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  1. they ARE the stab mounts, there are 3 different angles. up down and neutral I assume.
  2. well the F-102 sheets were from 2012. they have obviously stepped up their game in recent years.
  3. Never noticed that. but there it is I totally agree Bill. I think zactoman and myself are of the same mindset. I know the shape is off and would like to discover how. it's not about slandering AMK.
  4. you might be out of luck for B model decals. there are plenty of C model decals that might be of use depending on what colour scheme you want to do
  5. my experience with the F-102 sheets that they released were not as good as I had hoped. for example if you look at the rescue arrow just ahead of the wing root, there is a red arrow pointing at it that starts just under the canopy. this is missing from the decal sheet and the instructions also the instructions say that the pitot is natural metal, where in the picture it is obviously striped. there are other issues with the 57fis aircraft on the other 102 sheet, the dayglo orange pattern is wrong, and the checkers for the rudder are too large to fit. I am not saying that they are garbage or anything like that, just consult your references. I now return you to the regular scheduled f-104 argument....err i mean discussion
  6. thats weird, I cant find fundekals on facebook at all. if you do get their decals make sure you have good references, they have a habit of missing some pretty obvious stuff
  7. I think you could fix it by sanding it, or get one from the Tamiya kit. I'm sure there are plenty of people willing to part with an unused TARPS pod.
  8. the back end is too pointy.
  9. Raymond mentioned that it would have a glossy finish to the plastic, so the bare metal finishes would look better. it only looks like the glossy parts are on the intakes. it's not really an issue i'm just curious how it turned out. my LHS says that they expect them by the end of august.
  10. did I miss a good fight? it seems there have been some posts purged. I sense a conspiracy to keep us from reaching the magical 200th page
  11. I don't think they fixed any of the issues pointed out last year.
  12. that was an awesome explanation John. I learned something new today. any chance of some more shots of the sprues/ parts like that?
  13. OK I was let back in the AMK fan club. (for now anyway) that was entertaining and a little sad. there are the same white knights defending AMK's lousy business practices, and attacking this very thread. apparently using paint to illustrate the major and obvious flaws in the kit is bad somehow? I got a chuckle out of the whole thing. my favorite part: JB: shut up AV: no you shut up classic
  14. I miss all the fun
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