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  1. The walkways should be four separate sections with the breaks corresponding with the panels lines. The breaks are so the non-skid is not painted over the fasteners for the walkway relay panels. They will have hard edges since the area was masked off with masking tape and the non-skid applied with a roller.
  2. I can't speak for USAF aircraft but for USN/USMC just about every platform capable of carrying ordnance would fly a TACTS Pod during some training missions. I've even seen the pods hung from the refueling booms on H-53's.
  3. There are several pods like that but the one I think you are describing is called a TACTS Pod. There are also; TCTS Pods ARDS Pods MOKKITS Pods LATR Pods Just to name a few, all fall under the "ACMI" or "TIS" group. ACMI - Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation TIS - Training Instrumentation Systems
  4. If I may throw out some info; Just because there's a restriction for the USAF doesn't mean the USN/USMC have the same restriction. Currently there are no blanket restrictions in the USN/USMC for carrying inert and live missiles on the same aircraft. Certain missile variants are restricted from carrying live and inert on the same aircraft but there are no restriction for carrying CATM-9's with any live missiles. It is illegal to do training with live missiles due an incident in 1987 when a VF-74 F-14A shot down an USAF RF-4C during a training missile unless it is a missi
  5. They have shape and fit issues. The Savage is a cross between a -1 and a -2.
  6. 1/72 scale; A3J-1/A-5A Vigilante RF-8A/G Crusader C-1A Trader C-2 Greyhound AJ-1/2 Savage (not the Mach2 crap) EA-6A Intruder P6M Seamaste (not the Mach2 crap)
  7. During my years in Tomcats (87-01) we never flew CATM-9's with live missiles and I never say anyone else do it. We never transported live missiles from one location to another either. The only time we flew CATM-9's with anything live was when we were carrying/employing live air to ground ordnance (bombs). Not saying it wasn't done, just saying I never saw anyone on the east coast do it and never heard of anyone on the west coast doing it either.
  8. So you are actually contradicting what you wrote earlier, got it. I fail to see where anyone on here has refused to take responsibility of what they wrote, except you, you pivoted on your "free to express an opinion" statement and now say you need to hold someone "accountable" for expressing an opinion. And again, you are trying to change the narrative because you can't defend your position, reading and responding to an opinion you don't agree with isn't "attacking" the person holding said opinion. Disparaging them and calling them names because you don't agree with the
  9. Nothing you wrote is political because you didn't use it in a political context, all you have done is created word salad. Now, if you take a topic, add some political context to it then it would be political, such as talking about a certain movement and it's ideology/leanings, that could be considered political.
  10. Just because you label a topic as political doesn't mean it's political. If that was the case anyone can label anything political and shut down any discussion they don't agree with or like.
  11. I didn't know expressing an opinion about today's youth is considered politics. Can someone post a list of what all is considered political and thus verboten.
  12. Do you even read what you write? You say you hold people accountable for their actions (you are holding someone "accountable" for expressing an opinion) then you say they are free to express their opinion. Well, which one is it, are they free to express an opinion or are you going to hold them "accountable" for it? Also, what constitutes "intolerant behavior", what one person call's "intolerant behavior" is perfectly acceptable to someone else so again. I'm sure you are fine with kids burning down cities, attacking people they don't agree with, blocking traffic and all
  13. As to if the hobby is dying or not, my opinion is that the bobby is not dying. Kids today are not going to build models when they can play video games. The demographics of the hobby has changes since most of use were kids. Back then kids build models, now it's the older generation that does. When the kids of today grow up and get into their 30's they will pickup model building because they will have outgrown video games. Just because kids today are not building does mean the hobby is dying, it just means the demographics are changing. If the hobby was dying then manufac
  14. What have you added to the discussion on the state of the hobby, so far I've only seen you attack someone because you don't agree with their opinion on today's youth, how welcoming is that? You tell someone to be more welcoming, maybe you should lead by example.
  15. So, are we going to talk about the future of the hobby or are we going to get triggered/butt hurt because someone expressed an opinion someone doesn't agree with? Just wanted to know on whether or not to follow this thread, TIA.
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