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  1. Another nice USMC Scooter, well done!!! cheers
  2. really nice work, beautiful USMC Scooter, cheers
  3. amazing Arab Su-7, well done your Doctor MiG (youtube channel) are superb, thanks for sharing cheers
  4. I see you have the reskit set now, very good. thanks for your information!!! cheers
  5. Hi Gianni, I forgot to say that my project is the same as yours 695 F-15A improved BAZ, with Sky decals at 90s timeframe. So ACES II is ok for Ejection Seat, but my doubts are about these things: Wheels? in some pics, the wheels are different to F15C, and A model (hasegawa) have only the latter (C type), you will use a RESKIT set? CFT: The A model did not include CFT but in Baz Book from Isradecals, says that after upgrade all models can use CFT. thanks in advance, and your model looks amazing to date cheers
  6. wow amazing USMC Phantom!!! well done fantastic, I like a lot the weapons configuration cheers
  7. 👏👏👏 amazing work cheers
  8. mmm for Libyan Mirage maybe you can check these books from Tom Cooper https://www.amazon.com/Libyan-Air-Wars-Part-1985-1986/dp/1910294535 https://www.amazon.com/Libyan-Air-Wars-Part-1986-1989-ebook/dp/B07QW1RGX5/ref=pd_sbsd_14_1/141-9688374-3576009?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07QW1RGX5&pd_rd_r=a015388a-63f5-4d63-b1df-6b97b91d3c5f&pd_rd_w=zwOGc&pd_rd_wg=napPA&pf_rd_p=2c2d0d3b-b3c5-4110-93fa-2c1270309ac1&pf_rd_r=DYME1SW63TSZ87XF2B6Y&psc=1&refRID=DYME1SW63TSZ87XF2B6Y Cheers
  9. yeah, In Chile Mirage 50 (a new version of 5F with Atar 9K-50) used Shaffir in 80s and 90s, and Mirage V BA Elkan (Former Belgian AF) used 9J So mirage III V and 50 around the globe use Magic I, II, Sidewinder 9B 9E/G/J/L and Shaffir I (9B) and II. The upgraded Mirage used Python III , IV and derby as Colombian Kfirs, also The SAAF Cheetah used Darter missile. cheers
  10. excellent Gianni, grazie millie
  11. excellent project and good step by step mode for this F-15A IDF. I have the same idea in the future and I really do not know that IDF use Escapac instead ACES II. Thanks!! What another changes it s need from F-15C? I know the wheels are different and maybe some things on cockpit, but if you can say all the changes to do, it would be highly appreciate. Thanks in advance
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