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  1. part deux the big square hole is the outflow valve, it controls the air pressure in the cabin
  2. sorry for the lousy response to the first questions, I thought Dave was asking about the P.E sheet. this is for the Astraeus plane pictured above. #1 on the far left should be #3 on the P.E sheet, it is a drain mast for the APU inlet. #2 is a drain mast for the aft galley on the passenger version, and a drain for the main cargo deck on the cargo version. the other #1's are VHF comm antennas there are usually 3 of them and the placement on the fuselage changes depending on customer options and mod status. the P.E pitot tubes are not %100 accurate but they will probably do the job in 1/144 scale of note in the second picture you can see the TAT probe on the right side of the fuselage between the forward cargo door and the R1 entrance. also note how the passenger door hinges stick out. I had a few minutes to take some shots from a few different angles this morning. if anyone needs specific shots or a different angle let me know. nose gear and lights, not all aircraft are fitted with the Taxi light at the bottom between the tires. you can see the forward drain here as well as the VHF comm. all the lower VHF antennas have reflective red stripes on them. the rear drain here with another VHF antenna.
  3. the Dash-8 cockpit is grey the seat cushions are a light grey, the instrument panels are grey as well. the landing gear wells are painted white but get dirty QUICKLY. and considering the amount you can actually see I would just paint them dark grey.
  4. #1 are the VHF comm antennas, there are 3 #2 are drain masts one is visible in the pic above the rest are for a 737 not too sure where #3 lives #4 are the pitot tubes for the elevator trim computer (or whatever its called on the 737) and they live at the bottom of the vertical stab. I will try to take a couple more shots of the 757 tomorrow morning. but this might help you can see the forward VHF comm antenna with red stripes just above the guys head. and the other one on top of the fuselage. you can also make out the drain mast just forward of the gear
  5. as for the polished aluminum look I highly recommend using alclad paints. find a micro mesh polishing kit, polish everything that you want in bare metal. any scratches or sanding marks will be amplified by the metallic paint. prime it with tamiya gloss black thinned with mr color leveling thinner then spray the alclad. I used polished aluminum on the main portion of my f-104. oh and we all want to see pictures of the kit when you are done .
  6. the entire wing to body fairing and belly forward and aft of the wing are composite. one theory I had was some kind of heat shield for the ACM exhausts?
  7. here is the RAT marking. as for the rest the big grey square is a mystery to everyone I asked. the cut here markings are specific to an airline. they are likely around the cockpit.
  8. these might be optional. I'll have a good look on friday when I am back to work
  9. well the red rectangle is definitely for the ram air turbine the other one looks like the same thing only in white for a different paint scheme. as for the grey shape...I have no idea.
  10. Dave, there should be a red rectangle just aft of the wing on the right side of the fuselage for the RAT. if you can post a picture of the decals I could probably help you out. cheers Dylan
  11. it says Banned member under the avatar. look a few posts up
  12. dylan

    foxbot decals

    I have a set of decals for the Su-27 with digital cam that were released a few years ago. they are nicely printed but are matt finish (like airfix kit decals) I see that they have released a new set of markings for the Su-27 (A slightly different version but a single seat flanker that I can use the same kit for) are these any different other than the subject matter? I am hoping that they are using a new printer and the quality is better. I love the markings but the matt finish decals are difficult to use. tldr version, are the newer decals glossy or matt finish?
  13. I finally got around to getting this one finished that I started last august. Hasegawa kit with 2 Bobs / Caracal decals. painted with alclad extras are a quickboost seat and a master pitot. It's not without issues, I am aware of most of them. the biggest was with the 19 year old decals. there shouldn't be a gun opening or bulged landing gear doors and I think the landing gear looks a little too high. other than that I am happy with the way it looks on the shelf . cheers
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