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'One More for Donnie Boy'

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Since like most of us I work on a limited schedule, by the time I get to the point of mixing paint on a piece I'm a little, uh, 'rusty' with the brushes. To warm up, and tune my "feel" for the paint as well, I like to take an existing WWII photo and "reproduce" it in oil, usually changing the mood of the piece by playing with the colors. That way, I'm not so invested in prep work as with my other representational art composed from scratch.

I'm ready to commence work on 'The Debden Kidd' (P-51s taking off), but before I work on that, I'll be doing an 18 x 24 of this previously unpublished photo. Since the final canvas' aspect ratio is smaller (more square) than this photo's more rectangular shape, there will be more sky at the top of the composition.

I'm going to call it:

One More for Donnie Boy

Oil on linen mounted on panel

18 x 24



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Yes, there were at least two extensive photo sessions of Don, Don and Johnny, and Don and armorers, all in and around Shangri-La sitting on her corner hardstand in front of 336's dispersal shacks.

Just for fun, here's what that same hardstand looked like in 2002 - much more "Debden Then and Now" on my site:



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Just this morning, I went to Kinko's and enlarged the photo to 24" wide. Makes Gentile and the crewman on the wing a little bigger than 12" GI Joe size! Luckily, it worked out that I will have ample sky on top based on the aspect ratio of the 18 x 24 canvas.

Just now I also applied the second coat of gesso to the Winsor & Newton canvas panel. The W&N panels feature more of a "linen" finish that the Fredrix panels available at my local art store, but the medium texture still needed to be smoothed out a bit, thus the two coats of gesso applied with disposable foam brushes. I used to "hate" the canvas grain, but after a work is varnished and framed, subtle canvas grain gives it that "old master" look ... now I love it.

Today and for the next few days, however, I have to finish a LONG overdue George Preddy pencil drawing a collector already paid for ages ago. Will post that here when finished.


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