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  1. I bought this kit several years ago and was wondering what I could sell it for today. Realized I am never going to build it. What would be a good asking price for it. It's the Helper 1/100th scale. Kit is complete with the Humbrol paint set. Thanks for looking
  2. Bought this kit many years ago and was wondering how much I could sell it for today. It's Helper 1/100th scale. Uncharted and complete with the humbrol paint set. Thanks for looking
  3. I am currently building it. A lot of scratch building. No resin parts but white metal parts. Some are crude and unusable. Can't remember what it cost though.
  4. Don't have an eBay account, don't want one. It can still be used to make a early wing RF-4B. I have the Academy B and I'll admit it is nice.
  5. Posted this in general discussion, but thought I would try here as well. I have been out of modeling for awhile and was wondering what this is worth now or even if it is still wanted by anyone. I know there are new kits out but it is still a good conversion
  6. Been out of modeling for a while. I have this kit and was wondering what it might be worth. I know there are new kits out and was wondering if it was still in demand?
  7. Thanks guys. Just what I need
  8. I have been trying to find these in resin but it is difficult because paragon was the only one I know of that made them. Are there any alternatives to paragon that will work? Or any other aircraft that might be compatible? I need them to complete the B-47 I am working on. Any help will be appreciated.
  9. Want to buy or trade for this set. Need them to finish a project
  10. $475 to ride in the waist gunners compartment
  11. So I see an ad in the local paper about "Texas Raiders" going to be in Tulsa and you can buy a ride in her and I think to much money right now. Well to make it short come home and tell my wife about it and she said go and do it. She told me it had always been my dream to fly in one and now I get to next Saturday at 10:00. Not a teck person but if I can will post pics. Got a good wife don't ya think
  12. There was a place called MAL Hobbies in Irving. Interesting place. The owners name was Junior. Don't know if it is still there anymore. Was in Dallas last year and saw him at the local show so you may be in luck
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