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  1. So, this was started in March or April 2021, as part of the F-14 group build. I shifted most of my spare time and energy into earning an FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license, and started at a larger regional 121 carrier in April 2022. Now that things seem to be settling a bit, I've gotten back to my workbench a bit here and there. While still not completely satisfied with my paint and weathering, I'm re-doing major parts of it - for the third or fourth time. You can see previous in-progress pics in the GB thread, located HERE Meanwhile, here is where it stands fo
  2. Here are a few. Not quite a complete nor thorough unboxing, but hopefully this satisfies some curiosity.
  3. Nice job! I like that the weathering is visible, but not too heavy. I'm still working on my Tamiya D model as a B from last year's F-14 group build....19 months in progress now.
  4. Great job Geoff. What paints are on this one? Have you built any of the Z-M F-4's before? I have three in my stash, and was thinking of doing a "simultaneous" build - a Z-M J and Tamiya B at the same time (ish).
  5. Hello all, thank you in advance for your time. I have the Iwata HP-SBS series (side feed), and lately when I'm painting, when I release the button for the air valve, there is a hesitation and the valve closes slowly, as opposed to (almost) instantaneously. When I release it, it's keeps blowing air for around 1 to 2 seconds afterwards. Any ideas what may be the problem? Thank you all.
  6. How many here have built any of the Z-M F-4's? I snapped up a G model within the last month, adding to my (early) E and J model Z-M Phantom kits. I'm thinking about getting the Tamiya B-model, and doing a simultaneous build of that one along with the Z-M J-model.
  7. UPDATE - if anyone is still around. Last fall I posted that I was undertaking private pilot ground school, but that was a part of a bigger goal, which I'm verrrrrrryyyyyyy close to finishing. I've just completed the remote learning course, "learn at your own pace", and comprises 138 hours of the required 200 hours to earn an FAA Aircraft Dispatcher's Certificate (ADX). Saturday morning, in about 36 hours, I start the final stretch, 62 hours of live classroom sessions (Saturday thru Friday, 9 or 10 hour days each day). My nephew has been an ADX now for 11 years, and made it to "t
  8. Thanks for the encouragement, crackerjazz. So far I'm doing OK in the coursework, but a lot of the academic stuff is slow to restart for me (I earned a BSME 20 some years ago). And some of the navigation stuff is havng trouble sinking into my thick skull.
  9. While I'm bummed that I didn't finish either of my Cat builds, I am excited about what's taken up the bulk of my spare time. I'm enrolled in courses to become an aircraft dispatcher, about 34% done with the online portion. I have to complete this, and pass the private pilot knowledge test as well as the ADX (aircraft dispatcher) knowledge test before the one-week in-person class session beginning in early December. If all goes well, I will change careers in early January.
  10. Latest archived pic of Dog 100, as well as "The Tomato." (I thought I had later pics of the abandoned Tomato build - it's ~ 85 to 90% complete. Gear doors and bang seats are about all that's left.) I've lost steam in building right now.....I may pick up again in January. Right now, I'm studying for private pilot ground school. AND exercising and working on getting to a better healthy state. The academics so far aren't very challenging (I've got a BSME from 20+ years ago), but I doubt I could pass an FAA physical.
  11. Thanks - this was the first time I tried my hand a figures....ugh. I need to coat them, those cheap acrylics come off quite easily. (I couldn't get into "Aces High" - love the lyrics, though. One of my faves is "Flight of Icarus"....and "Wasted Years", too.)
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