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  1. Its bare metal. Paint would apparently flake off due to the heat from the barrel exhaust
  2. Hey All, My first build of 2021. And what an absolute pleasure it was. Took around 10 hours over a week, and other than a minor issues of not following the instructions properly, it went together like LEGO. I ran into a few issues with a fogged up canopy due to fumes from the primer I'm guessing, and a matte coat that wouldn't cover a glossy part and then turned the whole paint-job powdery white. Managed to salvage it in the end and was left quite happy with the results. I initially wasn't very excited about the overall olive drab scheme, but references online threw up a
  3. That satin coat look soooo good. Yeah, those airfix pilots do need a lot of amputation don't they 😄 Poor fellas. My last two builds were messed up due to fogged up clear parts. I've gotta try dipping them in future to seal the plastic with a non-reactive over-coat. I'd much rather have the clear parts attached on especially in cases where the fit is iffy and might require filling/ sanding at the joint.
  4. Nice builds. I like the warm tonal variations in the weathering.
  5. That's a beauty! Nice work on the hot metal.
  6. THAT IS SOO CUTE!! 😄 Nice job on the open canopies.
  7. Hey all, Here's the 1/72nd Hasegawa F/A-18F. Painted with Vallejo and weathered with oils. Built OOB with only the nose wheel turned starboard for some dynamic posing. The HARM is from the Academy F-16 CJ kit. Hope you like it Cheers, Alex. And here it is in forced perspective with the excellent Trumpeter 1/144 F-14D
  8. Magic!! Great diorama and really good engineering keeping the Chinook aloft! The weathering and the attention to detail in the uneven placing of the wooden posts all tie in perfectly giving scene a realistic feel.
  9. A Tribute: The Sea Harrier will be phased out of the Indian Navy today, the 11th of May 2016 after 33 years of service. She will be replaced by the MiG-29k. This model was built in the fag end of 2015. extras included Eduard PE detail set, along with the Model Alliance Sea Harrier Decal sheet. Additional decals were sourced from some old Modeldecal sets as well. Brass pitot from Air Master. Cannibalized the MLG and airbrake bays from the Airfix kit. Scratch built detail where ever it was found lacking. Scratch built detail into the ejection seat A little detailing on the nose
  10. Came here looking for inspiration. Got a ton of it and then some! Awesome work all round. Love the turned nose-wheel, excellent airbrushing details and all the tons of wiring that went into the detailing!
  11. Beautiful finish, detailing and weathering!
  12. Lovely models and ladies!! Also, I'd like to thank you in a very special way for your dot weathering technique that I'd stumbled upon online. It's done wonders to my model finishes since I've tried it. I can't recommend it enough :D
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