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  1. Thanks! yes its 1/48 let me ebay that... to see if i can find it
  2. Thanks! yes its 1/48 let me ebay that... to see if i can find it
  3. Ray hi my friend do you know where can i find stuff to put inside this huey? you know like...the stuff they carry when they are in this conditions
  4. yes i allways like to do my hueys very dirty and look like its been flying for years and years i dont know why but a weathered huey brings me more feelings than a clean one =)
  5. Hey Holms! Thanks! i decide to do it when i saw the very same Victoria in one of those dramatic 9/11 pictures
  6. yes Ray i did like them dirty =) a dirty huey its a work horse!
  7. hey friends this was my first ever huey i did paint with air brush cause i really dont know very well how to paint with it
  8. like to paint it flat black bring the shotgun to the front sit heavy weathered fuel tank area and dust and scracth everywere
  9. HEY Ray amazing i bet it was the best felling ever! to fly ur favorite workhorse bird here i another shot about her with the fuel tanks
  10. Hey frieds Dominican Republic have huey II the pictures are from me during my flight with the dominican republic air force recue team believe me it was the best time in my life!!!
  11. Hi friends this is a short video from february 27th independence day in dominican republic flying with the hueys from dominican republic air force the camo they have is new remember they used to be brown,sand and green now they are in 3 tones of gray enjoy it and greatting from the dominican republic there the link
  12. The retirement of this grand old lady - "OUR MOTHER" . The Huey.
  13. that unique sound its what make this bird the most amazing helicopter of all time =) great video!
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