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  1. Hi, Please advise which gray hobby color would be needed in order to finish this turret? Thanking you
  2. And to make life more miserable, take a look at the new Qatari examples!
  3. Hataka, Vallejo and AMMO make FS 36293
  4. Rafale B gray colors are the same as for the Rafale M and Rafale C. -FS36320 (gunze 307) fuselage intrados and extrados -FS 36375 (gunze308) for the nose After there are interpretations of paintings because the grey of the Rafales aged very badly in operation of war, especially in the Rafale Marine. Here's hoping that this will help you.
  5. Problem is that I´d be buying it thru a webstore. CMK does a lot of atermarket for the Italeri kit. If the shape is correct I'd be willing to get it and not risking the KH example
  6. Thanks. Which one is better. Want to do the double seater.
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