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  1. Hi Eli, On scalemates searching for JDAM 1:48 gives 3 different versions from Shull24 Scalemate Database - Search - JDAM 1:48 Kind regards, Tim
  2. Hi Habu2, this is the combo of kits, PE sets, resin sets, decals... Kind regards, Tim
  3. In case your partner complains about your stash, show them below link :) Modelers with a Huge stash - Top 25 I hope it helps ;)... enjoy building the rest of the weekend Kind regards, Tim
  4. Here you can see 64 of them (limited to scale 1:48 and only showing full kits): All A-4 Skyhawk kits in scale 1:48 Hasegawa (30) Hobbycraft (6) Monogram (6) Fujimi (5) ESCI (3) Academy (2) Classic Airframes (2) Testors (2) AMT/Ertl (1) AZ model (1) Academy/Minicraft (1) Italeri (1) Lindberg (1) Pro Modeler (1) Scale Craft (1) Seminar (1) In case you know others, please complete the scalemates database Cheers, Tim
  5. Hi Rex, Scalemates is like Wikipedia, everybody can contribute including complementing or correcting the timelines. Here are the easy steps to do it: When looking at the specific kit (in this case: Phantom 1:72 - Eastern Express The timeline shows on the right hand side a link "edit timeline" You can 1) Mark if it is a rebox or the release year. In this case, if you can be more specific than 200x. feel free to change it to the real year. Linking kits or removing links is also easy. Just look in the list and click to add a link, or remove an existing link. Everybody can add miss
  6. Is a kit a new tool or a rebox from a kit from the 60's. A question every scale modeller asks at least a few times a year :)/> On www.scalemates.com you can see it at a glance. Here are some nice examples showing kit timelines. When you need more detailed info and look for a review, links to ARC and other review sites are linked as well. We have this in a database with 150.000 kits, aftermarket sets, decals... Hope it helps as a tool Cheers, Tim
  7. Thx for the feedback on scalemates! In the last months we worked heavily improving the usability and quality of our stash management features. Also searching our reference database (150.000 kits & aftermarket sets) is so much more intuitive with the new search engine. @ned: looking forward to an updated review, except that the site is hosted in Belgium is about the only thing which is still valid after our relaunch ;) Enjoy the working week! Tim
  8. Excel Import was not on the roadmap yet, first time I hear it.... but that does't mean it is not a great idea! - How many items do you have in your stash? (roughly is good) - Could you be so kind and send me your Excelsheet?scalemates I would need at least Productnumber, Company to find a matching entry in our database. (won't be easy as some companies have products with the same product number...but I could have an intermediate screen...my brain starts already implementing your idea) Yes absolutely, you can mark it private. Awesome! please send me your excel sheet as well. This way
  9. Hi Rodney, Cataloging a stash is indeed one of the key features. (although I know some people who use scalemates solely for the search engine and the kit database) However I wanted to add a bit more arround it. I also allows you to manage your projects (on the bench, ideas) and group multiple products (eg. Revell Kit + Aires cockpit set + TwoBobs Decals + ...). You can attach photoalbums in context of your project... To see it in practice: Here is my Revell Tornado Project http://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=10001&p=projects&project=22 Scalemates provides following ke
  10. Hi Ron, would be interested to know if the decal collection which is missing is from particular companies? If so I could contact these companies and bulk upload the data for you Cheers, Tim
  11. Hi, If you want to keep track of your model stash go for www.scalemates.com With 86.000 products and aftermarket sets in the database we are the largest and most popular online stash management tool covering ALL subjects. And yes, it is free It offers some advanced features you can not find anywhere else. Here is a link to my online stash: Personal Stash - Tim on scalemates.com As a picture says more than 1000 words, here is a snapshot of my stash As you see, all kits related to a specific topic are nicely grouped. A nice boxart image helps identifying your kits. Off course we suppor
  12. Hi Four Corners, Well this cross reference exists. Example 1: H-60 Blackhawk family in scale 1:35 Example 2: The long history of the FROG Hunter Example 3: The Tomcat timeline On scalemates.com we have timelines like these for over 80.000 products. Via the search engine you find the kits via title/productnumber/topic/scale The good thing is, everybody can contribute. If data is missing, you can add it yourself (very easy) Or are you looking for another format? Kind regards, Tim
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