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  1. dylan

    F-105 ideas

    well isn't this convenient. I picked up the revell t-stick II kit last week. it doesnt look like there are any aftermarket decals for that kit at all.
  2. agreed. I have no love for AMK after this whole fiasco, but I don't think it is fair to lie to us. I am still excited to see a build review that is not biased.
  3. my first thoughts were that the kit was being assembled by someone with very little experience with building a model. the Mig-31 kit fits perfectly if you test fit and pay close attention to the instructions. I managed to put my engines in the wrong side and the exhaust did not fit at all. I am still waiting for an unbiased build up of the F-14 kit
  4. aaaaannnnd I just ordered an Italeri kit
  5. I took a little peek over to BM and had a quick read through at the thread, it looks like someone snuck in a few L1011 pictures when they were drawing up the CAD.
  6. yes you should, and give us an unbiased opinion of how the kit is. so far I haven't seen any in progress builds from regular people that bought the kit.
  7. I like it. and just so you know, I spent all day friday cursing your name. because I had to watch al 5 of the aztec dummy videos. I was up till 1 am 😉 totally worth it
  8. I will be following this one.
  9. wow that's pretty bad. this whole kit development has been one big dumpster fire after another.
  10. I would recommend a different lens. I switched from the 18-55 to a fast prime a few years ago. typically I use a sigma 50 1.4.at f/16 I am getting 1/15 sec. shutter at ISO 100. you dont need to spend much cash for a good prime. nikon makes a great 50 1.8 that is only about $200. link
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