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  1. Eduard 1/48 F6F-3 "Weekend Edition," box opened but inner bags sealed. Looking for Eduard's 1/48 F6F-5 or -5N, preferably the Weekend kit. My ZIP is 45242, DM me here, or email to macookefoto@gmail.com. Thanks.
  2. On the 1/48 Hasegawa F-4J kit ("Showtime 100", P1 / 07101), there are two different sets of main landing gear wheels. The kit instructions have you assembling two halves, and these wheels look to be of the wider/fatter variety. Is this correct for a J model? (I am doing VMFA-235 circa early to mid-1970's.) Thank you all.
  3. A related question: can Mr. Color lacquers be sprayed on top of Tamiya "acrylics" (acrylic lacquers)?
  4. It turned out (mostly) OK for me.
  5. I realized my mistake after I'd glued in the main gear struts. I was able to get the problem corrected, but it would be MUCH easier if I'd realized beforehand. If you have a simple small saw and a drill, you can saw the lower struts at the line shown in the pic below, and swap sides. I used small wire as a bonding/reinforcing piece when I reassembled.
  6. Normally Scale Aircraft Conversions has replacements, but it doesn't appear so for the Hobby Boss kit. I found out the hard way that a bit of surgery is required to get the gear facing the correct direction.
  7. Another hour or two's progress. Mr Surfacer 1500 as a preliminary gage on how much more filling and sanding will be needed before final prime coat and painting.
  8. I had two of these kits 20 years ago or so, got one maybe half finished, then I don't remember what happened. But this is my "first" Tamiya Corsair build. So far, so good. Buttoning up the fuselage is about the 3 or 4 hour mark, not exactly sure. Interior surfaces primed with Mr.Surfacer 1500 (black), then thin coats of an interior green mix I used, again Mr. Color (roughly half zinc chromate yellow and a light interior green). Wash is Tamiya dark grey panel line wash. Seat belts are just painted masking tape. With the engine, I sparyed Mr Color gloss black, the dumped
  9. Thanks! I may use those on my next build, Tamiya's -1D.
  10. Yes, early stages. Thanks for the info, I'll leave them down.
  11. I picked up an Eduard -3 last week, "Weekend Edition." Well see how it goes.
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