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  1. Hayden Did you start production on the F-100 intakes again
  2. This looks fantastic. I have long been a Zactoman fan and this upholds my impressions!!! Well done. I would love to pre-order this and the OV-10S !!!!!!!! Well Done Sir!!!
  3. Whee di you get Miiverse decals? I could not fined a store on thier site.
  4. Any more news on this kit or the AMK 1/48th scale kit. I see the Lucky Models pre-order, bu twas wondering about the AMK kit comparison.
  5. What sealer do they need? Can you overcoat with Future or do you need a special sealer?
  6. Is there a build in progress for this bird? Can't seem to find it
  7. Are the F-8C conversions still available? Thanks
  8. Excellent photos! Great references! If you have anymore, please post them. What paints/colors do you recommend to match these. Thanks again!!!
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