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  1. dylan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    have a look here book of the face
  2. dylan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    well... AMK posted this on their facebook page. there were more than a few unfriendly comments. " Apologies to everyone for my absence for a while. Personal issues have kept me away and rather distracted of late. You have my personal apology and please do not lose faith in AMK. Things are moving on and the Tomcat IS coming. I have had personal guarantees. Thank you for the patience and support. I understand it has not been easy for anyone but things are about to get better. For all of us I hope. "
  3. dylan

    New F-15E Nose Art Photos

    I believe 2 Bobs is already working on them
  4. did the apu get removed from the aircraft, or are the antennas just added to the tail? if you need any 767 references I know a guy.
  5. dylan

    more NASA subjects?

    these 2 f-106's should be easy to do. and I am dying to get some decals of the 104.
  6. your scribing is flawless. there aren't enough good words to describe how much I look forward to your updates
  7. dylan


    we can go around in circles for days. and you can constantly change your story. the fact of the matter is that I was not told the truth on several occasions. this is plain for me and anyone else to see.
  8. dylan


    I just recieved this lovely Email from Lm responding to an email I sent on sunday asking about a tracking number. "Your order is shipped on March 15. The tracking number is. Regards, Silvia" so which one is true? your post above states that it was sent to the post office YESTERDAY "Packed - means we packed into the box and waiting to leave the warehouse (China)" so what does this mean exactly? the shipping status on my order as "packed" means that the model kit was packed into a box from the distributor, not that my order had been packed? "Shipped - means we weight the box and sending electronics submission to Post Office for postal slip (leave the warehouse but not arrived in HK) Tracking assigned - the shipping label from Post office attached" and shipped means that the shipping label is done, but the contents of the box aren't on site ( or actually in stock as the website showed) and it is sitting in the warehouse for a couple more days. so let me recap "IN STOCK" doesn't mean in stock it means we can get it in a few days. "PACKED" means we own the item , but it is not in our hands. "SHIPPED" means we have everything in the same building, but we will not actually get it out the door for a couple of days basically the whole LM system is set up to lie to your customers.
  9. dylan


    I agree that it is the nature of the beast, shipping happens. it seems to happen all to often with LM. I have made over 100 orders with hobbyeasy and only once did I have an issue like this. My experiences with Luckymodel are different. I dont care about the wait so much as the fact that they are not being truthful about what I can expect. I wanted a couple of wolfpack engines that they had so I decided to throw a f-16xl kit in to the order while I was at it. if I had known that it was not in fact in stock, I would have gotten something else instead.
  10. dylan


    when I checked the status on friday it said that everything was "packed" on saturday it said "shipped" but the tracking number was not valid (shipping label created but post office closed) as of TUESDAY the tracking number is in the postal system however as of 6pm Wednesday the item still is labeled "waiting for item" Canada post tells me that the item has a shipping label but has not been scanned through the post office. so the kit wasn't received until MONDAY? then the status of "packed" and "shipped" on Saturday was untrue? Monday was a full 7 days since I placed the order for for items that were showing "IN STOCK" I could care less about a few days wait, but I have issues about being lied to. I had planned to have the F-102 engines in hand this week for my days off. typically if something ships Wednesday or Thursday from HK then it will get to my door by the following Tuesday or Wednesday. but as of now it is not even at the post office.
  11. dylan

    Kudos to Iwata-Medea!!

    always good to hear about good customer service.
  12. dylan


    I did not order the F-16xl2
  13. dylan


    again "IN STOCK" doesn't mean in a warehouse in another country. it typically means that it is in hand at the shop. again I have better options to chose from and I am going back to exercising those options.
  14. dylan


    no thanks I am sick of your lying. when my stuff FINALLY arrives I will close my account. I have been burned by Luckymodel too many time
  15. dylan


    now if I could only actually get them to ship the damn order. I ordered some stuff on the 11th that was all listed as "in stock" and guess what some of it had to come from somewhere else. 5 days there. as of now it "shipped" o the 15th but the post office still hasn't received it. there are a couple of items in there that I need before I close up my f-102's. usually when I get stuff from Hobbyeasy it is out the door within 3 days and to my door 5-7 after that. listing something as "in stock" usually means just that, not that it is in stock at the distributor or in a warehouse in another country. I have been boycotting luckymodel for the last 2 years because of this type of chicanery. I thought I would give them another shot, but it is the same old story.