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  1. may be is better if you can buy this, New Tool Great Wall F-14A Early https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=GW-L7206 Regards
  2. thanks a lot for the information!!!! regards
  3. thanks for your response!!! Regards
  4. Dear F14 experts I am working a couple of Tomcats in parallel, a fujimi and a hasegawa in 72nd scale and investigating I have encountered a couple of problems. The differences of Gun Vent and beaver tail are more or less clear but I have not been able to find clear information about the Tail Stiffeners plates (reinforcements of the top of tails). When they started to use or tell what block were already standard? The fujimi (KA) kit get 2 gun vent and beaver tail options but only Tails with reinforcements, so You can not build as Jolly Rogers 1978/80. Thanks in advance
  5. From Airliners.net Su-22UM FAP 2007 (maybe last flight)
  6. amazing job, well done cheers
  7. fantastic Tomcat, one of my favourite Cheers
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