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  1. I've recently added a F-15E to my growing stash of kits, and i'm in need of 4 GBU-12's. If anyone can help, that'd be amazing... thanks, Mat.
  2. As the title suggests i'm building a British Phantom. However i've looked over the kit and noticed that the cockpit could do with updating a little, So if anyone has any Eduard/Aires sets for the Phantom i'd be willing to buy/trade them, Also i'm looking for any decal sheets for 92 sqn (yep, the blue one) Thanks for looking, Mat.
  3. So on the 3 wing pylons, the GBU-38's would be on the inboard left, and the remaining pylons would be taken up with GBU-12's? Or would there be a different mix?
  4. I'm looking to do (as the title says) a F/A-18E as my next model, i'm not really sure about weapons that are mounted on US Navy jets.... Was wondering if anyone could help? Mat.
  5. Sorry, my stupid computer decided to not send the email. Apologies, email has been resent, look forward to hearing from you soon. Mat.
  6. I've already posted this on the arms trade, but like other people, i'm expanding the search. If anyone has this, and is willing to part with it, i'll glady pay/trade for it, including postage to the UK. I've already emailed DrPepper, but heard nothing back from him, so i'm trying again.... Many thanks, Mat.
  7. I'm fairly new to this, so i'm sorry if i've upset anyone... If it all goes as planned i'll be posting in the other forum, and deleting this post...... Thanks for all your input. Many thanks Mat.
  8. I'd like to apologise to Mike for over reacting, and as the title suggests ' I'm an IDIOT '
  9. As the title says.. I'm after the port side HTS Pod from the Kinetic kit. If anyone has one of these going spare i'd gladly take it off their hands. Any offers, just post or PM me. Thanks Mat.
  10. The Ram Jets are actually a REALLY good fit, and only required a little filling and sanding to make the fit really well. and thanks for the comments!!
  11. Hi all, Here's my latest completed build..... Thanks for looking. Mat Barron
  12. Just a quick question..... does the Italeri 'E' version have the same problems?
  13. Hi there, just like to say 'AMAZING JOB!!!!!!'. I'll be starting an F-16 from the same FW shortly, and i asked around about the 'Have Glass' finish, and this is what some kind person replied...... QUOTE (Afterburner Decals Scott @ Apr 18 2008, 11:04 PM) * I did an experiment, and this seemed like the best approach. Paint it normally, then drybrush and weather the snot out of it with white or light gray. Apply decals, then suspend some acrylic silver in Future....just a smidge, and mist it on. Flat coat as normal. The paint looks like metail flake, but putting the silver directly into the gr
  14. Here's some pictures of my 1:48 He-162.....
  15. The wings are just pre-shaded with black, then sprayed with Tamiya Aluminium (which needs another coat). The bare metal was done using ALCLAD II Chrome over a gloss black enamel. The only thing with ALCLAD is that it will show up any imperfections, so i had to do an absolute ton of filling and sanding before i applied the black undercoat. Mat
  16. Hi all, i've beem making models for about two years now, but these are my first pictures on ARC. If anyone has any tips on how to take better pictures (or make better models) please feel free to send me a PM or Email. Cheers Mat.
  17. Q:How much would postage be to the UK for the Phantom? (post code: LN4 4SY)
  18. Hi all, I'm after a 1:48 Hasegawa F4-J, I'm willing to trade for the kit or any extras, or purchase them. But i'm willing to trade for any other 1:48 USAF jet aircraft. These are the kits i've got for trade.... 1:48 Hasegawa F104-S Starfighter '82nd Anniversary' 1:48 Special Hobby F2A3 Buffalo 1:48 Acadamy Mig29 UB Fulcrum (box a bit damaged on this one) (Just to let you know, i live in the UK) Many thanks Mat.
  19. It's for an F4-G... so i think it's a long pod (but if you know for otherwise, feel free to correct me)
  20. Hi i'm after an ALQ-184 (as the title said).. I believe that Shull24 used to do one... If there is one going spare send me a PM or email me...... mathewbarron@live.co.uk PayPal is the prefered method of payment. Many thanks Mat Barron
  21. Cheers for that.... time to get building
  22. I've just recieved the Afterburner Decal sheet 'The Big 22'..... Looking through the info, it talks about a 'Have Glass' finish to the aircraft, i was wondering if any of you out there know how to replicate this on a model... Many thanks Mat.
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