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  1. dylan

    foxbot decals

    I have a set of decals for the Su-27 with digital cam that were released a few years ago. they are nicely printed but are matt finish (like airfix kit decals) I see that they have released a new set of markings for the Su-27 (A slightly different version but a single seat flanker that I can use the same kit for) are these any different other than the subject matter? I am hoping that they are using a new printer and the quality is better. I love the markings but the matt finish decals are difficult to use. tldr version, are the newer decals glossy or matt finish?
  2. I finally got around to getting this one finished that I started last august. Hasegawa kit with 2 Bobs / Caracal decals. painted with alclad extras are a quickboost seat and a master pitot. It's not without issues, I am aware of most of them. the biggest was with the 19 year old decals. there shouldn't be a gun opening or bulged landing gear doors and I think the landing gear looks a little too high. other than that I am happy with the way it looks on the shelf . cheers
  3. I got the paint on today, going to start decals tomorrow.
  4. I have a pneumatic drill and a whole bunch of aircraft tools that says ANY piece is a removable piece. 😂
  5. floorboards in the cockpit?
  6. well if I was to get a kit for being the first to post on page 300, I would definitely do a wip thread here.
  7. Raymond has said that it is still on the way, but will not release any info until it is ready to go.
  8. dylan

    F-105 ideas

    well isn't this convenient. I picked up the revell t-stick II kit last week. it doesnt look like there are any aftermarket decals for that kit at all.
  9. agreed. I have no love for AMK after this whole fiasco, but I don't think it is fair to lie to us. I am still excited to see a build review that is not biased.
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