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  1. I always wanted to do an anti sub 60
  2. it looks really good Mario. you have more patience for P.E. than me
  3. well... I had an order cancelled on me earlier this year without any notice. then when I went to re order I got an email stating that there would be delays. (which I completely get) buuuut. after that order was "processing" for 2 weeks, I decided to just cancel it myself. was it something I said? the usps is completely a mess right now, but it has to get out the door first. please do not take this as a rant or a smear on SB, I have been getting stuff from Sprue Brothers since the beginning. in over 100 orders I have had exactly 1 bad experience that was due to UPS being.
  4. are you guys shipping to Canada again? or are we still having scrounge stuff from Europe?
  5. I had a conversation with my lhs owner last week about this exact thing. he said that from europe (das werk kits) shipping has tripled. so what would normally cost him $500 to get a bunch of kits shipped , was now 1700. I can wait the biggest reason for this is a lack of the scheduled passenger flights. most passenger flights carry at least some cargo, and the overseas stuff carry a LOT of cargo.
  6. the hobbyboss kit is very nice. the fit is really good and it looks more like a flanker than the academy kit
  7. I am with Darren completely on this. these days I just throw em together for fun, if it turns out good then great if not they look good on the shelf.
  8. the 2 seat EE lightning just looks off
  9. Flickr and smugmug are the same company. the problems started after they merged
  10. thanks Carlos I'll have a look
  11. well it looks like Smugmug has become completely useless to me. If I wanted to use an eyefone to upload to insta then it works great, but I want to share photos here and other forums. so what can anyone recommend for a good photo hosting site? I don't mind spend a few bucks a year to get what I want.
  12. Looks good Manuel. do you have a wip thread anywhere? I would love to see how the thing actually builds up
  13. nope. I use firefox as a browser and downloaded adblock plus. no ads on utoob ever. 53 minutes holy jeebus that is excessive.
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