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    Are you sure that is a Model??? :woot.gif:/> WOW
  2. that's it for today,Stay tune thank you for watching
  3. Hi Guy Sorry didn't has an update for a long time, I have been work oversea for a while, one year and a few months, and now back to work on my Big "E" here are some update
  4. Hi There Some update pics here
  5. cut out openning at the Elevator the missing detail from the fibreglass casting will be removed and replace with the new resin casting later and the second fibreglass hull get start, all the defects from the first hull will be fixed , hopfully stay tune :whistle:/>/>/>/>
  6. Hi there, Happy New year :rolleyes:/>/>/> the progress on first fibreglass casted hull. I got the leson on my 1st fibreglass hull - after aplly the surface coat the next layer should be the fine weave fibreglass fabic then the medium weave and the last rough weave, the second hull I will apply 2 layer of fine weave fibreglass , 2 meduim weave and the last one will be the rough weave fibreglast, hopfully ti will not so much heavy for RC. these are some pic of 1st hull cheer
  7. Hi Guy more update on the stren, I will start to cast fiberglass, the rear hull , in this weekend and some pictures, show the danmage on the original mold during taking out the silicone rubber out of the fiberglass support :bandhead2:/> Stay tune
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