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  1. Not very soon, that's for sure. Running out of time and space and seeing the incredible attention to detail that's going into this build - this is pretty daunting! I did get a start on it ages ago - the styrene frame is done -, but ground to a halt on the paper launch pad surface. Mine came in two pieces (10, 15 years ago?), and while they join perfectly, they're are two different color densities, and the difference is very noticeable. So the next step there would be to scan each half, combine and match the four or six scans it would take to fit my scanner, in photoshop, maybe change the color
  2. What a beautiful project. I, too, have one of these in my stash, so this is very exciting to watch. You mention that some card parts have a tendency to fray or delaminate as you work with them. I flatten or shape such annoyances as best I can and then touch them with thin CA on the end of a toothpick (helps if it has a very small knob of already hardened glue or paint on it). The card instantly absorbs the CA and turns rock hard. Also good for (Very Carefully) attaching card parts when you need them to be instantly set. Practice first, tho', as there's no going back. But there are times when
  3. Been there, done this, with all kinds of projects that were supposed to be fun and turned out to be exercises in frustration. In fact, I'm there right now on my current paper models project. What I always have to do is just step away from the project for a while. Throw it into a container that will fit somewhere where I won't see it, and move on to something else for a while. After that while, sometimes a long while, I'll dig out the container and invariably anthropomorphize the contents and think, poor thing, I've got to make this right. And trying again almost always ends up with both of us
  4. I don't know about it not winning any awards. As far as I'm concerned, it'd be Gold from me. What a great build! And I'm glad to see that other people have models that have been shelved for 10 years half -way through the build. Make me feel like I've been a trend-setter. As for pulling up decals that haven't quite worked, I use clear packing tape. It'll pull off 95% of the decal, except for the one bit over key fine details. Absolutely love your work. Hope Santa brings you a great new something--to-scratch-build-most-of! Cheers!
  5. Damn, that's fine. The nicest looking Soyuz model I've ever seen! Never in a million years tell that it was just 1/144 scale, either.
  6. One of the coolest and most fun and most inspiring projects I've ever seen. I think there are many of us out here who are almost as excited to see how this turns out as you are. Wonderful stuff!
  7. This is truly a magnificent build, as are a couple of others on this site. Really pushing the envelope beyond what I would have thought possible for a shuttle model even just a couple of years ago. I am planning on getting a resin printer, probably next spring as I have no place indoors that I could use it during our long Canadian winter. Before I start learning 3d drafting (like I have enough years left), I've started collecting a few projects off the 'net. Namely the files that Vincent Meens is selling online. I mean, who wouldn't? I think it's a brilliant idea for him to be maki
  8. Started the Ark model when it was first released. Scratched a crude flight deck, that actually can been seen through the tiny window openings. Then got bogged down with the decals. Despite the seller description, my kit didn't come with the tile decals and it took the better part of half a year to finally score a set. And they okay, but missing a few parts that were included in another supplementary set, and the printing wasn't great, and they didn't quite match the tile maps I'd found online. So what's a certifiable person to do? Instead of finishing the stupid model, I drafted a "corrected"/
  9. Wow, that is a gorgeous set of models! Normally, when I get the bug to build something, I just jump right in and buy a kit, which almost always ends up on a stack of things I'll get to "someday". And a Buran on the Antonov has been a dream build of mine since way before the Revell kit was released. But this has been one of those very rare occasions where I haven't followed through on my compulsion. I just know I have no room for such a beastie. That's never stopped me before, which is why I Really have no room for such a beastie. So I'll just have to admire yours. Nice work!! And thanks for po
  10. Hi, K2Pete! I'm a very slow builder, sanding and glueing only in the coldest two or three months of the Alberta winter. So a build thread from me would amount to a semi-annual post at best. Case in point: when I started building a 1/24 LM, I started searching and discovered that a fellow named Vincent Meens was building one, too. Mine was just very slightly ahead of his progress-wise. Well, he's been finished and moved on to a couple of other projects over the decades? since then, and mine... well, it's not had a whole lot done on it lately. Not wanting to hijack your thread, I'm
  11. Truly a wonderful, and amazing build. About 6 months ago, I re-discovered my 1968-ish Revell stacks plus one LM and thought I'd do the two stacks as "accurate" Block I's and my more modern Monogram anniversary kits as Apollos 9, 10, and 11. I'm working from the inside out, tho'. I stupidly decided that you can see a lot through those little windows, so I reduced a paper model of the LM interior that I'd downloaded years ago to 1/48ish (perfect 1/48 doesn't quite fit inside the Revell kits) and am slowly losing my mind with the microscopic details. It's kinda fun, tho'. The paper model was from
  12. This thread inspired me to get myself a Buran kit and the etch from EBay. It finally arrived! The etch looks great. My kit came with the instruction sheet for placing the tile decals... but no tile decals. The EBay seller refuses to do anything, saying that the kit was factory sealed. And Ark models says that they do not sell the decals, even tho' they asked me to send a photo of the box. ?? Hugely disappointed, especially after seeing it all built up an the Airfix Space magazine. Could be a real stunner if you can score a complete kit. Otherwise it's into the space parts box for this one.
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