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  1. According to ww-1 aircraft forums wnw has shut down permanently. It's been rumored for a while now, really sad news for WW1 modelers.
  2. Thanks I do have a pin vise and drill bits nothing that small though and not sure of the size I need
  3. Greetings to all, I need to order some very small bits for rigging a copper state nieuport. I have alot of larger bits and not sure what size no. To order, any advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. Sprue Brothers is the best. Great customer service
  5. This is my first jet aircraft attempt. I have been building ww-2 and ww-1 subjects Tamiya 1/48 f 16 Two Bob's decals Master pitot and static dischargers Still have to do some light weathering and a final clear coat
  6. First photo posted here or anywhere Very nice kit Out of box
  7. For some reason I can't even find the post to try correct it.
  8. I agree 100% I did the same using begemot and the kit decals and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully I'll be getting a canopy in the mail soon. Anybody know when the GWH mig 29 9-19 will be back in stock? Can't find one anywhere.
  9. Hello to all, quick question, anyone know if the decals for the 9/13 mig 29 are of decent quality. I am in the process of doing there su 35 and had to order a set from Begemot, which by the way is excellent. The decals for the su 35 are terrible from GWH. Thanks in advance Robert
  10. I've, been looking online for any references with out much luck. Anybody know if there is such a thing. Thanks in advance Robert
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