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  1. I saw those on ebay, too. The Has struts have a simple rounded piston shape going into a plain cylinder. I don't think the ones I've seen will work.
  2. Hi everyone. I lost (don't ask how, I'm clueless) the main landing gear struts for my Hasegawa 1/48 F6F-3. Does anyone possibly have spares, or know of any aftermarket gear available?
  3. Bump (two kits were pending, but are now available again).
  4. I hope this isn't a dead horse, but if Tamiya re-tooled the 1/48 Corsair, later variants would be awesome. Dash-4, 5, etc.
  5. OK, let me know your ZIP code and I'll get a shipping quote for you.
  6. Howdy. Thinning the stash a bit. Prices listed are firm (ish); shipping is from 45242, vis USPS; payment via PayPal. Hasegawa P-38 F/G/H "Beautiful Lass", kit # JT3 / 09103; box opened, all inner bags sealed. $30 Monogram RF-101B, kit # 5818; box opened, all parts there. $25 Monogram B-24J, original boxing with the tracked tug, kit # 5601; Mike Grant decals, B-24H "Witchcraft" included; box opened, all parts there. $95 Revell (Monogram) F-101B, kit # 85-5853; box opened, all inner bags sealed. $30 EDIT : removed Tamiya P-38.
  7. Thank you. Yes, and in doing so, took it a bit overboard. I've sanded down too much, and it is sumply not going back. I've masked and painted another windscreen from another Tamiya Cat. So I'll have to replace it at some point down the road.
  8. Anyone possibly have tips or suggestions? 1/48 Tamiya F-14, unable to get the canopy windscreen piece back the way its supposed to fit. It was tacked on for painting, amd fit great, but trying to get it back has me about to swear off ever building another kit. (Plus, I lost the PE overhead ejection handle for ghe pilot's seat.)
  9. Thanks. This one's sort of running concurrent.
  10. That's what I'm thinking of. I'm almost done with decals on Dog 100, and wanted to seal them up.
  11. Follow up queation: is it OK to spray Mr. Color lacquers onto (dried/cured) X-22 gloss?
  12. Does anyone have knowledge or opinion of the -5 offering from Minicraft?
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