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  1. dylan

    ICM 1/48 MiG-25PDS 'Foxbat-E'

    beautiful work Jon
  2. I'll be following this one closely.
  3. dylan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    the latest from our friendly honest folks over at the AMK facebook page "different pictures showing different shapes. I don’t think anyone can tell exactly the shape of the curved surface. Don’t stuck on this".
  4. the white elephant is finally dead. the fanbois on the spotter site I belong to are frothing at the mouth and crying themselves to sleep over this one. honestly I dont understand why. I have seen the beast up close, yeah it's big but we have to shut down a taxiway and 2 major vehicle roads at YVR when the thing shows up. one of my pilot friends posted "the A380, the plane so expensive even the Arabs couldn't afford it" in another 10 years a 4 engined airliner will be a thing of the past. link to story
  5. dylan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    well Sio booted me off the facebook group for sharing those, so these might be the last of em. I tried to take a couple of quick shots similar to the amk photos for you. I might re shoot them later this week when I have more time AMK have lost a lot of customers here, and there was many comments attacking them on their facebook page before they finally decided to speak up and ask us not to discuss the kit. I can see that they are being managed by someone who has no real experience with this type of thing. first there was many delays and then when we finally saw plastic we pointed out flaws so they tried to cover them up by not replying or by stating that they were early molds/3d printed copies. even saying that there was an optical illusion. most of us that are unhappy with the way this is being handled are so because Sio thinks we are fools and that we will believe his outright lies. to top it all off he has the audacity to suggest that we shouldn't discuss the kit on model forums. and then threatens to remove us from the group if we do. I STRONGLY DISAGREE with that. having said all that, I suggest that we try to keep the discussion to the kit and the associated details. AMK seem quite capable of falling on their faces without our help.
  6. dylan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    well I have recently discovered AMK is not worth loosing ANY sleep over.
  7. as usual I am in awe of your work.
  8. dylan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    oh Sio you funny little man for some strange reason I haven't been able to access the AMK fan page on Facebook all afternoon, one minute I was reading comments on the flawless and on time tomcat kit. then all of the sudden I was no longer able to see any of the posts. I cant for the life of me imagine what could have happened. (sarcasm) so here are a couple of higher quality shots of the rear end. I am posting these mostly for the guys that are not on Facebook, and also for discussion. because guess what? this is a plastic model DISCUSSION FORUM. I feel that we should be able to have a reasonable back and forth adult discussion about our hobby without having the manufacturer interfere. shame on you Sio and AMK for treating your customers and fan base like you have over the last few months. I will take a few shots of the Tamiya kit from similar angles later. I have to get up early tomorrow and change a set of fan blades on a 757 , so I'm off to bed
  9. dylan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I can already see the transition from the vertical portion to the area sloping up towards the vertical stab has not been fixed. Sio says that they have made some changes, but the whole shape is still very off IMO. for some reason he doesnt want anyone discussing these pictures on this forum. as you can see from the earlier post there is a threat of being kicked out of the facebook group. my response to that is, what have you been doing the last 4 months then? the substantial changes required to correct the shape of the aft fuselage have not been addressed. basically AMK are going to sell us the same flawed kit shown in October of last year.
  10. dylan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    for those not on Facebook or member of the group, Sio had this to say along with the picture posted above " Hi, All, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Hei Fat Choi! Again. Martin made a big joke with you guys. It is the year of pig, not monkey. As you can see, we got all the testing plastics here. I will keep posting our plastic testing pictures here. You can comment and ask questions here. I will try my best to reply you. One thing I would request all you guys to follow, DO NOT SHARE OR COPY ANY WORD, ANY SENTENCE, OR ANY PICTURE I post here. If not, I may ask you leave this club. This is a closed AMK fan club. After testing of all these plastics, we could have a more solid time to send out the kit. Please don’t ask the release date until we got to that point. We are a new and small company. We made some mistakes, too complex the design, mould making problems, bad marketing decisions, etc. that cause delays again and again. We apology again here! Hope you understand and follow!" I am still going to wait for a few reviews before committing any money to a kit though. I have trust issues with AMK. .
  11. dylan

    Lacquer based paint supplies in Canada?

    2 of my local hobby shops carry Mr.color, so there is a distributor somewhere. if you want to get some sent to you, I am sure they would be happy to assist. Magic box hobbies
  12. dylan

    F-14D Tomcat

    I used Tamiya clear green and clear blue mixed by eyeball then thinned with mrcolor leveling thinner. I masked the 2 side panels off and sprayed the inside so it would hide any orange peel hth
  13. dylan

    F-14D Tomcat

    the kit comes with an extra fuel probe designed for just that. I dont have the instructions handy but it is on the same sprue as the other probe
  14. dylan

    Wolfpack 1/48 T-38C Talon

    yep link to picture trumpeter has a kit link to hobbyeasy
  15. dylan

    Wolfpack 1/48 T-38C Talon

    does anyone know if they plan a NASA version of the T-38C?