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  1. All my modeling is done in a single car garage. After a few years just spraying in the open. I finally brought myself a portable spray booth. Once, I have finished, pull out the LED lights, and fold everything away, it is no wider than a toolbox so it is easy to store away. Brendon
  2. Well for this build I thought i would try giving Mr Metal colors a go to see how it looks. What can I say, sprays well straight from the bottle. I had set the pressure for my airbrush around 10-15 psi Lightly spraying the first coat kept the colour variation, but it didn't cover well so i allowed a 15-20 min gap and gave it another light coating . Here is the result after 2 coats, hardly any to no tonal variation left. Now to let it dry before buffing up various panels, then seal it so I can paint the exhaust and the gun fa
  3. Hi Paulo. Absolutely. Some F-4G's had carried over their Mig kills while they were F-4E's. As long as the aircraft you are modeling is a MiG killer.. You are good to go.
  4. Welcome back to the hobby.. and also to the GB... few interesting builds there.
  5. Well steaming right ahead... Managed to apply a coat of primer last night before going to bed. At least the weather has been more kind to me today... lovely 22C or 71.6F. Firstly I randomly chose panels to be coated with Tamiya semi gloss black. masking out of random panels Next came a coat of NATO Black. once dried other panels were masked out as well then flat white was sprayed over the other exposed panels and here is the result.... a Zebra.... Have a few touch up
  6. Thanks Ron, I have finished all the prep work for it, unfortunately it was 43 deg C here today, so no painting has been done. It has cooled down a bit now so I may get a shot of primer on it to confirm that this is all good for colour. Now weather it beats Phantom as the first build completed who knows
  7. Here is the latest on this build. I had added about nother 5 grams of lead sinkers into the nose of the kit just to make sure it wont be a tail sitter..(unfortunately accidently deleted the photo this morning ) . After gluing the upper and lower wings together.. attaching the fuselage left a gap forward and rear of the wing joins. here it is after the first filling and sanding Sill have another session to do to flare it all in. There was a slight gap in the upper wing join as well. bit a little application of perfect
  8. If you feel like you would like donate a prize to the GB. Please PM me and I will add it here. Remember- If you donate a prize, it then becomes your obligation and responsibility to follow through. Condition of entry: To be eligible for the raffle you must complete your GB entry. I will notify the winners to relevant prize donors to get in touch with each other. bashace has kindly donated 4, $25.00 Sprue Brothers Gift Vouchers
  9. Well if the USAF museum has it credits this as a Triple MiG Killer, all good in my books as well!. Funny how even though there was gun camera video, that the Huntley/Stearman kill were never credited.
  10. My first build for this group is going to be Airfix 1/72 F-86F of then Major John Glenn. Whilst on a inter-service exchange position with the U.S.A.F's 25th FS in Korea , Glenn scored 3 Mig Kills He shot down his first MiG in a Dogfight on July 12, 1953, downed a second one on July 19, and a third on July 22 during an aerial engagement in which four other Sabres shot down three MiG's. Cockpit started and the exhaust done
  11. For this GB, I will be building the following aircraft. 1/72 Airfix F-86F " MiG Mad Marine" Korean War 1/72 Xtrakit Meteor F.8 " Hailstorm" Korean War with Novascale Decals
  12. G'day All. GB has been all setup and is open for business.
  13. Post any pictures or other reference materials here.
  14. Please provide upto 5 shots of your builds. Please no comments in this section just the finished builds. You can comment on the Work In Progress thread.
  15. Anyone who would like to come up with a Banner for the GB, Please feel free to share here.
  16. Use this thread to tell us which aircraft you are modelling and which kit/aftermarket parts you are using.
  17. Firstly Welcome the MiG/ Mi & Su killers GB. Running from 1 Jan 18 until 1-July-18 Any nations subject can be built as long it has been from the start of the Cold War upto current events. The airframe can be represented as either at the time of its scored kill or later on as they were transferred out from Sqn to Sqn ( either from deeper maintenance cycle or asset reallocation). Any kit and any scale are acceptable the kits can be modified in anyway Decals, Resin, Scratch, to achieve your desired results just no what if's because this is for actual subj
  18. Gday Wiskey.. You’re right so many choices to choose from... I’m really surprised that no one has ever thought of this before now. Yeah unfortunately the Banj Luka shoot downs wouldn’t qualify.
  19. Well mine is... just to start the rivalry ... I gather that as you guys are celebrating New Yrs still, by the weekend the GB will be setup
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