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  1. he looks a little sad. Maybe he is "stuck" and needs some colon blow.
  2. hopefully with the new movie coming out, and these craft being on screen a lot more, we will see some models hit the shelves!
  3. Looks great, I'm going to keep my eye on this thread.
  4. I'm just blown away with all the help you are giving me. Today I saw a Revell F101 (85-5853), and picked it up. So now I will be looking for those aftermarket kits for it. And I guess the next thing I need to decide is if I can rescibe those panel lines or just build it as is. I've never done that before and I'm worried if I sand them down I will have a hard time getting them back in the right place. I heard to keep the lines straight people use that plastic label tape from those dymo machines. That sounds good, but like I said I worry about laying it out right. On a couple of car mo
  5. thanks for the help! I have no problem doing a little kit bashing to make things come out.
  6. Thanks for everyone's help so far! You guys are great! My brother just sent me another photo that he found. This is obviously not the same plane! I know my Dad was a mechanic so I guess he may have worked on a few different aircraft. I'm no good at identifying jets. Does anyone know what this one is? I started looking for 101 kits and the pickings are slim! Maybe this one will have more options.
  7. My father passed away and we found some old photos from when he was in the Airforce. On the back of the photo is says he is standing with Jim Bridges. The photo was taken in Texas in October of 1962. It says the Aircraft is a F102 series C. However, when I google a pic of that craft it doesn't match. I want to build a really detailed model of the exact plane in the picture and use some after market bits to really dress it up. Any info on the type of plane, more pics, and kit info would be a big help. Thanks for looking and any help you can offer.
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