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  1. here is some good info written by someone with a lot of industry experience. https://avherald.com/h?article=4e35503b&opt=0
  2. Dutch, I have access to a real 767 if you need any specific references.
  3. I do. what do you want to know?
  4. hopefully Tamiya will continue on with all the versions in the series. (hello F-16B) I can see them producing a EJ model because , well the home market would love one as well
  5. amazon says the haynes manual is to be released on March 16th https://www.amazon.ca/Saturn-Launch-Vehicles-Owners-Workshop/dp/1785216597/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=haynes+saturn+rocket&qid=1610921910&sr=8-1
  6. it was mentioned on a couple of FB pages as a repop of the revell kit with some of the weapons from the F-16 kit
  7. dylan

    CT-114 Tutor

    when I worked on the Tutors in Winnipeg in the early 90's we had a mix of bare metal and painted airframes.
  8. thanks for the replies guys. I was only thinking about the e-reader not the fire. and I was unaware of the app.
  9. every time I buy a book like a detail and scale book on amazon, they always try to get me to buy a Kindle version of it. to me this seems really useless for a reference book that has lots of pictures. as far as I know the kindle is only in black and white and the resolution is not the best for images. so has anyone actually downloaded one and have you been able to view the images? or is there another way to view them. for something like a detail and scale book I prefer a paper copy anyway because other than setting it on fire it will always work.
  10. they behave very much like tamiya. I thin them with Mister color leveling thinner or tamiya lacquer thinner. I have sprayed them over tamiya and vise versa with no issues.
  11. one piece of advice is that you do NOT use tamiya extra thin cement. It is too hot for them and they break at the joint. most newer tamiya tracks are made of a rubber that can be glued which also means that most tamiya paints will stick. I have a mix of nato brown 95% red 4% and nato black to taste. thinned with Mr color leveling thinner. I usually lay them flat to paint and weather. you will of course have to flip the tracks over a few times. leave either the drive sprocket or idler off to aid with attaching the tracks, they will stretch a bit as well.
  12. YEP USPS is a mess. I ordered an item from Arizona in May and it showed up in Vancouver in Sept. on the flip side I have been ordering from Hannants at least twice a month for the last 6 and I am usually getting a 3 week turnaround from England
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