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  1. Wouldn't there be a general consensus here on the notion that future ain't what it used to be?..........they've changed or tweaked its formula such that it behaves differently now. Sadly it's not the same product anymore!
  2. Gents I'm nearing completion. It looks OK, won't be winning any contests..........just glad its almost over.
  3. My my.......lol.......phew.......this butt-fits wonky on the fuselage. Be warned. I'd like to see the end result. This might just solve the nose glass house drama on this miserable kit, if you successfully manage this hack. This Russian site has a couple built up for reference. Both not exactly R's.....but hey: https://karopka.ru/community/user/13501/?MODEL=261190 https://karopka.ru/community/user/19124/?MODEL=394774 My inspiration: https://vaul.ru/o-sajte/novosti/45-samoljoty/778-samoljot-yak-28 The 2 tone Fs34079/ Tan versions look fantastic! Very unique and beats all other R camou scheme's, IMO. Some great detail shots there too.
  4. Hey bud, the Yak-28R Nose cone is mitred at an angle where it butts up to the fuselage. The PP nose cone is very different (square). I'll post up some pics when finished. P.S. This particular kit has gotta be one of the worst things I've put my hands on....The two engine pods are not the same either in end cross sections, and when installed you can see the difference in dimensions, the intakes/ exhaust are different (starboard/ Port)......they also install wonky, with one slightly higher/ off angle than the other (with the wings lined up and flush against the wing/ fuselage mounts).....Just atrocious!
  5. Amodels Yak-28R.........Hard to believe but looks like they couldn't inject the mitered conical nose cone glass house in one piece. Be warned that Amodels kits are a serious headache! Short run and intended only for the collectors or diehards.
  6. Thanks for this info. Will look for this LOCA glue at my local electronics shop.
  7. yup......it is messed up. Sounds like my path forward is to glue them using white glue, sand/ polish/ buff........followed by a future bath. Fingers crossed that ugly seam gets minimized.
  8. Hi gents, been struggling with this quirky issue on my Amodel Yak-28R's two part nose glass house. Is there a way to eliminate this seam? The joints are unfortunately not on the framing. Anyone else tackle this beast here?
  9. For Sale is the hard to find 1/35 Halcyon Aliens Armored Personnel Carrier Model kit by the now out of business Halcyon company from the UK. I'm asking $200, but will accept a reasonable offer. The Kit is complete, unbuilt has instructions and decals, and the box is in good condition. Just shows its age as it is from 1987. Shipping will be $25 basic postal rate. If you want tracking and all, please let me know. Please note the Item is located in Japan. I will ship from here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via pm/ email. I accept paypal.
  10. Excellent work niart17. I tried getting into sci-fi, but couldn't bring myself to even build my 1/35 Aliens Halcyon APC. lol If anyone wants to buy the APC, pm me, I'm happy to sell it
  11. Gents has this been released yet? Just wondering......
  12. Thanks for your input guys.......Looks like a mixing job.
  13. Hi gents, just curious on that dark brown on them Su-22M4's? Is there a good Gunze match? Here's some fairly clear pics of the subject: http://falkeeinsgreatplanes.blogspot.jp/2017/03/syrian-su-22-fitters-using-s-8-rockets.html
  14. Gents any news on the 1/72 Modelcollect kit due out a few years ago? I haven't seen one any where.
  15. Hi folks, just wondering if there is a match in Gunze for painting the Su-25/ 34/ 35's?
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