered plenty of stuff from McMaster-Carr in the past without any issues, and they ship quickly.

Extremely small bits are going to need a good pin vise, like a Starrett, as mentioned in a previous post.

Neither a good pin vise or really small bits are going to be cheap though, you get what you pay for.

Another option is Drill Bit City, they have resharpened drill bits that all use a common 1/8" shank, but they are carbide IIRC. Carbide is very hard and stays sharp, but is very brittle.

HSS (High Speed Steel) is the way to go, IMO, but the really small bits still break easily if you're not careful.

I would also suggest getting a dial caliper, to measure really small stuff, to determine what drill bit you need to use. I have a cheap one from Micro-Mark that serves the purpose.


Best regards,



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To measure line, wrap line around a large dowel or other cylindrical object. The turns should be snug but not stretched. Think 10, 20, or 30 turns, to get a band around 1/4 to 3/4 inch wide. Measure and divide by the number of turns.

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