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  1. I just ordered a detail set for a Saturn V model from New Ware in the Czech Republic, sent to Canada. Tom wrote that as of the autumn, he was required to charge the 21% Vat. Has anyone else outside the EU had the same thing happen with online purchases? No doubt I'll be hit with a GST charge when it arrives here, too. Is the VAT still refundable after the fact, as it was for in store purchasing when travelling? And, if so, how? As if the weak Canadian $ wasn't enough of a hit, this will probably be my last purchase from any of my old favorite EU vendors. Yikes!
  2. Some of my references. Some of these photos took a lot of searching, so I thought I'd post them here.
  3. And, reading all the comments about how terrible the kit decals are, I redrafted almost all of them. This was all done on Photoshop, so it's not vector. That shouldn't matter, as there's nothing to enlarge them for, except I'll probably use them to update my 1/144 reduction of the 1/96 AXM paper model, which they should still be fine for. The markings I revised should have a better resolution/clarity than the originals and I've tried to brighten the colors closer to true. I just pasted all my new versions over the top of the old on a scan of the kit decal sheel. On my last session
  4. Stalled for a little while (tiling the bathroom) on finishing the decal wrap. Rathet than just searching for images of "Artemis", the other day I realized I could also try "SLS". And, lo!, there were a couple really good, if hard to find, high-res images of the thing that have given me a few new details to fix and add to the wrap. Now it sounds like I should really "draft" the rest of the markings in 1/200 scale. That's sad to hear about the decals, because it's not such a bad little kit (Charlie Brown's comment about his Christmas tree just came to mind), it just needs a little loving. Or may
  5. Just downloaded Mr. Meens' latest offering, the files for printing a 1/48 Orion service module: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/1-48-orion-spacecraft As always, it looks superb. Now I just have to get a 3d printer!!
  6. Replaced the attachment in the first post with one removing the paired conduits, as that would be the wrap that anyone would use who wasn't going to replace the kit part with a small and fiddly scratched piece. Moved the bases of the other conduits anywhere from .2 to .6mm up or down to match where the kit details appear so that they line up better. Also revised a couple details on the transition. Also updated the transition with a second version showing how it appears at some point pre-launch. There appear to be some protective covers in place over a couple of... somethings. D
  7. In case you're wondering if this would work, I did it before to create a a wrap for the core and the rest of the markings for a Dragon? Ariane V Rosetta mission. I think it worked out really well, tho' I didn't want to alter the kit to create quite the correct number of vertical "bricks". Oh, there's the Artemis back there, with a paper b&w segment of the wrap checking the fit.
  8. Nope. there's just no way my painting skills are up to getting my AMT Artemis to look anything like the Artemis. So I think I'll cheat. I have the great AXM paper model of the Artemis and the piece of card wrapped into a cylinder makes for a great looking fuel tank. Why not make the paper model into a decal? That would eliminate the need to become a master artist. So I scaled the AMX model of the core to 1/200, and started going through alll the photos I can find and the screen grabs I made of the launch and started adding what details I could find and making a few corrections to the AXM "kit"
  9. That's why I started drafting my own - I really want to re-do my NB-52 as Balls 8 and he was long sold out of it in 1/72. And, besides, it's kind of fun researching and coming up with different and additional markings. Tho' I may have to do some extra markings Balls 3 for my Atlantis rerelease. But it looks like this winter weather season I'm just going to try to get my set of shuttle decals finished. All that's left is the top of the nose area and I'm busy trying to match my drafting to the compound curves. It has been a many January/February's project. Time to get it done.
  10. Gorgeous builds, as always, Mr. Merriman. Love to hear a little backstory on these. Tho' there's no way of guessing the scale, they don't seem to be your full-sized Blueprint for Space builds. Built for a commission? Built for sale? And, can I use the word "build" in one more sentence? Please, more info. Yes, kind of scary to click on a link w/o any info, but I've been unable to log into ARC Forums at all for the past 4 days. "Site Not Avalable" kept popping up. Finally had a suspicion and just checked my Bitdefender. Sure enough it had been notifying me that "opera.exe attempted
  11. Ordered the Indycal decals today, and am soaking my ancient AMTset in EasyOff as I type. It'll be a while before I can get back to modelling, but you are still a bad, bad influence. I've no idea where my 1/200 shuttle is, but I did get the 1/200 Artemis for Christmas, so some reworking of the base will be in order. One thing I noticed on my old set, besides all the incaccurate details that I never fixed, is something that I did fix. The Redstone part of the MR is not long enough. At 1/200 scale, you need to add approx. 12.7mm to bring the booster to the correct length. Allways says it's 718"
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