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  1. I think waiting for the Zvezda kit is the best option. that minicraft kit is garbage. this is the best shot I have of a 57 main gear right now. I'll try to get a good shot tomorrow morning If I have a chance. If you need anythingelse specific for a 57 or 67 I might be able to help
  2. sprue brothers. I attempted 3 orders in the last year, 2 were cancelled outright and the other sat in the packing dept. for several weeks before I cancelled it.
  3. I'm having the same problem on firefox on my laptop
  4. oh yeah I forgot about them. too bad they only sell through sprue brothers. the last 3 times I tried to order they cancelled on me.
  5. picked up mine fro the lhs today, looks great in the box. I would love to do the VF-111 bird in the kit, but I have never had success with tamiya kit decals. hopefully someone like afterburner etc. will do a good set
  6. Having recently built the ICM CR.42 falco in 1/32, I would love an Mc 200,202,205 family in 1/32 scale
  7. well I want both, but I don't have the money or space for a 3d printer and a vinyl cutter. thanks for the answer.
  8. thanks Mike, I'll join and hopefully learn a thing or 2
  9. thanks for that. How does the pay to play work with the cricut, will it not work if you don't pay the subscription? or does it just not allow you to download new patterns?
  10. well since a good 3d printer and all the accessories you need are out of my current price range, I started looking at a cutting machine to make custom masks. I had been leaning towards a Cameo 4, but the reviews on amazon are terrible. most say the machine just quits after a couple of weeks and there os absolutely no support outside the U.S. I can still get a portrait 3, which by some accounts is a better machine just smaller. so what are your opinions on these? is there a better option? what kind of experience do you have with them? cheers
  11. nope. the tamiya flat clear is not very flat at all. It will tone down the gloss but not make it totally flat. I usually use Vallejo flat which is not very good to spray but goes down totally flat.
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