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Paint matching question - not modelling but at least plastic related!

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So my "other" hobby is semi-pro Nerfing...yes that's a thing and yes it's exactly what it sounds like.


One of the biggest challenges in this hobby is paint matching the OEM colors of...whatever blue it is, whatever yellow it is and whatever red it is, etc. 


Anybody have any ideas on what matches? Automotive paint preferred but your favorite hobby store standbys will work too.


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Im not sure exactly what store you would go to in the USA but here in the UK if I wanted a paint to match a particular colour, the first blue one for instance is take the item to a motor factor I know that custom mixes paints. I give him a sample and he mixes up a batch of paint that matches it 100%.


I used to get myself a 100ml sample mixed up, which he used to do for free as a taster expecting me to come back and buy a few litres but quickly realised I didnt come back so charged me for the samples 🙂

Or you could with a lot of colour theory, medium and pigments mix the colour up in acrylic.
The guys I know that do that usually roll with IPA as a transport for the medium and an acrylic medium, the pigments of course are what ever ones you find.

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I can't comment on the paint matching aspect, but I do have another comment.


Some two years ago I started using MRP (Mr Paint), and that paint sprays so smooth that the end result often looks like colored plastic. It's difficult to point out why it looks like plastic, but it really does. Just recently I brought a test piece to our club meeting, and I got the same response from club members: they thought they were looking at the bare plastic.


I have never encountered a paint that has that effect - I would say it's usually rather the opposite. It inspired me to do start the restoration of a plastic toy from my youth, called 'Crazy Racers' here, but 'Smash Up Derby' in the USA I believe. Matching the exact color of the plastic wasn't easy though, but I got there in the end. And painted it still looks plastic 🙂



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