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  1. Thanks again Whiskey, you saved me. There's a lot of very good folks here in these forums.
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm looking for a set of these decals but they're no longer in production? I can't find these anywhere. Just curious if anyone on these forums has a set they might be willing to sell?
  3. The B-52H is the title of this thread, the B-52H is the kit that I'm waiting for, but all the comments being left about errors are in regards to the just released G model, am I right? Hopefully they get the H model rel;ease right as I only have room to display one of these kits and the H model is the one I want. Let's hope that MC is seeing comments being left about the G model errors and that there's time to correct any errors in the H before they release it.
  4. Thanks, that's good to know. I've read good things about the Fisher Panther kit, but was curious if anyone on this forum had ever built any of their kits. I'll probably pull the trigger and get one, I'm also interested in their 1/32 Sea Fury kit. When I get the Trumpy Panther kit I'm going to measure the fuselage length to compare against the Revell/ Monogram kit.
  5. I bought two of the Trumpeter F9F-2 Panther kits yesterday since deciding to build my Revell/Monogram "Golden Dragons" and the Trumpy kits. I should have them in a few days, it'll be interesting to compare the canopies side by side. I also watched "Bridges at Toko-Ri" for the first time in a long time to get psyched up for these builds. Lol I'll probably end up buying the Kitty Hawk Cougar kits as well. Has anyone here built the Fisher Models 1/32 F9F-5 Panther kit?
  6. Thank you for the quick reply.
  7. I'm holding out for the B-52H to be released, Hopefully they'll release a B-1B too. Not being an expert on the B-52, what exactly are the external differences between the G and H models?
  8. Thanks for all the replies. That's why I love message forums like this one and the ship modeling forums I'm on. There's a wealth of information from posters and a willingness to answer questions and help with in progress builds. My two Monogram Panthers are the Golden Dragons versions, I decided that I'm going to go ahead and build those two first, but I also decided to go ahead and buy and build two of the Trumpeter Panther jets. I purchased two of them this morning. I'm going to use the Golden Dragons decals in the Monogram kits, but for the Trumpeter Panthers I'm going to search for a pair
  9. I'm looking for some opinions about the accuracy of these two kits before I make a decision about which ones to build. The reviews I've seen online are all pretty old, maybe some new errors in both kits have come to light? I know that the Monogram kit is an F9F-5 and that the vertical stabilizer is suppose to be taller and that the Monogram kit has raised panel lines which doesn't bother me. But outside of that I'm looking for opinions about the accuracy of shapes and canopies etc. I plan on building two, one in flight and one with gear down. I already have a few of the Monogram kits but I don
  10. What about the update set for the Kinetic 1/48 Super Etendard with the missing ECM chaff Pods, pylons and the tow tractor set that was promised for last year?
  11. Thanks for all the responses. I didn't realize GWH was making 1/72 kits now. I normally build aircraft "in flight" with a seated pilot or pilots, so a one piece canopy doesn't bother me.
  12. I'm sorry for asking again if this topic has already been discussed in the past. But what is the best 1/72 F-15E Strike Eagle kit? TIA
  13. My turn. We've gotten an F-86D and K, now where's my 1/32 F-86H Sabre Hog??
  14. I agree, if they reworked the "back end" of their 1/32 kit with the raised panel lines it would greatly help, and I do like the working swing wings since I build "in flight" models, but considering what a huge portion of the kit that is, they might as well retool the entire kit. JMO The Tamiya 1/32 isn't a bad kit but the detailing doesn't compare to the Trumpeter kit, not even the forward fuselage with recessed detail. I have both kits, but again that's just my opinion.
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