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Land of the Giants Spindrift build.

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So, As a favor to build one of these for a friend, I asked for a model of this craft for myself.

This is NOT the old Aurora kit or any of it's reops.

It's not the little Moebius kit released some time ago.

I do not sell Them.
I do not know who sells them/makes them. I was supplied with the kits...
I do not know how much they cost.

I do know...
It was made from files cast off of the actual "HERO" Miniature seen in the series Land of the Giants.
I love it because it is dead on...warts and all! It has ALL the flaws and subtle mistakes the original has without someone correcting them.
It's hollow and YES I am going to light it. It will also be painted and lit per the filming miniature. This is my personal Spindrift and will be worked on a little at a time between other projects.
It will be like my custom Jupiter 2, as in it will have a practical interior...Like the miniature has/had. IF motivated, I may scratch build an interior...

I am glad I waited for this. I know of a larger kit that gets attention, but the thing is all wrong. I am dull and boring that way.

I have supplied pictures of it next to my Custom Moebius Jupiter 2 and a Flying Sub I am currently working on for a friend.

The last photo shows the cockpit windows/passenger windows cut out...as well as the are under the dome.

The final Photo is an old Lunar Models Spindrift I built years ago, with full lighting and a scratch built interior as well as figures.





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14 minutes ago, admiralcag said:



I am really impressed by the quality of your builds and your video work. Do you have any tutorials or build logs?



Thanks Vern!




However, I am not the tutorial type of guy. I personally find them boring and have more fun doing my SPFX Videos. 

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