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  1. The Nay will not be "parading" the pilot around, that would be the stupidest thing they could do because every junior jihadi would be salivating to "even the score". Also notice how the Navy is keeping this low key, we still have people over there and they don't want to in danger any of them encase the worst happens and they come down in enemy territory. Now, remember when someone said OPSEC, well good going guys, you just ID'ed the squadron involved. What do you think is going to happen to an aircrew/pilot that would happen to get captured, do you think they are going to treat him like a hero. Also, are you guys that stupid to think that this site is not watched by other countries foreign intelligence services and jihadi's looking for intel. But hey, let's talk about America's front line air to air missile capabilities and put our service men/women lives in danger for some freaking decals for a model. I'm sure Iran is thanking you right now...........................
  2. Allow me to point out that no details have been "officially" release by the USN and that CNN is not a very trustworthy source, hell, they can't even spell ordnance correctly. As for the detail stated in the article, I would trust Bill Cosby mixing my wife a drink before I trust what the media is reporting.
  3. That's a training pod, think it's a CUBIC Pod.
  4. That Sidewinder you are asking about is a standard CATM-9M without the wings and fins (identical to the one in FINN's pic) , the color would be FS 35109. If you are doing a subject that is older than 25 years the arming key will be different, if not, it will be same as the one in FINN's pic.
  5. Those aren't cushions, merely shadows on the first one and in the second one you are seeing Station 6R Weapons Rail (Pallet). There was never any cushions between the Phoenix and the Rail, the clearance between the two though was extremely tight, only about an 1/8 of an inch or so.
  6. I saw one of each this morning, they look great though you might want to sand them just a bit and make sure you wash them before painting, they might have an oil residue.
  7. That is a LB-31A Camera pod and yes, it is mounted on a MER. It was commonly carried by the A-7 (On station 3) but could be carried by other USN/USMC aircraft. The pod had 14 inch suspension and carried two cameras (one downward facing and one forward facing at a downward angle).
  8. One way to tell the difference between the Mk 52 and Mk 55 when they have the nose fairing on is that the Mk 52 has round holes, the Mk 55 has oval holes. Also, the tail of the Mk 52 has a "step" on the back end, the Mk 55 has a tapered end. They both had one thing in common, they both were a PITA to run the arming lanyards.
  9. The first pic is a Mk 55 with a Mk 18 fin, the other pics are Mk 60 Captor Mines.
  10. And you have a blessed day also.
  11. Um, this is a public forum and you did not quote the OP, guess you don't understand how a public forum works. I rebutted your comments, you didn't like it, get over it.
  12. If you don't like the way he did it then do it yourself, I explained why he didn't do it the way you want him to do it, don't like the explanation then that's on you. And for the reason why I mentioned that I know him was for full disclosure to people reading this thread, not solely for you. Moving on.
  13. If the owner of the model changes the model to allow multiples in one order it will increase the price since it would require more plastic, hence the reason why he chose to keep it as a single unit. Also, the owner of the model does not set the price and is not making any money from this. And yes, I know who the owner of the model, he's a good friend and co-work.
  14. Anything from Starfix