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  1. I would recommend a different lens. I switched from the 18-55 to a fast prime a few years ago. typically I use a sigma 50 1.4.at f/16 I am getting 1/15 sec. shutter at ISO 100. you dont need to spend much cash for a good prime. nikon makes a great 50 1.8 that is only about $200. link
  2. I asked at the 2 local shops here in Vancouver, neither has heard anything. you might have to light a fire under the sales rep.
  3. from a business standpoint this is a really bad idea. the Kinetic kit from what I have seen is a great kit. the market will already be saturated by them by the time AMK gets around to getting theirs to market. IMO they should focus their efforts on something else. personally I would like to see a new F-102, but there are many other topics that could use an updated kit.
  4. thanks Raymond. do you know when they will hit the Canadian distributor?
  5. thanks for that Craig. the main reason I was asking is because my local hobby shop owner was saying that the reviews were not so good. maybe he thought I was asking about the AMK tomcat?
  6. thanks Brad. I have seen the finished builds on the kinetic group. I am hoping to get an unbiased review from a regular modeler that shows any flaws or ill fitting parts.
  7. since they haven't shown up in my LHS yet, I am curious how the kit is. it looks good on the sprues, but has anyone actually started building one? I did a quick google search and wasn't able to find anything.
  8. Canada has been an also ran for many years now. we can provide token assistance at best. our military is well trained and motivated, but we suffer from having minimal resources to do the job. it took 30 years to replace the Seaking
  9. thats good news. the only pictures I have of a 2 seater is of 824. and I also just picked up a 2 seater kit yesterday. you are making me very happy with this one.
  10. ok I might need 4 sheets how come you aren't adding 824 the 2 seater?
  11. are awesome!!! I destroyed the decals for my Lightning kit, sent them an e-mail asking if I could buy a new set. they sent me a new set of decals and a new set of instructions with no charge. god on ya Sword models
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