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  1. great news! I wonder how far KH got with their 1/35 D/H Huey? We really need that kit
  2. still waiting for that...are any model companies even aware that there is no decent D/H Huey in 1/35??? Just seems mind boggling that we still wait for this after years of demand for a decent Huey kit. Seems further away than ever sadly..
  3. This is great! But can you say if KH is releasing the B or D/H model first? I thought there was all new cad for the D/H model and it was announced last year it was happening? Strange that it seems to have changed, again..
  4. The MRC is a really great kit, the nose is a little off and it took me years to notice it's that subtle but very accurate detail overall in my opinion. Yeah I've been waiting a long time for the D/H so not sure why this release? Won't complain though! They did reply to one post saying the D/H is still coming. Hopefully it's the start in a long line of Huey models in 1/35
  5. I can only hope the wait is due to them doing new CAD and fixing the errors on the 1/48 kit, making it as accurate as can be. Hope being the key word...
  6. KH 1/35 Huey seems to have fallen off the radar, no updates or any news on their FB page since the announcement last year. Not looking good
  7. Sharp Kenny build, very nice! Sadly now retired from service and sold off via auctions... Would love to see a 1/35 new tool kit of this Chris B
  8. here's another good pic shoeing the different chromate colours, even the rotor mast and pilot door;
  9. Would you be able to post pics of how you have corrected that? Sounds like something I need to try on mine. Cheers, Chris B
  10. Reskit has announced what looks to be some really nice correction sets for the KH Huey on their FB page. Rotor system, complete interior redo and doors etc
  11. all has gone silent from KH on the 1/35 release also...
  12. Hi guys, can I get your opinions please on the best colours to represent the following pics. There is a good thread on this in the archives here but none of the pics show up anymore. Particularly I'm looking for best matches for the rotor mast colours and the different types of olive drab in the Vietnam era Hueys. I see different types of colours in the rotors, mast, scissors sleeves etc and different shades of olive drab/ green seem to be present in many Hueys. What is that yellow type paint that has mostly been worn off on the mast also? The rest appears to be of
  13. I just want some cad or something....! The anticipation is killin' me...
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