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  1. Timvkampen

    1/48 F-16AM RNLAF Demo Jet (Tamiya Conversion)

    nice job on the tail conversion !!
  2. Timvkampen

    1/32 Hawker Sea Fury ?

    yup, but when is unclear
  3. exactly! Easier money, less R&D. Anyway, we’ll see. Would be great if and when it happens...
  4. Timvkampen

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5F Now Available on eBay!

    Pretty sweet indeed!
  5. All, Sharing my LSP campaign here as well after all the Tomcat 48-discussions...Having researched and read the various threads of different forums and having seen the sheer beauty of the new Tamiya F-14A and D Tomcat in 1/48 scale (http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/features/f14atamiya48dwa_1.htm ; http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/303452-148-tamiya-f-14d/&page=10 ) it is time to ask / petition Tamiya for a new 1/32 scale Tomcat. It would be a perfect occasion when Top Gun 2 comes out next year (July 2019) for Tamiya to present an upscaled version of the 1/48 Tomcat in 1/32 scale. It is rather incredible we still have to battle (serious battle) intakes, scribing, adding a cockpit, change the landing gear, wheels etc…We should stop buying the old molds (that are moldy J) and ask Tamiya to fill the gap. Just to cite a remark that underlines the problems with other kits such as the Trumpeter one (and I add some links to discussions as well) from our master (if I may say so) modeller, Mark: “The intakes aren't the problem Jim although sanding them left my workroom cloudy like a Chinese opium den. I don't have any trust in the kit parts and trying to mark out and scribe on to the engine shrouds which are not only round but taper from front to back was the last straw.†https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=68014&page=3 I had to roll over the floor reading about the Chinese opium den, but it is true. You sand your behind off to try to get to an acceptable result and then still it feels wrong…(yes I have the kit too!). Another thread: Tamiya vs. Revell vs. Trumpeter… https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=68783&page=1 Tamiya has the best shape, but it is not up to the 1/48 standard (or more correct: the Tamiya standard of today). That you can kick the old Tamiya into shape has been shown by a few of us. An example of blood, sweat and tears to get it right…and not everyone has this skill level or patience for that matter (chapeau Kai Wolters!!): http://www.combatedgeproductions.com/scalemodeling/f-14/inprogress/f-14_inprogress.htm http://www.zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=6194 So, I already send a message to TAMIYA USA and made the suggestion. It may help even more if we all drop them a line and ask for an upscaled 48 Tomcat in 32. It was one of their first big planes in plastic and 2019 could be a good occasion (2020 also by the way J as I believe it hit the market in 1980?, so 40 years ago). It would bring a lot of modellers hours of construction pleasure and save a lot of money on all the aftermarket sets (some will still be helpful! J). So let,s start a campaign ps: the last entry of a brilliant builder that transformed the Tamiya 32-kit: http://www.sweety-model.ch/index.php/maquettes?id=76
  6. Timvkampen

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    I got it for 75USD (via Luckymodel + shipping 16 USD) and it passed customs without a hitch (to the Netherlands). Not bad
  7. Timvkampen

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Received my F-14D today...it is simply stunning! Beautiful engineering...upscale now in 2019 🙂
  8. Here are some kits I have for sale. Shipping not included. Payment via Paypal or money order. You can PM me here or email to tavkampen55(at)hotmail(dot)com with questions or offers. All kits are either sealed or box open bags sealed unless otherwise noted. * 32 scale: Hawker Sea Fury - Fisher Models: 125 euro (retails at 225), includes the Centaurus engine * 48 scale: PBY5A /OV-10A Catalina - Revell / Monogram: 40 euro * 48 scale: Grumman Goose - Signifer: 25 euro Thanks, Tim
  9. Timvkampen

    TF-104 1/32 sprue shots - Italeri

    Well, it is real: https://www.italeri.com/news_scheda.asp?idNews=754
  10. Timvkampen

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    John, good to see you at it again! Wonderful project of an elusive jet.
  11. Timvkampen

    Academy 1/32nd scale F/A-18 on custom built base

  12. Timvkampen

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    pre-ordered one at Luckymodel....yes, I do both scales 48 and 32 🙂