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  1. Thank you for responding. I will probably use the decal stripes if I can find a model to put them on
  2. I just spotted a Mach E in a parking lot and had to check it out. To say the least I was not impressed but I am an old fan of the true Mustang. Currently own a 2019 GT which is the fifth Mustang I have owned. To me this is just a Rip off of the Mustang name that Ford is trying to cash in on. An electric four door midsize SUV does not a pony make. What do you guys think about it
  3. Is there a kit of the 2019 Mustang GT. I want to build one that looks like mine. If there is one how do you guys add stripes. The ones on my car are not the usual type. Thanks for any help
  4. I just bought some different size dowel rods.
  5. Just got back into the hobby and started with this
  6. I have tried to find the Brigade but it is out of stock. If I can find one that is the route I will go. Thanks to everyone that replied
  7. SOGman

    I'm back

    Thank you. Will check them out
  8. SOGman

    I'm back

    Haven't built anything for almost 4 years now. Went through a costly divorce and had to sell everything. Wanting to get back in the hobby now that everything is settled. My main interest has always been the F4 Phantom. Wondering what you guys opinion is on the new kits I have seen in 1/48th scale. Just my luck I leave the hobby and new kits arrive. Thanks for looking
  9. I am looking for a resin conversion kit to backdate a F-4B or J to a F4-H in 1/48th scale. Ideally the cutting edge set if anyone wants to part with it but any modern conversion set will do. I am getting back into modeling after a costly divorce that wiped out my stash so I don't have anything to trade. Thank you for looking
  10. I bought this kit several years ago and was wondering what I could sell it for today. Realized I am never going to build it. What would be a good asking price for it. It's the Helper 1/100th scale. Kit is complete with the Humbrol paint set. Thanks for looking
  11. Bought this kit many years ago and was wondering how much I could sell it for today. It's Helper 1/100th scale. Uncharted and complete with the humbrol paint set. Thanks for looking
  12. I am currently building it. A lot of scratch building. No resin parts but white metal parts. Some are crude and unusable. Can't remember what it cost though.
  13. Don't have an eBay account, don't want one. It can still be used to make a early wing RF-4B. I have the Academy B and I'll admit it is nice.
  14. Posted this in general discussion, but thought I would try here as well. I have been out of modeling for awhile and was wondering what this is worth now or even if it is still wanted by anyone. I know there are new kits out but it is still a good conversion
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