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  1. I like this plan Ken. Plastic Fantastic 3 the nebraskaing
  2. I believe that there is a definite Canadian connection to some of kinetics kits. the F-104 is a common site in many air museums here and access to them is easy. so getting correct measurements and accurate details can be done. add to that the many ex RCAF personnel willing to help, you have a model of a Starfighter that will likely have an accurate shape and good detail. it's too bad that Kitty Hawk butchered their Voodoo kit. I could see a kinetic kit being well researched by the same people. hey Raymond, how about a family of CF-100 canuck kits? I know a few guys willing to do the research.
  3. have you tried speaking with your credit card company? this thread has ample evidence to prove your claim. although I would screenshot everything quickly before AMK wises up and deletes all their posts .
  4. Hey Raymond. do you have an ETA for when they will hit the Canadian distributor? I for one am looking forward to the kit. has anyone tried to find a hasegawa copy lately.? they are few and far between, and usually expensive. plus the DACO update kit was released for a reason, to make up for the shortcomings of the Hase kit. typically a kinetic kit will come with an extensive array of underwing stores. I am happy with my kinetic f-16xl kits and should think that this will be as good or better. I will have to wait until they hit my LHS though, I am done ordering anything from LM
  5. well the good folks over at Master model posted a couple of shots on their FB page. better shots of the nose and of course it doesn't look like anything has actually been changed. These were from last months Moson show.
  6. all it has to do is actually exist
  7. it's only an optical illusion, and obviously it is a pre production tomcat. we are on another version now. don't worry it will be the most perfect top gun movie yet. out by the end of the summer we promise.
  8. I was really happy with the fit of this kit. apparently there are a few shape issues, to me it looks ok. I am looking forward to your build, always an inspiration for me to do better.
  9. except for the credit Card company. they are very diligent about these things. if there are enough complaints from the customers about the pre-orders not being delivered then the CC companies will simply cut them off from doing any business with them. I am very surprised that anyone with a still outstanding pre-order hasn't complained to their respective CC company and gotten a refund that way.
  10. credit where credit is due, that is one really gorgeous looking piece of plastic. they really know how to cut steel molds at AMK.
  11. where did you hear that? if that is the case then why has the ifr probe door not been fixed? the rear fuselage is still wrong and the easiest of all fixes would be the aft end of the TARPS pod. all of these issues have not been dealt with. as far as I can tell there has been no retooling at all. I will be happy to have AMK prove me wrong. I am not going to hold my breath
  12. Jeroen Burger aka the white knight has ridden to the rescue. as for Darren's comments I wholeheartedly agree. AMK claims that they are "working on the kit" but obviously they haven't changed/fixed anything. so the question I have been asking for many months now, why hasn't the kit been released? the molds are cut, the decals were done last September, the test shots were out a year ago. it just doesn't make any sense. I have said before that there is something else going on in the background, like AMK is the pet project of SIO and his dad owns the actual molding corporation. and dad only lets him do model stuff on his own time.
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