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Academy AH-64D Block II (New Tool)

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Hey All,


My first build of 2021. And what an absolute pleasure it was. Took around 10 hours over a week, and other than a minor issues of not following the instructions properly, it went together like LEGO.

I ran into a few issues with a fogged up canopy due to fumes from the primer I'm guessing, and a matte coat that wouldn't cover a glossy part and then turned the whole paint-job powdery white. Managed to salvage it in the end and was left quite happy with the results.

I initially wasn't very excited about the overall olive drab scheme, but references online threw up a lot of interesting weathered aircraft. It was good practice for my detail airbrushing skills, and I added some additional weathering with oil paints.

The hellfire missiles were painted a brighter green (instead of the dull dark green to add some color to an otherwise unsaturated model) and I used chrome decal and a bead of white glue for the nose for the Laser seeker head. The tires were sanded down for the classic Apache weighted look.












Happy modeling!




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