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  1. nope. I use firefox as a browser and downloaded adblock plus. no ads on utoob ever. 53 minutes holy jeebus that is excessive.
  2. dylan


    this is a test. it was only a test. https://www.amazon.ca/photos/share/KkpfDw6ReGZowVNg15RBceXI3F9eTFgdXeTa1IvnyyH[/img]
  3. its very close to Boeing grey with a metallic pearl over it
  4. last order shipped on the 5th here today. it's kind of sad that it is quicker to get stuff from Europe and Asia than the U.S
  5. thanks Ken, I'll give that a try
  6. Has anyone managed to get extra sprues from Borgfeldt? I tried to contact them but they never answered my email.
  7. Tamiya Tiger 1 built OOB, Tamiya paints, kit decals. not much else to say. I hope you like it.
  8. another piece of armour. Tamiya kit OOB
  9. whatever you need, just ask. I currently work on 757/767 but I can get most likely get access to a bunch more
  10. while out for my weekly grocery trip, I decided to stop off at the local hobby shop for some P.E grills for my tamiya tiger kit. and maybe a gun barrel of they had one. now last night there was some discussion about how great the Sotar 2020 was, so I looked them up online. (see where i'm going with this) and if you can find one they are running in the neighborhood of $400 cdn. cut to today when I have a few things in hand and am waiting for the till to be free. ( I am keeping my distance like a responsible adult) I notice a Brand new Sotar 2020 in the display case with a bargain basement price of $180 on it. long story short they threw in an extra tip and needle because it had been sitting there for a long time. so yeah, pretty excited to use it
  11. wow ! well done Collin. it makes me want to build one.
  12. no internal detail, and the doors are molded in a way that would make showing them open difficult
  13. to quote someone famous "it's uuuuuuuuugee" the base is just shy of 12 inches across. I am currently out of bananas for scale, I hope this is adequate.
  14. give in to your feelings...you know you want to build one of these. I agree it is VERY Star Wars-y and looks super cool. and thanks for the compliment
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