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  1. that's not a MAX, its an NG. the winglets on the MAX are more square.
  2. Jim decesare. sorry I thought most people knew about his abrasive personality here. he frequents several FB groups generally being a jackass
  3. I asked a question about MRP on FB a few years ago and mentioned that Hobby world was constantly out of the stuff. I was immediately jumped on by the likes of Jim D coming to Mr. Boles defense. did you get your FB account spammed and life threatened? luckily there are other sources for MRP now
  4. I have found that the french Nato Green is a lot lighter than say the German version. AK real colours are a real close match to the NATO 3 tone used by the French
  5. I had no problems with either of mine. big issue with a couple of steps in the instructions though
  6. I think they are using Hi Lok fasteners which do not have a screwdriver recess in the head. but will look like a rivet from the outside. looking at the 20 year old paint on some of our 767's, the paint often will come off the rivets leaving a nice line of bare metal fasteners.
  7. I think waiting for the Zvezda kit is the best option. that minicraft kit is garbage. this is the best shot I have of a 57 main gear right now. I'll try to get a good shot tomorrow morning If I have a chance. If you need anythingelse specific for a 57 or 67 I might be able to help
  8. sprue brothers. I attempted 3 orders in the last year, 2 were cancelled outright and the other sat in the packing dept. for several weeks before I cancelled it.
  9. I'm having the same problem on firefox on my laptop
  10. oh yeah I forgot about them. too bad they only sell through sprue brothers. the last 3 times I tried to order they cancelled on me.
  11. picked up mine fro the lhs today, looks great in the box. I would love to do the VF-111 bird in the kit, but I have never had success with tamiya kit decals. hopefully someone like afterburner etc. will do a good set
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