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  1. Flares

    IIRC they use the Mk 24 and/or the Mk 45 Parachute Flare, depending on time frame.
  2. Reference material for...

    Photos of a P-61 restoration project, it is being restored back to original condition. http://www.maam.org/p61/p61_rest.htm
  3. For an F-18C, if you want to do GBU-38's on BRU-55's (dual rack) you will need to do them either on both wing stations or one wing station and a different weapon on other station, you cannot do one wing station with a dual rack and one with a parent rack load. (the loading rules are different from the Super Hornet). For the other A2G load you stated, that is not an authorized load but if you load it this way it is; Sta 2 - AGM-65 Sta 3 - AGM-88 Sta 7 - Mk 82 on dual rack (BRU-33 or BRU-55) Sta 8 - GBU-12
  4. Those are GBU-32's (1,000 lb JDAM's), currently they are only authorized on parent rack (single pylon). The GBU-38 (500 lb JDAM) and GBU-54 (500 lb LJDAM) are authorized on both parent rack or dual racks (BRU-55).
  5. F-14A VF-84 operation Eagle Claw

    203 is overall light gull grey, the color difference is just from the way the light is hitting it. It looks like the Phoenix Fairing Adapter (part of the Phoenix "Pallet") is white along with the station 2's drop tank rack (MXU-611).
  6. Worst Kit Ever!!!! The 1/72 scale Kitech EA-6B Prowler. This is the worst model every produced, nothing fits, there are gaps a mile wide, incomplete molding, the canopy is an inch thick, and the detail sucks!! I was going to use this kit as a what if project, got the fuselage together, was going to put the wings on and notices that it would take 3 feet of scrap plastic and ten pounds of putty to make the wing/fuselage joint look right. I just glued the wings on and hung the model from a tree in the yard, it is now a target for my Arisoft gun. I would have thrown it against the wall but I didn't want to smear crap all over the wall.
  7. Super Hornet shoots down Syrian SU-22

    The D version is out but the AMRAAM used was a C variant.
  8. NFL 2017

    I'm with you. Bye bye NFL
  9. Modern VFA-103 loadouts?

    Depends on what engineer you ask, I've heard it was weapon seperation clearance between the cheek station and the inboard pylon, I've also heard it was due to wing droop. Joe H would know more details so I'll defer to his expertise for this (hopefully he will chime in and set me straight).
  10. Modern VFA-103 loadouts?

    And if anyone was wondering, the pylons are canted 4.5 degrees outboard, the two outboard stations are also tilted 2.5 degrees.
  11. Modern VFA-103 loadouts?

    Yep, that would be a good legal load. I would recommend an ATFLIR on the left cheek station.
  12. Modern VFA-103 loadouts?

    They rarely fly GBU-31's while on the boat, that's a lot of weight to bring back in they don't expend them.
  13. Our port visits were this during the cruise; Izmir Turkey 24-28 Sept 90 Istanbul Turkey 14-19 Oct 90 Antalya Turkey 12-17 Dec 90 Haifa Israel 21-27 Dec 90 Antalya Turkey 31Dec to 4 Jan 91 Jiddah Saudi Arabia 14-15 Feb 91 (16 hours to off load damaged aircraft) I remember that we sent a few jets to the beach when we pulled into one of the liberty ports in Turkey but can't remember which port or when, but those were Slugger Tomcats you saw, VF-74 sent a few jets too, in fact, everyone from the Airwing sent at least one bird for an exercise we did with the Turkish Air Force.
  14. Yes, I was with VF-103 during the Desert Shield/Desert Storm cruise. I'll have to check my cruise book to see when we were in Antalya, I think it was September but can't remember the exact dates. I'll check later tonight once I'm home.
  15. Modern VFA-103 loadouts?

    I couldn't tell you, I don't have that set so I can say if they are the right size or not. Yea, Boeing screwed the pooch on that one, now you know why the SH doesn't have a speed brake, it has six of them on the wing.