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  1. hopefully soon though. KittyHawk's next release before they folded helo-wise was going to be the B model if I remember correctly so this is in line with that timeline. KH kept saying the D/H was coming so let's hope Trumpeter have the designs/cads etc and are all over it. Hopefully at least aware of the demand for it. trying to stay positive haha
  2. You might as well print out a new windshield/nose for that kit! The butchered nose makes the kit unbuildable for me..
  3. I know right... An accurate D/H in this scale seems further away than ever now
  4. I'm sure even you could make the heat shielding look great if you do go down that road. beautiful work as always
  5. that actually hurts my eyes.. the future is here, and it ain't pretty.. 😛
  6. same old story.. nearly 2023 and no decent 1/35 D/H Huey in sight 😞
  7. Do you mean the rotor mast set up? Or the rotor blades, or both? Check ebay - Reskit does a beautiful mast for the Huey.
  8. great news! I wonder how far KH got with their 1/35 D/H Huey? We really need that kit
  9. still waiting for that...are any model companies even aware that there is no decent D/H Huey in 1/35??? Just seems mind boggling that we still wait for this after years of demand for a decent Huey kit. Seems further away than ever sadly..
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