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  1. I believe that was FS 34558. Italian Interior Green - FS 34558 UA116, UA 116 Acrylic Matt | Lifecolor | 22ml (scalemates.com)
  2. You can do Mk 82's without TP with Mk 15's or with conical (regular) fins, both would be accurate for the markings you are doing.
  3. For those who want to do an Topgun A-4 (or any other A-4) with a instrument (TIS/ACMI) pod loaded, you will need the ADU-299 to mount the LAU-7 (missile launcher) and for the AV-8B with AIM-120, you need the ADU-830. 😉 Also, the ADU-299 was used on the A-6, A-7, OV-10, S-3, P-3, A-4, to carry AIM-9/ACMI Pods on the wing stations.
  4. For Non-Thermally Protected (NTP) Mk 82 with Mk 15 Snakeye fins, they were authorized for the F-4B during the Vietnam war so I know they were carried (maybe not in theater but at least in training before the squadron deployed). NTP Bombs were used right up to the end of the Vietnam War (73) since they were still being introduced to the fleet. You would see a mix of TP and NTP bombs starting in 72 and NTP's were removed from carrier operations at the end of the war. Remember, Snakeye's don't have to release with the fins opening, there are "Pilot Option" fins, which means the pilot
  5. To answer your question; Yes, all maintenance and service markings would be painted regardless to whether the aircraft is a "hi-vis" or "lo-vis" scheme. GW
  6. The pod is a TCTS Pod, the bombs are BDU-59 LGTR's on a BRU-42 ITER, the Sidewinder is a CATM9X. To make a TCTS Pod, take a TACTS Pod and add the 4 probes. Note: the LGTR's on ITER's is not an authorized fleet load, it was only authorized for the movie.
  7. Quick question, do you combine shipping for multiple items ordered? Eyeing the 1/72 scale mines for a few builds.
  8. Just a quick note, with four weapons rails installed you can not load a Sparrow (AIM-7) on the aft Sparrow station (station 4), the rails cover the area where the Sparrow's wings/fins would be. With two GBU-24's loaded you can't load anything else on the belly (besides the empty rails on stations 4R/6R).
  9. Whoops, didn't see that in your first post. 👍
  10. If I may; recommend you get the Quickboost TA-7C drag chute housing correction set since Hobby Boss messed up and didn't include it in the kit. https://spruebrothers.com/qbt72216-1-72-quickboost-tc-7c-corsair-ii-drag-chute-housing-hbs-kit-72216/
  11. As stated in the thread linked, the decals are slightly thick but laid down with no issues and reacted well to Micro-Sol. I would recommend you have a good coat of future so the decals will have a nice smooth surface. I've used three of the 1/72 scale VFC-111 sheets so far and haven't had an issue with them, they are a little hard to get down on a curved surface but with enough Micro-Sol they will conform to the surface.
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