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  1. If you have some old F-104 tip tanks you should be able to modify yourself then scribe in the door on the side. Pretty straight forward.
  2. Harold from AMS Resins makes the JASDF travel pods in 1/48 and 1/32. They are indeed repurposed F-104J drop tanks. I have a couple of the AMS tanks and they are perfectly sized. See this link here for details. You'll need to get with Harold directly to order as I don't think he has them listed anywhere.
  3. Stunning build George. One of the best metallic finishes I've seen and the weathering is perfect.
  4. Looking good DDC. I have this one in the trainer build pile myself. I've noted your recommendations for gear replacement and I already have decals set aside as replacements. Can't wait to see this one drug across the finish line.
  5. This is a really cool looking plane. I've watched it fly around and have a buddy that pulls maintenance on it. Would love to see this as well as the traditional USAFA blue/white paint scheme.
  6. Sounds like a new line for Caracal Decals. Fast cars!
  7. LOL Is this what a hijacked thread looks like? The original thread was about TA-4J's.
  8. I'd be interested in doing this bird if markings were available. Any idea of what the tank is hanging from the belly? Doesn't look like a standard Tiger drop tank. Almost looks like it's an old F-5A/B drop tank.
  9. Has also shown up on an F-16N. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/superscale-international-48-766-f-16n-tf-16n-falcon-vf-45-vf-46-nfws-top-gun--959971
  10. This site has some really cool looking VFC-111 F-5's on here. Could almost do a sheet just on this units Tigers. Never mind, I just did a search and looks like several different sheets have been done for this unit.
  11. So I stumbled across references for the Wolfpak Decals, 48-004 Choppers Galore sheet and was wondering how rare and hard to find it is? Unobtainium rare? I didn't see any on evil bay. Guessing this one ranks up there.
  12. Any more pics of really cool looking completed projects using Caracal decals? Would love to see this pinned at the top.
  13. Wheels sorted thanks to John B. Thank you sir for hooking me up. Don
  14. Sure but they are the same style hub that comes in the kit. See here. https://www.squadron.com/1-72-True-Details-KC-135-TD72002-p/td72002.htm PM sent Dutch.
  15. A quick search on the interweb shows that these wheels were used on both A's and E's. You'd have to check the time period though. Maybe one of the old 135 crew dogs would have more insight into when the wheels replaced the earlier ribbed/finned wheels.
  16. Fred, are you talking about the KC-135 late front wheels? https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/sba72011.htm
  17. With all the new forthcoming sheet announcements, when will we see this one come to fruition?
  18. Heya Larry. I have what you're looking for. Message sent. Don
  19. Completely agree phantomdriver. I have that set as well. All of Jake's Phantom decals are some of the best out there.
  20. In that case, check these out. Some really nice Euro 1 paint schemes. https://www.reidairpublishing.com/decals/usaf-f-4e-gunfighter-phantoms
  21. Check your sources on the plane you are wanting to do. The EJ kit comes with the hard wing and different wingtip antennas specific to the Kai. I believe that most USAF E's had the slatted wing by the time they went to the Euro 1 paint scheme.
  22. I'll be all over this one! Another home run Kursad.
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