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  1. there is a big problem. in that the package went to Toronto to be accepted into Canada then was directed to the wrong province. THREE TIMES. most of the population in Canada lives in a straight line north of the U.S border. (more or less) so for something to go east instead of west meabns there was a huge screw up. Canada post for all its flaws is usually really good at getting stuff right.
  2. the label had my correct address, but when it was scanned it was sent to a different part of the country. In Canada each provence will have its own lettwr. for example Manitoba all begin with R. so for it to be scanned and sent the completely wrong direction means that someone typed in the correct thing to create the label, then entered the incorrect thing on the computer.
  3. yes the label shows the correct address. the problem seems to be with the electronic entry for the shipping. I just find it weird that it happened 3 times in a row.
  4. I havent ordered from Sprue Brothers in a while (5 or so years) and I have made a few orders in the last few months. the last 3 orders had issues with the shipping that sent them all over the continent. the last one is out for delivery in St. johns Newfoundland. I live in Vancouver. is anyone else having these issues, or have I offended yhe gods somehow?
  5. spoke to my buddy Eric who works with Erikson, he says International orange is what they use.
  6. I finally pulled the trigger on the ICM kit just now, it should be a few weeks before it shows up from Poland. so the question is who makes the most accurate paints for the SEA camouflage? I last built something in SEA camo about 20 years ago and used xtraciolour and the 2 greens basically blended right into each other. tia
  7. I have been waiting for the Annetra kit for what seems like ever. and I feel it would be the best kit of all these. AMK for all their dodgy practices were master mold makers, and the community was more than willing to assist with reference material. hopefully the Trumpeter kit will not be as flawed as many of their other kits and I can finally build the Mi=17Mtv I flew in.
  8. that's not a MAX, its an NG. the winglets on the MAX are more square.
  9. Jim decesare. sorry I thought most people knew about his abrasive personality here. he frequents several FB groups generally being a jackass
  10. I asked a question about MRP on FB a few years ago and mentioned that Hobby world was constantly out of the stuff. I was immediately jumped on by the likes of Jim D coming to Mr. Boles defense. did you get your FB account spammed and life threatened? luckily there are other sources for MRP now
  11. I have found that the french Nato Green is a lot lighter than say the German version. AK real colours are a real close match to the NATO 3 tone used by the French
  12. I had no problems with either of mine. big issue with a couple of steps in the instructions though
  13. I think they are using Hi Lok fasteners which do not have a screwdriver recess in the head. but will look like a rivet from the outside. looking at the 20 year old paint on some of our 767's, the paint often will come off the rivets leaving a nice line of bare metal fasteners.
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