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  1. F-104C engine interior color?

    I'm with Jari: from memory the Dutch G-models with J79-GE-11 the exhaust duct was sooty black. I would not expect anything else considering the amount of smoke that the engine emitted. Rob
  2. How to paint wheelhubs

    I too used masks cut on a Silhouette Portrait, but I found out that 4 mm circles were seriously unround, and unsuitable as masks. The 6 mm circles were fine though. I replaced the 4 mm masks with similar ones made with a Waldron Punch & Die set. And here's the result. It's the Clark tractor from the old Revell 1/72 F-16. Rob
  3. Darren, thanks for the reply, and the information that was missing from my list. I just updated it: Other museum Firebees. Plus I listed it on the What's new? page with a credit to you. Thanks for the offer for more photos, but I don't have photo reports on the website of target Firebees - I've got to draw the line somewhere! However, if you can find out more details about the identity of this Firebee, I would be very happy to add that to the page. Thanks again! Rob
  4. Two mystery figure kits - anyone recognize them?

    You're welcome! I need to correct the manufacturer's name: it's 'Nederlandse Stichting voor Modelfiguren' (NSM) and here their website: Nederlandse Stichting voor Modelfiguren. The figure is listed on this page: Beroemde Nederlanders Rob
  5. Two mystery figure kits - anyone recognize them?

    Don, thanks for your reply and research! I asked all our club members and an answer arrived minutes ago. It's a tin figure made by the 'Stichting voor Modelfiguren' (SVM) here in the Netherlands. It represents Jan van Speijk, and I copied the following from Wikipedia: When the Belgian War of Independence began, Van Speijk was given command of a Dutch gunboat. Van Speijk despised the Belgian independence movement, and he said he would rather die "than become an infamous Brabander". On February 5, 1831, a gale blew his gunboat into the quay at the port of Antwerp. The Belgians quickly stormed his ship, demanding Van Speijk haul down the Dutch flag. Rather than surrender his ship, he fired a pistol (some versions say he threw a lighted cigar) into a barrel of gunpowder in the ship's magazine. According to legend, he shouted "Dan liever de lucht in" ( "(I'd) rather be blown up"). The number of Belgians killed is unknown, though it probably numbered in the dozens. Twenty-eight of his 31 crewmen also perished in the blast. Now the barrel makes a lot more sense. Rob
  6. Two mystery figure kits - anyone recognize them?

    Don, many thanks! Are you familiar enough with Amati figures to say that the other model is not made by Amati? Rob
  7. Two mystery figure kits - anyone recognize them?

    Very well spotted! And yours looks very nice, I love in-flight models! The model was built by Bas Damen, some years ago. I do not know much more than that - it was a very busy club meeting and we discussed it only briefly. Here's a better photo of the model. Unfortunately it had tipped on its tail when the photo was made. Rob
  8. Two weeks ago Rare Plane Detective sold aPanzer 1/72 Teledyne-Ryan BQM-34E/F/T Firebee II on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Panzer-1-72-TELEDYNE-RYAN-BQM-34E-F-T-FIREBEE-II-w-LAUNCHER-Resin-Model-Kit/122898930172?hash=item1c9d58d9fc:g:z7oAAOSwhiZaUBfi Did anyone here buy this model, by any chance? The reason for my interest is that I run a website on the subject of the Teledyne-Ryan AQM-34 Firebee RPV, and I'm very curious about the quality of this kit. Rob
  9. At our most recent club meeting a member showed two figure models of which he did not remember the manufacturer and/or scale. Does anyone recognize them? I'm writing a report of the meeting, and would like to tell something about them. Thanks in advance! Rob PS: I also added a picture showing the model table during the meeting. We had a full house :-)
  10. Resin seat for the Kinetic Super Etendard?

    Ben, I went through a similar search some 15 years ago, when I built my Italeri 1/72 Super Etendard. I noted back then: "I bought a Neomega Martin-Baker Mk4 seat, but it didn't resemble the Super Etendard's seat at all. I learned later that there are no fewer than 82 subtypes, all of which differ in some or large small way. Eventually I found a HiTech (France) resin Mark 4A seat (stock number 72504), specifically for the Mirage III, Etendard and Super Etendard." Maybe it helps in your search. Rob
  11. How did your first ever scale model turn out?

    My main lesson was to accept shortcomings in your early models, and not try to build a perfect model the first time. On my first 'serious' model the decals sucked, but I accepted it. But the weathering turned out nice, and I still liked the result. The next one I improved the decaling a lot. You will learn lessons with every new model. You can read more here: Rob de Bie's scale models Rob
  12. Kotey, I would suggest giving this sheet a clearer title. Right now the title makes me think the sheet contains stars that are to be used for (say) the 1955-1960 era, or maybe 1955-1965. But maybe this design was used until the end, say 2000 ?? It's probably all explained perfectly in the instruction sheet, but from the title I cannot deduce it. Rob
  13. YF-23 Black Widow

    Thanks! Here are two more photos with other backgrounds and lighting conditions. They show the relatively dark 36118 better than the photo posted above. Rob
  14. YF-23 Black Widow

    Maybe you saw my Revell 1/144 YF-23A ? The photos on my website are lightened a bit, so it might look different from photos of the real thing. I used FS 36118 full strength, despite the small scale, so there's no compensation for 'scale effect' which sounds like fake science to me anyway. Rob
  15. What's this practice bomb rack called?

    As an addition to the above: I compared the dimensions of the AF/B37K-1 as listed in the O-2 manual to the German and Belgian practice bomb carriers in the Daco 1/48 F-104 set, and they match pretty well. I'm a happy modeler Rob