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  1. SyAAF Su-22M4 dark brown color?

    Thanks for your input guys.......Looks like a mixing job.
  2. SyAAF Su-22M4 dark brown color?

    Hi gents, just curious on that dark brown on them Su-22M4's? Is there a good Gunze match? Here's some fairly clear pics of the subject: http://falkeeinsgreatplanes.blogspot.jp/2017/03/syrian-su-22-fitters-using-s-8-rockets.html
  3. 1/72 Gaz-66 Truck

    Gents any news on the 1/72 Modelcollect kit due out a few years ago? I haven't seen one any where.
  4. Hi folks, just wondering if there is a match in Gunze for painting the Su-25/ 34/ 35's?
  5. Trumpeter - new Chinese aircraft in 1/72

    Trumpys 1/72 mig-19 and Nanchang Q-5/ A-5III have gone under the radar. No news about them at all.
  6. 1/72 Su-17M3 by Modelsvit

    These are very nice Laurent. Now all we can do is wait for the two penultimate releases from Modelsvit. 1. Tu-22B 2. Ye-152M/ E-166 so far no news on their release?
  7. Is Sandle Hobbies still in business?

    I did order a PE fret, and it said it was in stock. Might as well forget about what I ordered. Oh boy............ :bandhead2:/>
  8. Hi guys, just wanted to ask whether this outfit is legit? I placed an order with them 3 days ago, and other than the automatic email order confirmation, haven't heard anything yet. The phone number listed on their webpage is also not attended. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Doesn't seem like they are in business?
  9. Gents, just wanted to know if some website is selling this set anymore as it's difficult to find now? Many thanks.
  10. Hi guys, been waiting for these patiently since their purported 2014 release dates. So far no news. Anyone knows anything about news out of AZ Models? Cheers.
  11. Gents it's been a while since the Tu-22KD was released. Any news out of Ukraine for the bomber variant? Same for the Special hobby Ajeet? Any news anyone?
  12. Tu-22 Modelsvit in 72nd

    Not surprised Jennings, probably the same for the Ye-152A & Ye-166, unless we get a new update.
  13. Special hobby Gnat/ Ajeet? where are they?

    might have to wait for the IAF decal boxing. I wonder when it will be out? I bet the recce/ Ajeet nose spares are also part of this first issue?
  14. Special hobby Gnat/ Ajeet? where are they?

    I hope they include the decals for bort # IE 1083, the gnat captured by the PAF in the 1965 war. Can't wait to built it after I saw it in the Karachi museum many years ago. btw. Hannants is not listing them yet.........
  15. 1/72 PJ Production Mirage 5F

    yeah you're probably right.......a bit of a dark wash should hide them a bit. yours looks good all done up.