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  1. I would hope the Streak and Thunderflash in 1.32 will get their priority as I do not see this one selling a lot...even though it is an usual plane.
  2. The word 'fantasy' is the right word...I am going to consider the fitting of Chris's stuff. My goodness, what a difference! Also the exhausts! T
  3. due to the lack of space and prioritizing I am selling the Catalina for a reasonable price: 275 USD. Condition: unbuild, pristine. pm me, Tim
  4. and then:upscale them to 32!!! (ps they should tackle the whole Phantom family in both 48 and 32 scale!!)
  5. They really should seriously consider 1/32 scale!!!
  6. The F-14 Trumpeter and Tamiya suggestions I support. Also: improvements for the Tamiya Viper kits or conversion sets to make A/B models.
  7. Yeah, right...seeing is believing..
  8. Correct, edited my post. But, I hope ZM makes the leap to the 1/32 Phantom!
  9. It would be a great idea to scale up the Phantom. They can become the standard for the 32-range then. The Tamiya kit is beautiful but that was released ages ago and technology has leaped forward!!! If they do the J/S and B/N series and then the C/D, E/F and Brit-Phantom....OMG!!
  10. Best of luck to you both!!
  11. I just pre-ordered 2!
  12. I am afraid you are right. I am also not holding my breath for the HK effort...which will not materialise I think. Maybe ZM? Any way, it is great to sea Airfix is back in the market like this. I pre-ordered the 1/48 Sea Fury kit
  13. Upscale this sucker asap! 1/48 and 1/32
  14. yup, no extra cutting and additional trimming!!!! See the list of details you need to consider when using the tail on LSP: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=64254 The tail is block 20 but by far superior to the PWMP set (although they have the RWR etc). See my 'war' with the PWMP tail: http://zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=16451