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  1. Hello, Well, I am a 1/72nd scale guy and I'd say : * F-84F Thunderstreak * FJ-4 Fury * A-26B Invader (come on Hasegawa - B-25/B-26 style) * P-47N * F4U-4/5 A few weeks ago F-5E/F would have topped the list, but it seems they are coming... Cheers Eric B.
  2. Thank you, It means the book release has been postponed. Last time I checked on Amazon this info was not available yet. Thank you dearly... Eric B.
  3. Hello all, On the same note, I was wondering quite the same thing about another Tomcat book that was to be released around April 2020. I saw some publishing information but I never was able to find a hot link anywhere. Book is : "In the claws of the Tomcat - US Navy Tomcat in combat 1987 - 2000" by Tom Cooper. Anybody knows if it has been published or will be published in the future? Eric B.
  4. Gene, He is a friend of mine. I just passed the information to him. Cheers... Eric B.
  5. Hi Gene, That is actually what I meant, surfaces drooping with power off. You are right they are the outer surfaces (ailerons) that droop at the wing trailing edge, not the inner surfaces (flaps). Monogram, Fujimi on their British Phantoms, Academy did it on their models, I would have expected FM to do the same. That's a correction I bring on all my Phantom models (mostly based on Hasegawa 1/72nd scale kits) but I would have appreciated to save time and efforts on a new mould 1/72nd scale Phantom. This said I have pre-ordered!! Regards
  6. Hi Very nice new 1/72nd scale Phantom moulds are being released. Especially if they come in different versions. Nice parts, cockpit etc... But I am still surprised they went that far with some details - ie air intake ducts and belly auxilliairy air intakes - but do not provide flaps and airbrakes. Probably afetrmarket accessories here? Eric B.
  7. Hi, Great news this new Wolfpack F-5E/F - Long overdue. Before this, I always figured I might try a Trumpeter/Italeri mix. Use fuselage and wings from the Trumpeter kit and salvage all the other parts from an Italeri F-5E. After all Trumpeter copied (very poorly) the Italeri little kit. Maybe with a careful cleaning/filing Trumpeter fuselage could do the job (note : I do not like scribing - and yes I did it once long long ago on an Italeri F-5E). This said, we will need beautiful F-5E/F decals in the future... Eric B.
  8. Hello I really love your model. Nice build, nice paint, nice weathering. Well done. Congratulations... Eric B.
  9. Wow, People don't talk to much about the Zvezda Fishbeds but you did a real great job with yours. It is really inspiring. Congratulations. Eric B.
  10. Hello, Beautiful build of a rarely seen kit. Really beautiful and pleasing. Sorry, I am not sure if I understood your point correctly but N registration should be a US airplane, here it is... https://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/N11524.html Japanese aircraft ate J japanese. Sorry if I misread... Best regards.. Eric B.
  11. Hello, That's a very nice build indeed... Really inspiring job. Eric B.
  12. Bora Bora, Pacific huh ? You have big choice ;^D) Boy : Rex, Tony, Oscar, Franck, Zeke, Pete, Nick, Jack… Girl : Betty, Dinah, Emily, Frances, Grace, Helen, Jill, Judy.. And many more… Congratulations to you both… All the best... Eric B.
  13. Hello, First of all let me start by telling I am a huge Hasegawa fan and I don't consider myself as a rivet counter of missing millimeter chaser. What I find wrong with the Hasegawa Harrier IIs? I think they are a bit basic (more of this later), they seem to have been designed with the original AV-8B (day) in mind. ll other versions need correction and more if you want to build a RAF version. They are not well researched then. I believe there is a sublte shape issue around the nose (kind of reversed banana shape) which makes the nose tip a bit high. Way to correct
  14. Hi Hajo, Just out of my head and because I am thinking about the same convertion as I think Hasegawa's Harrier II series has not been their best effort. Question 1 : what AV-8B Subversion do you plan to build? AV-8B, NA, Plus? For the rest : whatever subversion you plan to build, you'll have to change nose shape, cockpit details and ejection seat, remove 2 weapon pylons under wings (British Harrier IIs have 8 whereas US Harrier IIs have 6 underwing pylons), change gun pods if you plan to build a gun armed AV-8B, remove British ECM suite (small bulges on win
  15. Hi Oscar Hotel, I think there is a possibility : why don't you try Superscale decal sheet 72859 that provides decals for VMAQ-1, VMAQ-2 ans VMAQ-3 Prowlers in 1/72nd scale. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/superscale-international-72-859-grumman-ea-6b-prowlers-usmc--1083734 I have not found VMAQ-4 decals... Try this link for VMAQ-3 Prowlers http://www.seaforces.org/usmcair/VMAQ/VMAQ-3.htm The Hasegawa is a very decent kit (engraved lines, good shapes), but it is now an old kit that was not updated as real Prowlers were.
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