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    Modern copters and jets, and more others.....

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  1. LyIgor

    Mil Mi-24P “Hind-F” – Revell – 1:48

    Excellent Alexandre! I like this build, because do you used right information.
  2. LyIgor

    1/48 UH-1V Kitty Hawk *Completed*

    Great result!
  3. LyIgor

    1/48 UH-1V Kitty Hawk *Completed*

    Looks perfect! Smart solution.....
  4. LyIgor

    AW129D Mangusta

    Understood you. 😀
  5. LyIgor

    AW129D Mangusta

    Simone, how much approximately it will be cost? 😀
  6. LyIgor

    AW129D Mangusta

    Simone, no words! Great! Cool Mangusta! p.s. i would like to have this model in my collection.
  7. LyIgor

    1/48 UH-1V Kitty Hawk *Completed*

    Great! Interesting build......
  8. It's great! If you have only one model aircraft.))
  9. I like your funny small suitcase for carrying model Yufei. 😀
  10. Tell us on secret, what's will be in new release?