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  1. here's another good pic shoeing the different chromate colours, even the rotor mast and pilot door;
  2. Would you be able to post pics of how you have corrected that? Sounds like something I need to try on mine. Cheers, Chris B
  3. Reskit has announced what looks to be some really nice correction sets for the KH Huey on their FB page. Rotor system, complete interior redo and doors etc
  4. all has gone silent from KH on the 1/35 release also...
  5. Hi guys, can I get your opinions please on the best colours to represent the following pics. There is a good thread on this in the archives here but none of the pics show up anymore. Particularly I'm looking for best matches for the rotor mast colours and the different types of olive drab in the Vietnam era Hueys. I see different types of colours in the rotors, mast, scissors sleeves etc and different shades of olive drab/ green seem to be present in many Hueys. What is that yellow type paint that has mostly been worn off on the mast also? The rest appears to be of a light grey type colour? Also as you can see in this and the first pic, there have been replacement pilot doors added but appears to be a different colour or shade of olive drab maybe?
  6. I just want some cad or something....! The anticipation is killin' me...
  7. Nice, can you explain what you mean by modulation technique?
  8. I certainly hope this is the case. I think there were enough errors in the 1/48 kit to make that feasible if they want to make it an outstanding kit. They certainly have the potential to do that if they listen. As long as Ray and Floyd are listened to all the way through the process, we could get lucky
  9. I hope they sort out the issue with the sliding cargo doors not sitting far enough back in the open position. That is the iconic Huey look. That took major surgery for me to fix, That and the rotor issues (scissors and damper) were a big disappointment for me in the 1/48 kit. If they are fixed for this - I will be broke...!
  10. I'd love to help out in any way if possible or needed. Chris B
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