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  1. Honestly, I've had so much grief with The Tomato (Hasegawa kit) that I'm about THIS FAR (fingers almost in a pinch position) from putting some form of cover inside (or maybe over) the canopy, to hide the disaster inside (and save the good seats for another build).
  2. I haven't decided if these go in "The Tomato" or Dog 100. Aires resin seats with Eduard prepainted PE. (The belts came with an A-model IP set, and I lost one of the Aires belts.) The shoulder belts will be shaped and secured once the anchor point under the headrest dries.
  3. This is exactly the same reaction I had a week ago, building my first Tamiya Cat. Your work on the cockpit looks good!
  4. Stock A what......hood/glare shield? I don't have that, I have the D kit, and one sprue (H) from an A kit. Sorry to be so dense.
  5. Thanks Brian. I just said "heck with it" as far as combining Eduard panels and hoods/glare shields, and just bought the PH Late A/Late B cockpit upgrade set.
  6. Good 'nuff for guh'ment work. The hood/cover from the D kit plus B panel from Eduard. I'm 52, I just lost two PE seatbelts....there's only so much I'll fuss and fuss. I either have to fight to paint molded-in seatbelts, or fiddle with PE and have them go "ZING!" off into empty space.
  7. I will add that I think the GE F110 exhaust nozzles look DASHING!
  8. So the canopy problem is (mostly) resolved - not sure how the inner frame fits to the outer...prolly just have to hold it whilst the glue sets. I am pleased with the better masking method on the new windscreen, and the residue issue on the main canopy.
  9. Not so much the color - but how different are the two between the A (or A+, B) and the D models? I found sprue H for the Tamiya A kit, but I was told that I'd need another sprue for the correct hood. Wondering how much the rivet counters will explode if I use the D kit's hoods....
  10. So I got started, and WOW! I mean WOW! And my Fightertown decals, and Eduard IP's came yesterday. Thank you Brian Plescia! I still have to figure out the front IP (hood) cover. (Don't know it's official name, under the windscreen area....)
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