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  1. New Airfix announced for 2018

    :) most welcome after their Meteor!
  2. Tamiya Release Rumors?

    me too. It would make sense to recapture that part of the market too. With the current techniques...it would be WOW!...and probably 200USD :)
  3. Zactomodels suggestion box

    Good idea!!!
  4. Academy F-16 Large Mouth Intake

    Hi Chris, what if you did do an NSI intake for the Tamiya kit and additional parts to make the A (B) (MLU) versions possible. Maybe team up with Mike from SierraHotel or KASL Hobby? The modelling community is waiting for this to become a reality... Tim
  5. A moment to whine; Where's my 1/32 F-106?

    and what about the (T)F-102A?
  6. a new F-14 from Tamiya 1.32

    well, considering they only have 20 kits produced in 1/32 so far....one can dream...but a jet plane after all WWII topics would be appropriate again
  7. a new F-14 from Tamiya 1.32

    Since Top Gun 2 is coming a new F-14 from Tamiya in 1/32 would be a nice tribute (and they already gave us a 1/48 scale one so why quit when you're winning?) HTH Tim
  8. 1/48 XB-70 question

  9. F-16A(M)/B(M) (MLU) update set 1/32

    @Zactoman: what do you think? Feasible?
  10. Posted before but now with the pictures and the box nrs. 4799 (Mig-29A) and 4751 (Mig-29UB) Both 25 euro a piece (shipping around 17 euro). PM me and I can send additional photos per email as uploading via Photobucket seems to run into issues.
  11. For Sale: 1. Revell Mig-29A 1/32: 30.00 USD + shipping 2. Revell Mig-29UB 1/32: 30 USD + shipping Ships from Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands) HTH Tim
  12. 1. 1.72 Revell (HAS) - Grumman S-2A Tracker with Eduard external and internal upgrade set and Pavla cockpit: 25 euro. + shipping2. Hawker Sea Fury of AGM (incl. resin parts): 25 euro + shipping HTH Tim
  13. Kitty Hawk F6U Pirate

    I would hope the Streak and Thunderflash in 1.32 will get their priority as I do not see this one selling a lot...even though it is an usual plane.