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  1. After the encounter there was a concerned about increased air threat so the CAG up'ed it's air to air posture, hence the new AIM-120D's being loaded.
  2. The Furball load out is accurate, the information came from official expenditure reports, the AIM-120 used was a AIM-120C variant.
  3. Shooting the gun trashes the aircraft and is a huge PITA to clean off. We used to spray oil (VV-L-800 (military's version of WD-40)) to help lessen the amount of crap we would have to clean.
  4. More like lipstick on a turd..................
  5. For GP, JDAM and LJDAM Bombs there are two types of bomb bodies used, Mk 80 Series and BLU-1xx Series. The BLU-1xx Series will be gray, the MK 80 Series will be OD green before the 2005/6, after 2005/6 they can be either OD or gray. For missiles, again, it depends on variant and time frame. For the AIM-9 Sidewinder, (Generally) the Bravo to Hotel were white, the Lima were white and after time were gray, the Mike was gray (some did have white sections but that was rare) and the Xray was gray. And as Jim stated, HARM's and ARGAAM's are 36622.
  6. BS Not sure what kits you are building but I've put many kits together without dry fitting the parts and rarely had to use a drop of putty when I do.
  7. That's because most people know that Tomcat's are cooler. Remember, they're two types of aircraft in the world, Tomcat's and targets.
  8. I can't remember when the new stacks came out but if you are modeling something within the past 8-10 years, it will have the new style of pipes. All aircraft that had the old style were retrofitted with the new style within the last 8 to 10 years, even the old lot 21 and 22's being flown by VX-23 and USNTPS. hth
  9. Sorry I don't, I do 1/72 scale and am not familiar with any 1/32 scale after market stuff.
  10. My pleasure. Loaded many AGM/ATM/CATM-45's but never loaded a Standard Arm (they weren't cleared on the A-7E), watched the A-6 guys load them few times though.
  11. No, the Tomcat only used the LANTRIN Pod.
  12. For inert AGM-45 Shrike (called a CATM-45A) it would be as follows; Radome and guidance section - gloss white Warhead section - blue FS 35109 Control section - gloss white Propulsion section - blue FS 35109 Wings and Fins - gloss white https://picryl.com/media/munitions-personnel-load-an-agm-45-shrike-missile-onto-the-wing-pylon-of-an-61aaea?zoom=true http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/m-45.html (middle picture except the section aft of the wings (rocket motor) will be blue) For an inert AGM-78, called a CATM-78, it would as follows; Radome - black forward part of guidance section - gloss white rest of the missile body - Blue FS3510 Wings and Fins - gloss white https://www.f-106deltadart.com/piwigo/picture.php?/15702/category/465 hth IYAOYAS
  13. Are you going to do the post ASW Mod (remove most of the sono-tubes, remove the MAD Boom, etc)?
  14. Are we talking USN, USMC or USAF? Also, you posted this in the archive forum, need to ask a moderator to move it to the active jet modeling from, you'll get more replies.
  15. The Deluxe Turbo Encabulator was installed under the highly classified F-14A+ Super-Duper Bad-Arse Airframe Change 6-14-1+. You need a "Tippity Top-Sky High " security clearance to see the documentation for that Airframe Change. I would share it with you fi you know the unspoken/unwritten password and show me the never before seen hand shake.
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