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Blueprint for Space display models

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Personally I'd be Very Cautious about clicking on a link in the very first post from a brand new member with no supporting text or description of the link ......

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Gorgeous builds, as always, Mr. Merriman. Love to hear a little backstory on these. Tho' there's no way of guessing the scale, they don't seem to be your full-sized Blueprint for Space builds. Built for a commission? Built for sale? And, can I use the word "build" in one more sentence? Please, more info.


Yes, kind of scary to click on a link w/o any info, but I've been unable to log into ARC Forums at all for the past 4 days. "Site Not Avalable" kept popping up. Finally had a suspicion and just checked my  Bitdefender. Sure enough it had been notifying me that "opera.exe attempted to establish a connection relying on an unmatching security certificate to www.arcforums.com. We blocked the connection to keep your data safe since the used certificate was issued for a different web address than the targeted one".


But I've over-ridden it, and now all is as it was. But "is as it was safe"? Going to SSL Checker shows that ARCs security certificates all seem to be up-to-date. Tekmology... 

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