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  1. Anyone know if ICM will release a kit of the Viet Nam On Mark A-26 K Counter Invader in 1/48?
  2. Just got one off ebay. I want to do it as a natural metal early 60’s version with the Hound Dog missile. What conversion are needed to the rear fuselages to make it real? Mine came with late tail sections. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the pics from real aircraft.I have the Special Hobby 1/48 AJ 37
  4. What is the best matching colors? Thanks
  5. The Blue Angels decals? I have some the Pro Modeler kit
  6. Still for an answer to Steve Ritchies F-4E MiG killer 362. Short or Midas gun muzzle.
  7. Just got Jake Melampys guide to the F-15 Eagle excellent reference pics of Bay 5. Thanks Jake!
  8. So did Steve Ritchies F-4E have the early or Midas gun muzzle? There had been debate about that in the past.Thanks.
  9. What color was used in Bay 5? Area on the F-15C. Did the pre 1980 bay get repainted after 1980? I am talking about the metallic green area. What color were the boxes in that area? Thanks.
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