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  1. Beware, It seems it's fake like for a past April fool's day... https://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8009&start=240 Se lower part of the page Eric B.
  2. Hi.
    I've found picture of Your EA-6B build. Unfortunately hosting for most pics of Your 1/72 builds seems to be expired. Do You have any site or any other place to see more of those?
    I'm looking for some inspiration for US NAVY jets in this scale.


    1. Eric B.

      Eric B.

      Hi Konrad, 


      I am very sorry I was not quite often over here at ARC's lately, and when I was it seems I was not signed in so I could not spot notification for your question.


      You may find some here at Fanakit, unfortunately (maybe) it's in French. 


      Builds general page



      and a few NAVY/MARINE aircraft... 









      You are correct my original pics access provider ceased free operations some years ago and most of my pictures are gone. It wuld be a long job to have them restored here at ARC but I may try one day.


      Regards - hope those links may help .




      Eric B.




  3. Hello, Big thanks Matt. This explains why I not could see that much. (I probably was after those canted vertical fins and stuff like that 😃) Thank you. Eric B.
  4. Hello all, Besides Kursad decals, what is needed to build an F-15EX from existing kits. Is it reasonnably possible to build one? Namely, can anybody list/sum up the cosmetic differences between an F-15E and an F-15EX? Cheers Eric B.
  5. I have followed Brian too, and also used his knowledge and decals too... 😉
  6. Hello, These are my little Mig-29 9-12s in 1/72nd scale. Story started a few years ago when I built my first Mig-29 in 1/72nd scale. At the time best choice was between the Italeri and Airfix models. I thought the Italeri kit was a better starting point and proceeded with my project. I actually was not very satisfied with that first try for 2 main reasons : I missed to correct the angled position of the main landing gears (Italeri gives them vertical…) I left the upper auxilliary intake doors open – they normally are closed when aircraft are parked and id
  7. Hello Andrew, I am myself more of a "jet" modeller >> US NAVY >> my favorite aircraft still is the F-14... that is where I have so often used the precise information and knowledge that you have shared here. Hence my little words about Spitfires. I do appreciate the kind words of the specialist in aviation that you are. Cheers Eric B.
  8. Hello Andrew, Thank you dearly, I was not expecting you as a first answer on a Spitfire topic 😃 Seriously, you're right : if one is to build one Spitfire in this scale, it has to be an Eduard kit. It was I very long time I had not used aftermarket on a kit (well bar decals here). Cheers Eric B.
  9. Big thanks Mario. Thank you for your kind words... Cheers Eric B.
  10. Hello, I had a hard time deciding which livery I wanted for my Eduard 72nd scale Mig-21 MF. Then I decided for a russian aircraft with one of those complicated camos with several coulors. I found an interesting aircraft in white 17. It is a 5 + 1 colour camoed aircraft (+1 being the emerald green patches which might be repair works or touch ups…) This actually is a Mig-21 SM (SM being basically being the domestic version and MF beig the export version). White 17 belongs to the 1st Squadron ou the Fighter-Bomber 18th Regiment – 303rd Composite Air Division base
  11. Hello A fancy AeroMaster decal sheet attracted me to this nose art adorned Spitfire a few years back. I did not know about this aircraft at the time but a Spitfire with a huge painted lady was a bit surprising. Later on, a newer and even more precisely designed Kitsworls decal sheet increase the interest. I started documented the aircraft, only to find the aircraft was part of long range Spitfire tests mostly conducted at Wright Field (USA) and basically combining an additionnal fuselage tank and underwing P-51 tanks. Release
  12. Hello, Well, I am a 1/72nd scale guy and I'd say : * F-84F Thunderstreak * FJ-4 Fury * A-26B Invader (come on Hasegawa - B-25/B-26 style) * P-47N * F4U-4/5 A few weeks ago F-5E/F would have topped the list, but it seems they are coming... Cheers Eric B.
  13. Thank you, It means the book release has been postponed. Last time I checked on Amazon this info was not available yet. Thank you dearly... Eric B.
  14. Hello all, On the same note, I was wondering quite the same thing about another Tomcat book that was to be released around April 2020. I saw some publishing information but I never was able to find a hot link anywhere. Book is : "In the claws of the Tomcat - US Navy Tomcat in combat 1987 - 2000" by Tom Cooper. Anybody knows if it has been published or will be published in the future? Eric B.
  15. Gene, He is a friend of mine. I just passed the information to him. Cheers... Eric B.
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