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CH-46 rotor blades ID stripes query

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G'day all 

I dragged out my Academy CH-46 recently to look at finally getting it finished. 

I have a question for those who might know about these things...

Academy provide 4 different coloured decal stripes for the blade roots & the PCR's - which of these colour stripes are actually fitted to the front & rear? Academy's instructions aren't too clear here.







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Looking at a number of rotor head photos this morning the only color I haven’t seen is blue. It might have been faded/covered oil etc.  


Honestly many won’t know or probably catch as long the colors match on blade and head you should be good to go.

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Red - No. 1 Blade

Yellow - No. 2 Blade

Green - No. 3 Blade




FWD Left - Green

FWD Right - Yellow

FWD Center - Red


AFT Left - Red

AFT Right - Green

Aft Center - Yellow


IAW with the CH/HH-46E general aircraft info manual

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