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  1. I'm not sure if the part numbers are the same for all GE engined kits, but this is from SP8 (A-plus model)...parts E10 and E17.
  2. Hi - I have a decent spares box, but none of the squared engine fairings for the GE F110's in B and D model Cats. Anyone have a pair in 1/48, please?
  3. I'm resuming building after a 14-year "pause", and I, too, have an OLD bottle of Future. I have lost track - what is the recommended method to clean brushes/airbrushes after using them with Future? Thanks everyone.
  4. Hello all - I'm back into the hobby after a 14+ year pause, and I started a 1/32 F-16 kit to "dust the rust off" my skills. I don't normally build 1/32, so I got a bit impatient and shelved it....now I've started a 1/48 Hasegawa F-14. (I've built a few previously, the last kit I completed (late summer 2006) was a "B" model.) Anyways, I've decided to go with Mr. Color lacquer paints, but have found some MM enamels at my local Hobby Lobby. I started with the cockpit and landing gear bays. The cockpit was airbrushed the standard dark gull grey with Mr. Color, then I started painting the i
  5. Years ago I saw an article about "scale effect", and how it changes with different scales. Basically the colors are lightened, I do not remember by how much, or how the effect runs (more/less) with smaller and smaller scales. I build (almost) exclusively in 1/48*, and when I did an F-4 in SEA camo, I lightened the colors and the effect was subtle, but was noticeable. *I chuckled as I typed this...after a 14 year hiatus, my first build is a Hasegawa 1/32 F-16A, ancient kit - I bought two of them on a whim in the early 2000's. I built one in 1986, couldn't believe I paid
  6. Thanks for the replies thus far. I may be considering lacquers, any thoughts on the Gunze Mr. Color lacquers?
  7. Hi everyone: I'm restoring my workbench into the basement finally (!), after it was mothballed almost 14 years ago due to basement repairs. And I've got to start anew with paints, glue, putties, etc. I'm leaning towards water-soluble acrylics, mostly because the fumes are less noxious. What are the pros and cons of the acrylics available - Tamiya, Model Master, Mr. Color Aqueous, etc.? I'm looking at the Mr Color line, but not sure of the best source here in the US (I'm in the Cincinnati area). Any thoughts and opinions are greatly welcome! Thanks everyone!
  8. As far as setting the full-flow air pressure to 15 psi - how is this measured or controlled? I would set the outlet regulator to __?__ psi with zero flow?
  9. On a similar note - I am about to dive back into building, and have to replace my airbrush and compressor. My last brush was a Badger 155 Anthem, I really liked it. Is this still a viable airbrush? I know that Iwata is VERY highly regarded, I'm a little apprehensive about the price, though. Any thoughts/comments? Thank you all.
  10. Did anyone get good shots? Or was there another thread?
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