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  1. It' nice - but the Colors are - what is this grey Color ? - and you make the same Error like any other Modelbuilders: The Tail of the F/EF/G- Version are difficult from this Tail of an D-Version...(it's an great Bug of this Trumpeter -Kit) excus my bad English...
  2. ...last checks - i hope, there is all ready. - but there seems to be a few problems with the cannon...
  3. ...tricky work: attach the chains ...
  4. Thanks for your your good Comments :)/> ...Meanwhile, I was already a few steps further... The Bombcat has found her Place on a Carrier-Deck and the Mechanics finished the final works on the Cannon... - but these false brushed Intakes :wacko:/> ...so flew the Bomcat back again on my Airbrush.. Thanks to A-10 Loader for his helpfull critic ! It was a little bit tricky, but the foreward area of the Intakes are grey :) Now i must do the Chain's again ...
  5. @ A-10 Loader : Damned :o - Thats right what you say .. - too late :( - But Thanks for Your Tip! @ plasticWerks_JL : I don't use watercolors for painting - only for weathering. For watherinmg with watercolors i used very simply paintbox for school or watercolors from Revell. Because of my poor English I do prefer an image - i hope that's ok:
  6. Very nice little Modell - and very interesting!
  7. Yes, i use Gunze Colors. This Paneel a little lighter, am other Paneel a little darker... .. and a little bit of Watercolor:
  8. Good Job, good Model of an very interesting Aircraft !
  9. A nice and very interesting Model! :thumbsup:/>
  10. ...a little more dirt for the Bombcat. I use simple Watercolor... dry slightly and use a Brush:
  11. ...look at Photo 2 at Post 25 oder Photos on Post 35 ;)
  12. Good Job and a very nice Modell - :thumbsup:
  13. Bombs for the Bombcat! ...the model will get some dirt and weathering... everything was there where it belongs? -> excuse my bad english
  14. Thanks for your good comments :) ... recent works ....
  15. Nice Build - but there is same Buck like on the 1/72 Trumpeter F-105G: This is the vertical Tail of the D-Version ...
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