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  1. fantastic job and the kit is amazing stay tuned for more pics cheers
  2. nice F-14D Tom, another piece for your stunning tomcat collection cheers
  3. the Tamiya Viper is a gem and you did a outstanding work with the paint (have glass scheme) well done cheers
  4. Revell is the option, you can find on ebay or store from europe. There are a hunter T MK 7 (double seat) from Xtrakit also. All others 1/72 Hunters are old tooling (from 70s and 80s) cheers
  5. another beautiful Tomcat from you, All american this VF-101 retro scheme well done cheers
  6. There are also a T-33 / RT-33 from Sword, available on Hannants. Its a wonderful kit with PE color and resin for cockpit and other parts. For me is the best on 1/72 Cheers
  7. I bought several items from Modern Hobbies before covid pandemic, absolutely stunning items, sadly I could not find the web page again...and facebook is no longer available maybe is out of business
  8. nothing more to add, simply amazing and almost real cheers
  9. Awesome job, Nice to see a VF-1 Early (70s), well done cheers
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