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  1. The SecNav held himself to his own standards, he screwed up, allowed his emotions to over rule his judgement, realized he screwed up and resigned. He didn't wait to get fired, he didn't make excuses, he knew he made a mistake and held himself to the same standard he held others to.
  2. You do have disdain, you said one of my favorite sources is Fox News, yet I've never used Fox News as a source on this site. As to your question as to why I'm defending a civilian over a uniformed member, because that civilian was correct! It's not a matter of uniform verses civilians, it a matter of right and wrong and in this case, the Captain was wrong, pure and simple. And just because I used an article to SUPPORT my opinion doesn't mean I used it to BASE my opinion on. I based my opinion on 20.5 years of Naval service and 15 years of supporting the Navy as a contractor, and the 18 years I spent as a Navy Brat, basically I based my opinion on experience, not some news articles I pulled on line.
  3. Bold Mine Your disdain for someone who doesn't agree with your "group think" and doesn't share your TDS is telling. Did your "sources" mention who got that letter, here's a hint, it wasn't only the civilian leadership in the DoN. That letter was sent to numerous military leaders in the CoC from CINCPACFLT to the CNO and was then forwarded to the JCS, all of whom wear the uniform and have served numerous years onboard warships, it didn't just go to the DoN civilian leadership. Your ideology blinds you from seeing this subject objectively and your sources are not giving you all of the information. Now, you may not like the ONE source I linked but to discount it solely based on it's ideological leanings shows how partisan you are, and you call the "other side" the problem.
  4. The only thing that I posted that could be considered "political" is the source of an opinion article I posted, I never referred to politics in my posts. Now that opinion piece pointed out several valid points but most here will discount it because it's from a "right wing" site, yet firmly believe everything they read in the NY Times and other sites they link. I think one thing people are failing to understand, especially those who have never been in the military is, you never go outside your lane, this Skipper did. I read his letter is appalling, this Capt thinks he knows better than the entire DoN leadership, he makes it sound like none of them have ever served onboard a ship and that only he knows what's best for his crew. And to use that cruise ship as an example, that tells me he should never have screened for command.
  5. BLUF = Bottom Line Up Front, gives the key points first https://www.redstate.com/darth641/2020/04/04/opinion-navy-captain-properly-relieved/
  6. 1) Thank you. 2) Because the Skipper didn't request it, if he was so concerned about his crew he should have requested the port visit be cancelled. He gets daily briefings, he knew the situation with the virus. 3) My sources are official sources (which I will not share), not some website with an agenda. 4) OPSEC - not discussing/releasing Operational Security information in the public domain, did broke that rule and thus was removed from command. And no offense, you find politics in just about everything.
  7. Well, I am a deplorable, and proud of it.
  8. No, you saying "I guess Ebola is the 'black" virus then eh" is basic racism 101. There is a German and Spanish culture/people, I don't see any of your "sources" refraining from using those names.
  9. Ebola was named after a river in Africa, the area it originated from. What about the Lyme Disease, MERS Virus, West Nile Virus, the Spanish Flu, German Measles, are they "controversial" also because they are named after an AREA?
  10. No, SecNav said he either did it on purpose or he was stupid/naive, it all depends on the Captain's intent.
  11. I always love it when people who have never served a day in a leadership position in the Navy tell me what it takes to be a leader in the Navy. I had a good time in the Navy and look back on my time with fond memories. If you are respected, popularity will follow.
  12. Who said Navy leadership began to fail them after the spread, besides a fired skipper? Why don't you post the entire quote, like the part that says "The alternative is that he did this on purpose." And I thought you didn't want politics in this discussions, if so why make a statement "BTW it's your favorite propaganda machine saying this too Gerry". Guess 11B isn't the only one who can't resist interjecting their politics into a discussion.
  13. Yes, I was in the Navy, 20.5 years with over 4.5 years of time on Aircraft Carriers with a little bit of time on the Roosevelt. I am fully aware what goes into a port visit and I also know that a port visit can be cancelled with ease. Just because you read something on the internet doesn't mean it's true. And I see you still can't resist the chance to interject your politics in a thread , even after the OP asks for no politics. If you want to know what goes on onboard a Navy ship I recommend you go down to your local Navy Recruiter and raise your right hand. There are things that go on onboard navy ships that are none of the public's business, it's call OPSEC. The fatality rate for the virus here in the States is around 2.8% using the number publicly available, an most of those who are elderly, not young fit Sailors. They have more of a chance of getting killed doing their job then from dying from the virus. The Captain disclosed sensitive/classified information, went outside the CoC, blindsided his boss, and acted irrationally, not something a Skipper of an Aircraft Carrier should be doing. As for him being popular with his crew, a good CO shouldn't be popular, he should be RESPECTED.
  14. Well, I guess the Skipper of the GC-23 Naiguata is now a sub commander.
  15. And your sources are? If many more will get it why is it that over half of the crew is still onboard. Also, if the Skipper was so concerned about his crew why did he allow a four day port visit to Vietnam to take place a month ago, in the middle of the virus outbreak in Asia? Again, your sources are .................. or are you just armchair speculating?
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