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  1. Need the section describing cuts to fuselage for Cheyenne turret installation.Scan will do.Thanks.
  2. If you want an all black one the Monogram A/B-26C fills the bill as a Korean War invader.On rechecking this kit yesterday there are no wing guns to remove on this one.
  3. Hopefully they will follow with a P-38 J and L.
  4. Some one needs to make a B-26 Counter Invader.Dragon announced one in the 90's but chickened out.
  5. Revell Monogram are the only 1/48 kits available.A French company Must Have made a 1/48 kit but that has dried up.For the Counter Invader, I prefer the Monogram A-26B/C because the lower turret gun is covered over and has the bulged canopy.The wing guns have to be removed as the upper turret needs to be faired over.The Revell is the Promodeler/Monogram with both turret guns and the flat canopy. Now I need to find some wing pylons. I have the OZ Mods conversion for nose props and wing tanks.
  6. Did these have internal wing guns or only external? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the links Niels.That explains a lot.2 different nose arts same plane.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Revell-1-48-Visible-B-17G-Flying-Fortress-by-Revell-NEW-OPEN-BOX/123812378432?hash=item1cd3caf740:g:sHkAAOSwjBNc70rQ this one says Revell in header is it the latest release of visible B-17G wth pumpkin turret.Thanks.
  9. Regular tail gun or Cheyenne turret? Yellow tail marking or red? Are there any Cheyenne tail conversions still available in 1/48 scale? Thank you.
  10. looking forward to this kit as a fan of the F-104 and Hasegawa kits in 1/48. Hopefully a A or C will come allong from Kinetic.
  11. The inside of wrapper.If so what do you use for adhesive to the plastic model? Thanks.
  12. Chromate green or other color?
  13. Is this kit just a standard G version in the box? Anything new beside decals? Thanks.
  14. Hell my local dealer has the other issues for arond $100.I'll go that route before I'll pay $150.And invest in Eduard and Barracuda stuff.
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