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  1. All photos of the AH-64D I've seen show this antenna. Also, AH-64A had this antenna retrofitted. Airliners.net has many photos showing this on both models. Hope this helps.
  2. Does this mean that this edition is different from earlier ones?
  3. You can build it oob with no problems. There would only be an issue if the main and tail rotors were turning at the same time. Then they would strike each other. Short of motorizing it, they can be positioned however you'd like without issue.
  4. Wow, you just beat me to it. Actually, it may have been one of your posts where I read that.
  5. CMK has a resin set that contains a plug to lengthen the tailboom. However, that being said, I just recently read somewhere on-line that the tailboom on the 1/48 Revell/Monogram Mi-24 kit is not short at all, but that the vertical stabilizer is not at the correct angle. It should be more swept back than it is on the kit. I verified this by laying one of the fuselage halves on a 1/48 scale drawing and sure enough the tailboom was the correct length but the vertical stab was off. You would have to fabricate a new vertical stab to correct it as opposed to just cutting and inserting the plug. Hopefully, maybe one of the aftermarket gurus can come up with a new one now that the real problem is known?
  6. CMK also make some nice resin add-ons. They also include an extension for the tailboom to lengthen it.
  7. Awesome. That's the one. Thank you for that. It brings back some memories
  8. Back in the early 80's I bought a helicopter kit that I've never seen since, not even any photos on the net, and can't remember who made it. I want to say that it was made by Revell, but I'm not sure. Here's what I can remember, it was about 1/32 scale, it was a UH-1D/H, it was supposed to be a rescue helicopter because I remember the picture on the box showed a white fuselage and vaguely remember rescue decals on it, and it was electronic with internal lighting as part of the kit using LED's. There was a round, clear frosted radar screen on the pedestal that was lit from behind with a green LED, a beacon on top of the engine cowl with a red LED, and it had an electric motor to turn the main rotor. The switch had a long, thin metal rod attached to it that exited from where the tail stinger would be. You pulled the the rod and the lights would come on and I think if you rotated the rod, the rotor would then turn. I think there were 1 or 2 more LED's installed but I can't remember where they were located. I said I thought it was made by Revell because I remember it being very similar to their UH-1 kit but molded in white and no weapons included. I was just wondering if anyone else ever had one of these or remember seeing one back then. Thanks for any help. Gus
  9. Do any of the AH-64A have or are going to get the MTADS?
  10. I was wondering what these items might be: Thanks for any help.
  11. Thanks very much. If no one else jumps in, I'll do that. Gus
  12. I have the AMP OH-6A but it does not have any instructions for the photoetch. If anyone can provide a scan of it, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks for any assistance. Gus
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