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    Pacific P-47 Question

    I was thinking this would be a yes, or no question. I'll post a pic of the tank I have with the kit,as I can't tell if it's a Brisbane or Republic tank in the kit.
  2. Hey all, Can anyone tell me if the square belly drop tank was used on P-47's in the PTO? Thanks, Dave
  3. Davfoe

    BF-109 Gun Pack

    Were they of any use against ground target like the JU-87's 37mm gun packs, or was the BF-109 used much in this role?
  4. Davfoe

    BF-109 Gun Pack

    I've been do a bit of reading on the BF-109 of late but can't really figure out when and why the Gun packs were used. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. Were they used for ground attack, used on anything after the F model? Thanks for any info.
  5. O.K.,I got the GB bug and may as well join this one as well if that's fine. I'll do Platz's 1/144 F-8 OOB Marking's...not sure yet, but it will be a Mig Killer from THIS microscale decal sheet. Aftermarket, well aside from the afore mentioned decals maybe a pilot? Seeing as there are two in a kit, I may do both, but one will show up for sure. Dave
  6. O.K. I'll bite on this one for my FIRST GB. I'll be doing Platz 1/144 P-47D RazorBack OOB Markings will be Russian, specifically 225 IAP-SF Northern Fleet bottom Pic two tone grey and blue. Aftermarket stuff will be some Soviet Stars decals and perhaps a pilot. And yes I said1/144.
  7. Davfoe

    camo help

    Thanks all for the help, Who new that my dive into the Luftwaffe would start with the toughest subjects.
  8. Davfoe

    camo help

    Yes, but if that were so then the top portion of the FW's spine should be in RLM 74/75, and it's not, it's in the two tone green, therefore one would assume the top of the wings should be in this as well. Mikester, would you happen to have any other niffty color profiles in that book of yours would you? I've got a BUNCH to do up and I want to do Eastern Front stuff.
  9. Davfoe

    camo help

    Thanks Greg, Any idea what the top cam of the FW-190 A would look like?
  10. Davfoe

    camo help

    hey all, working on some BF-109's & FW-190 A's and need some help with 3 views and RLM#'s for the following: FW-190 a FW-190 A3 BF-109 G Also anyone have the same for JG-54 aircraft or point me in the right direction? thanks,
  11. I've always thought Macross veritech's would look good in a splinter camo. Something like this:
  12. Davfoe

    Pilot Kit in WWII

    Hey all, I'm totally ignorant about Pilot uniforms of WWII. I'm doing up some Luftwaffe fighter pilots, '43-45 and some American AAF Pacific same period and need some info on what they wore, specifically uniforms in the cockpit. I have some re-enactor pics of Luftwaffe stuff, but did they REALLY wear leather jackets in the lanes? Also, was it just Luftwaffe blue or did they have Feild Grau uniforms by then? Also, did Americans wear the Leather Jacket as ell or was it just the Tan/Khaki overalls with the May west? Thanks for any help guys. Dave
  13. Davfoe

    Russian P-47 Camo

    The Osprey on "Soviet Lend Lease Aces in WW2" has a color plate of a P-47D in the VVS dark and light grey over light blue. Apparently it's backed up by photographic evidence, again mentioned in the plate description. This is the same camo on an La-7
  14. Davfoe

    Russian P-47 Camo

    Hey all, Just wanted to know if anyone can help me with the two tone grey camo use on 225 IAP' P-47D's in WWII. I need top and side views on the camo. Thanks
  15. My Reply is probably redundant, but I took a quick skim of Toperczer's Osprey book on "Mig-21's in the Vietnam war". He mentions that aircraft were shipped directly from the USSR and pur together in Vietnam, so if this is so, then they would be stenciled in Russian. That being said, some were repainted, and in this case, stenciling would be painted over. Most had the camo only on the top surfaces, so anything underneath would still have stenciling in Russian. Looking at some pictures I notice that any Mig's in Silver hds stencils, any Mig's in grey usually DON'T have stencils, though I have seen some with RED stencils. I also checked Gordon and Dexter's definitive work "Mikoyan Mig-21" and it's pretty much the same. Also, I concur with the statement that Vietnamese maintenance crews read and spoke Russian, though it was a small persentage and those who didn't had Russian speaking advisers to "advise" them on what to do.
  16. Yes, but by using that one could say that the VPAF did shoot down a B-52, not an SA-2. No pic prove it was an SA-2 and no pics prove it was an Atoll, yet in every "WESTERN" publication I have read it was an SA-2 and COULDN"T have been a Mig-21 with an "ATOLL". Also, as Iraqi aircraft were never really Photogenic, I wouldn't be surprised to find a few peculiarities, again, I'd have to go with the pilot and NOT with what WE, who where not there, think. Unless someone has a FULL photo id of EVERY IrAF Mig-29 no one can know.
  17. I don't think anyone quoted FS numbers, but if a guy is at 50 feet and want's to ID, I'm sure he's going to be looking at roundels to check if they are friend or foe. If your that close I'm sure you'll notice the color of an aircraft as well. Also, another way for a pilot to check if it's Friendly would be to check color or camo. At a distance the Mig-29 and F-18 look alike, Rodriguez states in his account he wanted to get a Visual ID. If it's green and brown, it's probably NOT an F-18 as no allied countries fielded Green and Brown F-18's in Desert Storm. I do think that one need's to check if the recount in the Osprey is paraphrased or word for word, though one would think that if it wasn't something rather interesting it wouldn't have been added into the interview. It's unfortunate that Osprey doesn't add Bibliography's or footnotes in there works.
  18. Very Interesting! Again, I'll have to post this on ACIG and see what happens. Are you sure it's Iraqi or was it Iranian as Iranian Mig-29's are in Tan and Grey, according to Hi-Decal. Website
  19. Thanks you, My sentiment's exactly.
  20. Yep, but Dogfights in not a very reputable source either.
  21. Hey all, I brought up a question with regards to IrAF Mig-29 Camo's on the ACIG and wanted to get some views on some differing info. According to some of the ACIG site, IrAF Mig-29's ONLY had the two tone Grey camo applied. Reading the Osprey "F-15C Eagle units in Combat" a recount by Cesar Rodriguez on an encounter with a Mig-29 on January 19, 1991 states on page 26 "..I planed to merge with the bogey at 50 ft off of his left wing. As I crossed his wing line, I saw that it was a brown- and green- camouflaged Iraqi Mig-29?" Up on bring up this discrepancy, I was told it was probably pilot error. My question, as there are many ex-pilots on the forum is, is it possible to mistake a two tone grey aircraft for Green and Brown? Especially at 50 feet?
  22. So digging through my closet I came across this kit and the Neomega Cockpit set. Anyone have any comments on how accurate this kit is? What needs to be changed? Thanks for any help. Dave
  23. The A-4 has been talked about by Platz for a while now. I think the original buzz came out about a year and a half or more ago. Not to keen on the Global Hawk, but would like to see the A-4F come out. Also planed was/is an 1/144 F-8K.
  24. Yeah, I have THAT site bookmarked, GREAT repository! Wish they would have put up a D and G schematic. Thanks for the book suggestions, I'll try those.
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